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1993 Precious Moments Company vinyl head, hands, feet with cloth body 16 inch Millie and her Matching Baby Doll, No. 1048, has short blonde curly rooted hair with hair bows and painted green teardrop-shaped eyes. Their matching costumes include pink jumpers with white dots, aqua with white dot blouses, and aqua shoes. Millie has a white apron while her doll is in a small package with pink hearts. This precious retired doll set is old stock in new and mint condition and includes a gift box, which is battered with age, unlike the dolls.  2001 Madame Alexander Limited Edition Flag Wavin' Maggie, is an adorable 8 inch girl doll that was created to honor the United States after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Her costume is also ideal for a July 4th celebration. Her brunette wig is styled in a flip style curls with bangs, and she has blue moving eyes. Her patriotic ensemble consists of a blue felt jumper trimmed with red, white, and blue ribbons over a red and white striped body suit; a red, white, and blue straw hat; and red shoes. She is holding her miniature American flag.This special doll was only made a short time. Mint-in-the-box old stock, with tag, directly from Alexander Doll Co.  Marie Osmond 2002 15 inch vinyl Belle of the Ball, is a charming doll with giant blue eyes, dark blonde hair, and a whimsical expression. Her costume includes a lavender with gold party dress, corona, jewelry, and corsage. The doll is by Marie Osmond of Marian Ltd., formerly Knickerbocker.  New and mint-in-the-box. Expand listing to view all 3 photographs.   

1993 Precious Moments Co. Milly and Baby $125.00


Madame Alexander 2001 Flag Wavin' Maggie $85.00


Marie Osmond 2002 Vinyl Belle of the Bal $90.00


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