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Standing 8 1/2 inches tall, this three tier Czech Art Deco glass vase is very typical of the furnace decorated glass from the 1925-1940 era.  It is signed Made In Czechoslovakia on the edge of the base.  

It features a clear base glass with inclusions of red and yellow. Striking.  The form is a three level waisted form. It is cased in clear crystal.

It is in excellent condition. Add it to your Art Deco or Czech Art glass collection today.  This very interesting piece of glass stands 8 3/4 inches tall.  It is made of a heavy amber glass with a crackle finish not only on the sides of the vase but also on the base of the vase.

I believe it is from the Bohemian factory of Kralik, made when this area was known as Czechoslovakia.It is in excellent condition. This is part of the art glass line Kralik called Craquelle. 

Add it to your European, Bohemian or Czech Art Glass collection today.  Loetz green Papillon oilspot 10 inch vase  This stunning Czech furnace decorated glass Deco vase stands a little over 11 inches tall. The top opening measures a little over 5 inches. It has a great Deco shape with the stepped glass ringed base. Not signed but classic Czech Deco glass work. Excellent condition.

Czech Welz Art Deco red yellow vase $40.00


Kralik Craquelle amber art glass vase $75.00


Loetz green Papillon oilspot 10 inch vas $500.00


Czech 11 inch green blue mottled vase $250.00

Czech satin cased orange/cobalt urn shaped vase in stunning color combo. Streaks of red and yellow swirl around the orange upper secion.  The dark cobalt bottom really contrasts with the top. Excellent condition. The cased satin pieces are getting hard to find, as fewer were made.  Czech satin cased yellow/cobalt ladie's cuspidor in stunning color combo. Streaks of red blue swirl around the yellow interior revealed by the wide brim. The dark cobalt bottom really contrasts with the yellow top. Excellent condition. The cased satin pieces are getting hard to find, as fewer were made.  Kralik 5 inch pulled feather/platinum oilspotting on amber vase. Incredible combination of form and decoration. Pure Kralik. Excellent condition.  This Titania Gre 2534 8 inch silver wavy vase was designed by Leopold Bauer around 1906 and produced by the Lotz Witwe Glass Company. It is decorated on orange cased vase with the dark green base is identical in decoration to the one shown in the Superior Auction catalog. Excellent condition. Rare.

Czech 4 inch satin orange colbalt glass $75.00


Czech satin cased ladie's cuspidor $95.00


Kralik 5 inch pulled feather / platinum va $275.00


Loetz 8 inch Titania Gre 2534 vase $2500.00

Czech, probably Kralik glass 8.5 inch white mottled oil spot vase. I have another example of this vase in my collection. What is unusual is the mottled base glass with oilspotting on the outer layer. Cased in white, this classical urn shape suggests Loetz, though I can't be certain. It is unsigned. I have never seen another of the later furnace decorated pieces from the Deco period with oilspotting, so this is very different. Excellent condition.  This Czech Deco red black glass millefiori bowl is 5' tall, 7' dia red lined black glass with cane millefiori..and 4 red applied pulled lines.  There is one very small rim chip which only does not even go through the inside red glass layer. Otherwise, it is in excellent condition. It is signed with the block letter acid mark Czechoslovakia in a semi circle letter arrangement. Hard to find! Identified as made by Kralik in this decor.   

Kralik? Czech glass inch white mottled v $55.00


Czech Kralik Deco glass millefiori bowl $135.00


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