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Produced by the Jeannette Glass Company between 1931-1935, this Floral pattern green 2 part relish dish measures 8 inches long x 5 inches across.  It features a floral decoration which in reality was a depicition of the Passion flower, but Jeannette called it simply Floral. 

It is shown on page 77 of the Eighteenenth Edition of the Florence Depression Glass book. There, it is valued at $20 in green. I bought it reasonably so I can pass it on reasonably.  Take advantage. 

This item is in excellent condition and ready for your table or dresser today.  It is a practical piece of America's past.  

Go green! Save resources and purchase a piece of America's past. Sturdy, dependable, dishwasher-friendly, it is ready for your kitchen table today.  Nice 10" Plate in the Manhattan pattern- an all time favorite that fits any decor.  This pattern was made by Anchor Hocking in the 30s and 40s.  Excellent condition- no chips or cracks- surfaces are shiny with little, if any, use.  Priced each at  Set of 4 Sherbets in the Cabbage Rose pattern made by Federal Glass.  This is one of my most favorite patterns in Depression glass- it is very durable and not "chippy".  The pattern is very pretty and has good molding (see 2nd photo).  The footed Sherbets are about 2" high and 3 3/4" round.  All are in excellent condition- no chips or cracks or nicks and the glass is very clear with little, if any, wear.  Price is for the Set of 4 at  This is a small footed Crystal Bowl- approx 2 1/2" high by 3 7/8" wide- in the Manhattan pattern.  It is traditionally used as the center insert to the Manhattan Relish Tray Set which used a clear Manhattan large tray and either pink or Royal Ruby triangular relish inserts.  It could also be used alone for condiments or nuts, etc.  It is in excellent condition- no chips, nicks, cracks or wear.

Jeannette Floral green depression relish $15.00


Manhattan Crystal 10" Dinner Plate- $8.50


Federal Amber Sharon Cabbage Rose Footed $16.00


Manhattan Crystal Relish Insert Bowl- Ho $8.00

These are 6" Crystal or clear Plates in the Manhattan or Horizontal Ribbed pattern.  I have always considered the design Art Deco to modern.  The pattern is versatile and fits into many decors.  The Plates are all in very good condition- no chips, or cracks or nicks- surfaces are shiny with only light use marks, if any.  Priced each at  This small Candleholder was made by Fenton Glass in a jadite or clambroth glass.  It is a Lotus design and measures 4 1/2" round and approx. 2" tall and sits on 3 small feet.  It is in excellent condition - no chips or cracks or wear.  This 6 ounce Jadite Shaker with horizontal ribbing was made by Jeannette Glass of Jeannette, Pa.  It has the original aluminum lid that is in good condition with a few minor dents.  Glass is in excellent condition.  This pattern was made by Federal Glass from 1935- 1939 and it is one of my favorites and a very durable Depression Glass.  This is the 3 footed 11 1/2" round Crystal Cake Plate.  No chips or cracks or damage.  The glass is very clear and shiny and only shows a very few light scratches on close inspection.  It is a lovely design and is in great condition for it's age!

Manhattan Crystal 6" Plate - Depres $3.00


Fenton Jadite Lotus Candle Holder Candle $8.00


Old Jeannette Jadite Jadeite Shaker $29.50


Depression Glass Federal Sharon Cabbage $10.00

This Bowl is 7 3/4" and is divide into 2 parts and has beautiful opalescent hobnails on the exterior.  It was made by Anchor Hocking between 1941- 1946.  Bowl is in excellent condition.  Priced at  This 7 1/2" Harp pattern Vase was made by Jeannette Glass from 1954-1957.  This pattern is so beautiful that it is often mistaken for earlier Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG).  Excellent condition.  This Jadite Jadeite Egg Cup or Tumbler was made by McKee.  It is in very good condition.  Depression glass 9 1/2" Footed Water Pitcher in the Iris and Herringbone by Jeannette Glass.  Very good condition- no chips or cracks.

Anchor Hocking Opalescent Hobnail Moonst $12.50


Jeannette Glass Crystal Harp pattern Vas $15.00


Mckee Jadite Jadeite Egg Cup Tumbler $39.00


Jeannette Iris and Herringbone Crystal W $35.00

The 6 oz. Spice Shaker in Jadite was made by Jeannette Glass Co. of Jeannette, Jeannette, Pa.  Glass is in excellent condition.   Original lid in good, useable condition.   Very pretty Creamer and Sugar Set made by Fostoria in the Colony pattern.  Light shelf wear on bottom underside edge from moving around on table or shelf surface; otherwise, excellent.  Price is for the Set at  

<b>Beautifully elegant green 2 piece dish with etched floral pattern.  

Ball handle top fits snuggly on a round bowl with a short ball and stemmed foot. 

As was typical of this era, there are a few small bubbles in the glass. 

There are some noted flaws on the rim edge of bowl.  There are 4 minor flea bite chips, 3 on the inside of rim and 1 on the outside of rim.  There is what I believe is a factory flaw on the inside rim of lid.   The flaws are not visible with the lid on.  The picture has been enlarged to view the flaws easier.  

Overall, this is a beautiful piece. 

Maker: Unknown.

Do you know anything about this piece?  We appreciate your knowledge and look forward to hearing from you!  Heisey Etched Celery Dish- 12".  Etched with a Flower Basket and Rope Design.  Has the Heisey diamond mark.  Very good condition.

Old Jeannette Jadite Jadeite Spice Shake $25.00


Fostoria Colony Cream & Sugar Set $15.00


Green Depression Glass Etched Candy Dish $45.00


Heisey Basket Etched Celery Dish $15.00

Old Jadite Bud Vase with Horizontal Ribs by Jeannette Glass Company.  Excellent condition.  Priced each at   

Jadite Vase- Beehive Horizonatal Ribbed $18.50


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