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A. Glenn Mandeville,  'Ginny An American Toddler Doll' , 2nd Revised Ed. published by Hobby House Press in 1994, provides up-to-date information for that year. The book is paperback with 152 pages, with numerous color and grayscale pictures. The book contains much information on Ginny and the Vogue Doll Co. Mint and new condition.  This paperback book is new old stock though the book was bent slightly during shipment but is likely to straighten out. Book is otherwise excellent with all pages and cover intact, from Vogue Doll Company's old stock and not preowned. The ISBN Nos. are 0875884159  and 9780875884158  Jan Foulke's 'Guide to Dolls: A Definitive Identification and Price Guide', by Bangzoom Publishers in 2006, is authored by Howard Fouke, and is a softcover book. It contains doll values, numerous photographs, and doll information for antique, modern collectible, and artist dolls. This book is 346 pages long. Sections are arranged alphabetically by manufacturer. The ISBN numbers are 13: 9780977292783 and 10: 0977292789. New, mint condition.  This gently used softcover doll reference book and price guide is entitled 'Doll Values Antique to Modern', and this is the Eight (8th) Edition by Barbara DeFeo and Carol Stover, which was published in 2004 by Collector Books, a Division of Schroeder Publishing Company. It has 324 pages and numerous color photographs. This book provides a treasure house of information on dolls in addition to their values as they were in 2004, doll markings, and more. The book has been gently used as the bottom edge of the front cover and a few of the first pages are bent. It has all pages in excellent condition, is tightly bound, and is otherwise in excellent condition. The ISBN nos. are 10: 1574323822 and 13: 9781574323825.  Soft cover reference book, by Cindy Sabulis, Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s, is 272 pages long, and has numerous color doll photos, brochure pictures, gray-scale catalog and brochure pictures, and values and information. This first edition book (1st) book is from 2000, and was printed by Collector Books, A Division of Schroeder Books. It is in new, and mint condition. The ISBN is either 13: 9781574321623 or 10: 1574321625. The values are from 2000, and this is the earlier or 1st edition of this guide.  Expand listing to view both photographs.

Mandeville 'Ginny An American Todder Dol $15.00


Foulke, Guide to Dolls: A Definitive ID $30.00


Doll Values Antique to Modern Eight Edit $18.00


Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s $30.00

Hardcover reference book, Patricia N. Schoonmaker, Patsy Doll Family Encyclopedia, Volume 1, has 224 pages, has 429 total illustrations with 137 of them in color, and 329 doll photographs. This reference book is the result of considerable research and has detailed historical information; it is not a value guide. It was copyrighted in 1992, with a 2nd printing in 1995 by Hobby House Press. Its material covers the late 1920s through 1949 of Effanbee Patsy and Skippy dolls. The ISBN No. is either 13: 9780875883755 or 10: 0875883753. New, mint. Expand listing to view both photographs.  Hardcover reference book by Carla Marie Cross, 'The Crissy Doll Family Encyclopedia, Identification and Price Guide', contains 112 pages; and it includes numerous color photos,  information, and doll values as they were at the time of the 1998 copyright. This Hobby House Press reference book has interesting and detailed information about Ideal Crissy, Velvet, Mia, Cinnamon, and all of the other Ideal Growhair-family dolls. The book is in new and mint condition. The ISBN Nos. are ISBN 10: 0-87588-522-5 and ISBN-13: 978-0875-885223. Expand listing to view both photographs.  Paperback reference book by Jan Foulke, 'Insider's Guide to Doll Buying and Selling', and contains 96 pages. It is from 1995, and it was published by Hobby House Press. Its information is still relevant. It has many color and grayscale photos. The author, Jan Foulke, is a noted doll expert, and she is sharing valuable information on how to go about buying and selling dolls. This book is in new and mint condition. Expand listing to view both photographs.  Dorothy A. McGonagle, 'A Celebration of American Dolls from the Collections of the Strong Museum', a hard cover book, has 144 pages, and it was published by Hobby House Press in 1997. It contains hundreds of mostly color pictures and photos, historical information on American doll designs, photos from Strong Museum in Rochester, N.Y. This book is perfect for historians interested in dolls. This book contains information on dolls from the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s. The dolls include home-made and manufactured, also American-designed, folk dolls, cloth, wooden, bisque, china, leather, celluloid, metal, paper dolls, composition, Izannah Walker, Martha Wellington, Emma Adams, Beecher Baby, Martha Jenks Chase, Alexander Doll Company (Madame Alexander), Raggedy Ann and Andy, Effanbee, Ideal Shirley Temple, Monica, American hard plastic and vinyl to the 1990s, American Artists. This book is a wonderful reference of doll types and doll history; it is not a value guide. This is a beautiful, informative book is in new and mint condition.

Patsy Doll Family Encyclopedia, V. 1, Sc $30.00


Carla, M. Cross: The Crissy Doll Family $27.00


Foulke, Insider's Guide to Doll Buying $10.00


McGonagle, A Celebration of American Dol $30.00

Beth Owens author, 'Contemporary Fashion Dolls: The Next Generation', hard cover doll reference book, was published by Hobby House Press in 2000, and it has 128 pages. The book includes color photos, history, and information on fashion dolls. The dolls referenced in this volume are: Gene, Robert Tonner's Tyler Wentworth and similar dolls, Madame Alexander Cissy, Franklin Mint dolls such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Knickerbocker fashion dolls, Somers and Field, Barbie, Billie Boy, and others. This reference book is well-researched for the history of fashion dolls. The ISBN is either 10: 0875885764 or 13: 9780875885766. It is not a value guide. This beautiful book is in new and mint condition.  John Axe's Hard Cover book, 'Kewpies Dolls and Art with Value Guide, 2nd Edition', has 200 pages. Hobby House Press published it in 2001 as a reprint of the 1987 book when it was updated with the 2001 values. This reference book has identification, value, and historical information from the beginning of Rose O'Neill's work, the Kewpie creator's creations, until 2001. It contains both color and black and white pictures. It contains information on Kewpie dolls, figurines, action figures, drawings and art, Kewpie objects, and Kewpie-inspired dolls such as Scootles. This reference book is in new and mint condition. If lower priced, but very slow, USPS media mail shipping is desired, please put note in comments section of the order form and order will be adjusted before charged.  Jan Foulke, '10th Blue Book of Dolls and Values', copyrighted in 1991, by Hobby House Press. This soft cover book contains information about both antique and modern dolls, and it gives values as they were in 1991. It contains 422 pages, including numerous color and black and white photos, and helpful information on collecting dolls. This book and others in the series are regarded as collectibles. Pre-owned, in excellent condition, looks like new. Please note in comments section of order form if lower-priced and much slower media mail is preferred, and the rate will be adjusted.  Jan Foulke, '6th Blue Book of Dolls and Values', was copyrighted in 1984, by Hobby House Press. The 6th Blue Book contains information about both antique and modern dolls. It contains the values as they were in 1984 in 386 pages. The blue books are collectibles in their own right. This book has numerous color and black and white photos and information on collecting dolls. The ISBN numbers are ISBN 10: 0875882285 and ISBN 13: 9780875882284.  Pre-owned, in excellent condition, has slight tear on cover and a few pages with folds, but all pages are intact.

B. Owens, Contemporary Fashion Dolls The $27.00


Kewpies Dolls and Art with Value Guide, $30.00


Jan Foulke 10th Blue Book of Dolls and V $27.00


Jan Foulke, 6th Blue Book of Dolls and V $28.00

The Sampson Low Collectors' Library: Glass by John A. Brooks.  100 masterpieces of crystal and colour. C. 1975, printed in Italy.  Western Publishing Company Inc.  SBN 562 00009 7.


This book features the most important achievements of the glass-maker's and glass-decorator's art, from the rise of Venice as the glass-manufacturing centre of Europe.  The techniques of the richly coloured, emanmelled, ovrlaid, engraved, gilded and Zwischen-gold glass of Central Europe - especially of Bohemia - are described and illustrated, as a background to the great period of English and Irish glass in the 18th century.

A special feature of this book is that it gives, for almost the first time, a full and proper coverage to Victorian ornamental glass - its qualities are now winning the appreciation of collectors who ignored it in the past.  As in so many fields, the Great Exhibition of 1851 was a turning point, herealding the start of mass production and a new diversity of style.  Glass became available to all and was increasingly used for decrorative purposes.  The illustrations of the products of Stourbridge and other important factories in the north of England at the time will fascinate many who are interested in this 'new' area of glass antiques.

The colours and expressive forms of Art Nouveau glass in Europe (Galle, Daum, Lalique) and North America (Tiffany) around 1900 proclaim the riches of another 'boom' for colllecting enthusiasm in an area that was, until recently, comparatively neglected. Book measures 12 in. by 8 1/2 in.  Book is in very good condition, dust jacket has slightly curled edges.   

The Sampson Low Collectors' Library: Gla $7.95


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