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11.5 inch Street Players Holding Corporation, limited production from 1997, Princess Diana fashion doll. This Princess doll is the same size as Barbie. She comes in a dark blue box that says 'Diana, Princess of Wales, Queen of People's Hearts'. She has Diana's short rooted blonde hair with corona, blue painted eyes, and an open mouth smile that does look like Princess Diana. She is wearing a black formal gown, a pearl necklace and bracelet, a black purse with jewel closing, and high heels. This doll came out shortly after Princess Diana's death in memory of her. New and mint-in-box old stock.

 1993 Alexander Doll Company's 16 inch doll, Hope, is by the doll artist, Hildegarde 'Gunzel'. Hope has a vinyl face, hands, and legs, inset blue eyes, rooted blonde hair styled in a curly blonde ponytail, shapely bare feet, and soft cloth body. Hwe outfit consists of a blue and aqua print dress with long aqua sleeves, and a big white collar.  Her sweet face has dimples. This new old stock artist doll is mint-in-the-box. Hildegarde 'Gunzel' is a German doll artist who designed a few dolls for the American Alexander Doll Co. in the early 1990s. The Alexander versions of her dolls are no longer produced by Alexander Doll Company. This doll comes with only a hang tag and no number. Expand listing to view all 3 photographs.  Marie Osmond 2002 15 inch vinyl Belle of the Ball, is a charming doll with giant blue eyes, dark blonde hair, and a whimsical expression. Her costume includes a lavender with gold party dress, corona, jewelry, and corsage. The doll is by Marie Osmond of Marian Ltd., formerly Knickerbocker.  New and mint-in-the-box. Expand listing to view all 3 photographs.  In 1988 this lovely 10 inch Cissette lady doll by Madame Alexander was made in the limited number of 5,000 pieces for the Enchanted Doll House for its 25th anniversary dressed in the costume of the shop's logo doll maiden. She has a brunette wig and moving blue eyes. Her Enchanted Doll logo ensemble consists of a long pink and white checked Victorian-style dress, high heels and a white straw bonnet trimmed with ribbons and flowers. She is holding a pink parasol. Box may show age. She is near mint-in-the-box old stock with her tag.

Street Players Princess Diana Doll in Bl $60.00


Madame Alexander Hope Artist Doll, 'Gunz $195.00


Marie Osmond 2002 Vinyl Belle of the Bal $90.00


Madame Alexander 1988 Enchanted Doll Cis $239.00

2001 Madame Alexander Limited Edition Flag Wavin' Maggie, is an adorable 8 inch girl doll that was created to honor the United States after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Her ensemble is also ideal for a July 4th celebration. Her brunette wig is styled in a flip style curls with bangs, and she has blue moving eyes. Her patriotic ensemble consists of a blue felt jumper trimmed with red, white, and blue ribbons over a red and white striped body suit; a red, white, and blue straw hat; and red shoes. She is holding her miniature American flag.This special doll was only made a short time. New, mint-in-the-box old stock, has tag.  1993 Precious Moments Company vinyl head, hands, feet with cloth body 16 inch Millie and her Matching Baby Doll, No. 1048, has short blonde curly rooted hair with hair bows and painted green teardrop-shaped eyes. Their matching costumes include pink jumpers with white dots, aqua with white dot blouses, and aqua shoes. Millie has a white apron while her doll is in a small package with pink hearts. This precious retired doll set is old stock in new and mint condition and includes a gift box, which is battered with age, unlike the dolls.  1997 Precious Moments Company set including 12 inch Gertrude and Natasha wood and fabric two-girl dolls set with wood head with wigs, wood hands, stuffed bodies and legs. These dolls have high quality craftsmanship, and they were limited to 1,000 each, have matching numbers, come with stands, certificates, bags, and miniature teddy bears. Gertrude has a dark blonde wig with a back braid, and blue painted teardrop-shaped eyes. She is wearing a red and green plaid dress, white knit sweater, white scarf, and brown imitation leather shoes. Natasha has a long pale blonde straight wig, and blue teardrop-shaped eyes. Her outfit includes a white eyelet underskirt; a blue, green, and dusty pink floral print overskirt and scarf; a dark green velvet jacket over a white blouse with burgundy trim; burgundy stockings; and black imitation leather shoes. These immigrant girl dolls are musical and play 'God Bless America'. They represent immigrant girls coming to the United States. New, mint-in-their boxes with certificates.

 1998 8 inch bisque Red Riding Hood doll, by Robert Tonner is from a discontinued limited edition of 500 is mint in box and new. This little doll is from Tonner Doll Company's early years. This petite artist doll has an auburn wig, and painted eyes. She is wearing a dark floral print dress with a vest, long white sleeves, and a red hooded cape. The doll and her clothes show the style and high quality Robert Tonner is known for. New, mint-in-the-box. Expand listing to view both photographs.

Madame Alexander 2001 Flag Wavin' Maggie $85.00


1993 Precious Moments Co. Milly and Baby $125.00


Precious Moments Co. Gertrude and Natash $595.00


Robert Tonner Bisque Red Riding Hood 199 $285.00

Knickerbocker's Terri Lee Millennium Bride, No. 320001, was made in 2000, in a limited edition of 5,000.  She is a lovely 16 inch hard plastic doll with dark blonde to light brown wig and large painted dark brownish eyes. Her bridal costume includes a lacy wedding gown, a lace veil decorated with pink flowers, and pearl-look necklace. Accessories include a wedding bouquet. Knickerbocker Terri Lee Reproduction Dolls look much like the original ones from the late 1940s and early 1950s. The Knickerbocker dolls are wearing well-made costumes true to the period, now discontinued by Knickerbocker. Discontinued doll is new and mint-in-the-box. Expand listing to view the 3 photographs and catalog picture.  Vogue Doll Company's Forget-Me-Not modern Ginny Doll is from the 2001 Botanical Baby Collection representing various flowers. She is 8 inches tall. She has blue moving eyes and blonde ringlet curls with a green hair-bow. Her flower costume includes a green felt body suit with a skirt of blue petals, dark green tights, and dark green cloth slippers. She is adorable and looks very much like a forget-me-not. Retired, new and mint-in-the-box, with doll-sized comb and brush.  Vogue Doll Company's Sunflower modern Ginny Doll is from the 2001 Botanical Baby Collection representing various flowers. She is African-American with dark moving eyes and long black hair, and she is 8 inches tall.  Her flower costume consists of a green felt leaf body suit over dark green tights with cloth green slippers. Her sunflower headdress includes felt with yellow petals over brown pompoms. How like a sunflower she is! Retired, new, and mint-in-the-box condition, with doll-sized comb and brush.  Vogue Doll Company's Little Red Riding Hood No. 1H7HP188 from the 2001 Storybook Ginny Collection. This modern Ginny Red Riding Hood doll is 8 inches tall and has green moving eyes and brunette hair. She is wearing a green jumper with white blouse and floral apron, red cape and hood, and black center-snap shoes. She is carrying a basket with a red and white checked cloth.  This discontinued doll is new, mint-in-the-box and includes a doll-sized comb and brush.

Knickerbocker Terri Lee Millenium Bride $150.00


Vogue Forget-Me-Not Ginny Modern Doll 20 $45.00


Vogue Sunflower Modern Ginny Doll 2001 $45.00


Vogue 2001 Modern Ginny Doll As Red Ridi $55.00

Vogue Doll Company's Goldilocks No. 1H7HP189 from the 2001 Storybook Ginny Collection. This lovely 8 inch hard vinyl modern Ginny doll has blue moving eyes and rooted hair styled in blonde ringlets.  She is wearing an ankle-length blue and white with gold trim dress over pantaloons, and gold center-snap shoes. This discontinued doll is new, mint-in-the-box, and includes a doll-sized comb and brush.  Vogue Doll Company's 8 inch, hard vinyl, Dinner at Eight Ginny Doll is from the 2001 limited edition Hat Shoppe Collection that celebrated 50 years of Ginny. She has dark blonde hair and blue moving eyes. This Ginny looks very grown up. Her ensemble includes a drop-waisted pink satin dress with a white imitation fur boa accented with a pink rose, a pink hat, white gloves, pearls and bracelet, hose, and pink cloth shoes. She is carrying a  pink purse. Retired doll is new and mint-in-the box with a certificate and doll-sized comb and brush.  

<b>This troll stands 5 1/2 inches tall and made by Uneda Wishnik.  The back is stamped:  Uneda Wishnik tm. Patent No. 190,918.  Don't expect this troll to be in perfect condition.  She will need a gentle cleaning and some TLC.  She has yellow eyes and light orange hair.  Moveable head.  Condition: Good   

Vogue Modern Ginny Doll as Goldilocks 20 $55.00


2001 Vogue Hat Shoppe Dinner at Eight Gi $55.00


Vintage Uneda Wishnik 5 1 / 2 in. $15.00


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