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Born in 1968, Janet Zug started blowing glass in 1990 and established Zug Glass in 1992.  She worked as a studio assistant in Penland, NC and Corning NY. In 2004 she her own hotshop in her own home in Tunbridge Vermont. 

This is an iconic design by Janet. It is from her Jester Vase series. The vases in this series come in 4 sizes: extra large "Clown" - 5 inches wide x 14 inches tall; large "Joker" - 4 1/2 inches wide x 12 inches tall; medium "Fool" - 4 inches wide x 9 inches tall; and small "Comic" - 2 inches wide x 6 inches tall.

This vase is the medium "Fool" vase done in a green glass.  It is in excellent condition.  It is currently offered on her web site for $86.  Since I rescued it from my local Goodwill store, I am able to pass it on to a collector of Vermont Studio Art Glass at 1/2 the price.

Add it to your American Studio Art Glass collection today. It is in excellent condition and signed "Zug" on the bottom of the vase.  This gorgeous carnival glass mug was made by the Dugan / Diamond Glass company circa 1910-1925.  It is known as Storks and Rushes with Lattice Band.

It stands 4 inches tall and is in excellent condition. I bought it very reasonably and will pass it on to a mug collector, carnival glass collector or Dugan / Diamond collector.  Standing 6 1/4 inches tall, this gorgeous bud vase is a good example of the work of Rueven Art Glass toward the beginning. This vase was purchased in the 1980s. 

Here is the information I have found on Rueven glass:  

Rueven doesn't make any glass of course, they do the surface treatment\decoration on it only. They purchase clear glass blanks from glass makers like Arc International\Crystal d'Arques\Luminarc..., Indiana Glass, Fenton and a few others.

The first lines of Rueven glass was decorated with the color mauve being the dominating color on the pieces. In the late 1980s they changed from mauve to a rose pink shade and in the 1990s they began doing items with green or yellow as the dominating color. All of these items come in a matte\frosted finish or a satin finish, which is like the other except it still have a bit of a shine to it, just like satin cloth does.

Later they began doing the color decorations on clear, natural glossy glass, plus they also did a treatment using stencils for the decorated areas on plain clear glass item.

This bud vase is from their earliest period and is quite collectible. Add it to your American Art Glass collection today.  

<b>This piece has such a beautiful amber color.  The handle is a clear glass.

It is bottom heavy and the pontil mark is some what rough.

Maker: unknown

Janet Zug medium Fool Jester vase in gre $40.00


Dugan Diamond Stork Rushes carnival glas $12.50


vintage Rueven Reuven Glass Traditional $40.00


Vintage Miniature Amber Glass Pitcher $26.00

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