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This 100th Anniversary Edition of the Wright Brothers Flyer by Franklin Mint in 2003 is a tribute to Orville and Wilbur Wright's first flight in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in a powered aircraft that could be guided. This is a precision-engineered die-cast model re-creation with over 75 separate parts from the scale-size wood propellers of the intricately detailed re-creation of the 12 horsepower engine, it was crafted as authentically as possible. The wings are fabric covered. It stands on a customized wood base and numbered nameplate. It is 12 inches in length by 5 inches in height including the base, and it  is scaled 1:40.  These were limited to 1,903 pieces worldwide. This is still undisplayed and mint-in-the box. It has only been opened to be examined.  

<b>Say 'I Love You' with this figurine from the Valentine's Day Collection.

Porcelain Figurine by Original Appalacian Artworks, Inc (O.A.A., Inc.). & Extra Special, Inc., featuring doll designs by Xavier Roberts. 

Has original hang tag.  1996 Limited edition Effanbee Heart-to-Heart Everyday bisque figurine, 'Faster Skippy!', which represents the classic dolls, Patsy and Skippy who are wearing 1930s outfits. The  Patsy girl doll is wearing a yellow dress. Kitty is riding in red wagon that the boy, Skippy is pulling. He is dressed in blue shorts, a blue hat, and white shirt with blue bow tie. It is one of several charming figurines in the series. The base is the green grass. This retired figurine is mint-in-the-box old stock.  

<b>Charming figurine done in unglazed bisque.

Marked in blue ink on bottom:  


1X0 (the 1 and 0 are overlaped by the X)

Wright Brothers Flyer 100th Anniversary $350.00


Cabbage Patch Kids Valentine's Day Figur $38.00


Effanbee Skippy and Patsy Faster Skippy $45.00


Vintage Boy and His Puppy Figurine $6.50

1996 Limited edition Effanbee Heart-to-Heart Everyday bisque figurine, Ride 'Em Cowboy, which represents the classic Effanbee dolls, Patsy and Skippy. They are dressed in matching outfits as a little cowgirl and a little cowboy who are riding a rocking horse with Patsy's Kitty sitting at the foot. This is one of several charming figurines in the series. Retired figurine is mint-in-the-box old stock. Expand listing for the best view of the photograph.  

<b>Nothing more precious than spending time together.  Just as this couple share their afternoon just sitting together on a bench in the park.

Wonderfully detailed figure.

Title: Unknown

Marked: c. 96  W.U.  Effanbee 1996 limited edition Heart-to-Heart represents the classic Effanbee dolls, Patsy and Skippy with Kitty. The children are dressed in blue and white 1920s to 30s play clothes. Sense the excitement that is about to happen! Skippy is holding a frog behind his back ready to surprise unsuspecting Patsy. It is one of several charming figurines in the series. Mint-in-the-box old stock.  Expand listing to view both the photograph of the box and of the figurine.   

Effanbee Ride 'Em Cowboy Rocking Horse F $45.00


'A Moment Together' Couple Figurine $20.00


Effanbee Guess Which Patsy and Skippy Fi $45.00


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