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This is a clear 4" X 8" Refrigerator Case with the Ivy embossed Lid.  Case and Lid are in very good condition.  The glass is very clear and shiny and shows little, if any, use.  There are a few rough to the touch spots on the lip of the lid that goes inside the bottom.  No chips or cracks.  See both photos- this is a very nice Hazel Atlas item and it is marked on the bottom with the "HA" logo.  By Hazel Atlas, a 3" Egg Nog Mug with a  Jingle Bells design marked HA on the bottom.  Excellent condition- no damage- see both photos.  Priced each at  Just in time, a vintage White Milk Glass Tom and Jerry Egg Nog Set.  The Set consists of 7 pieces- the large Punch Bowl and 6 matching Mugs.  They are all marked with the HA on the bottom.  The Set is in excellent condition- both glass and design.  No damage. It has it's original box which is deteriorating with age but it retains it's history of "Hazel Atlas  Wheeling, West Virginia" and the store that sold it- a Murphy's in Jeannette, Pa. (see 2nd and 3rd photos).  A great Set that comes to you with it's background!   Nice 4" Jar with Lid made by Hazel Atlas.  It is marked on the bottom with the HA and a patent number (see 2nd photo).  This small Jar could be used in the kitchen for condiments or packages of sugar, etc., as a dresser jar or in the bathroom holding small toiletry items.  It is in excellent condition- no chips or cracks and the glass is very clear and shiny.

Hazel Atlas Ivy Refrigerator Dish with L $12.50


Hazel Atlas Egg Nog Jingle Bells Mug $3.50


Hazel Atlas Tom and Jerry Egg Nog Set- 7 $30.00


Old Hazel Atlas Clear jar w Lid $6.00

Too cute Set of 2- 5 1/4" tall- Tumblers with a kitchen design in pink, white and blue.  They are marked with HA on the bottom and are in excellent condition.  Price is for the pair at   Unmarked 4 1/2" White Milk Glass Bowl with a golden or yellow Wheat design.  Appear to be made by Hazel Atlas.  Excellent condition.  Priced each at  Nice White Milk Glass Mug by Hazel Atlas marked wiht the "HA" on the bottom.  Excellent condition.  Priced each at  Rare Ice Bowl in the Bar Ware pattern known as "Musical" by Hazel Atlas (unmarked).  Clear glass with pictures of clef, guitars, horns and drums.  Excellent condition- little, if any, signs of use.

Hazel Atlas Tumbler Glass with Kitchen d $5.00


Hazel Atlas Wheat Bowl Bowls- Cereal Sou $4.00


Vintage White Milk Glass or Platonite Ha $3.00


Vintage Hazel Atlas Music Musical Ice Tu $22.50

Nice Platonite or White Milk Glass with blue, Ranger Joe Mug made by Hazel Atlas.  Marked with the "HA" on the bottom.  Excellent condition- no damage- good lettering and pictures.  This is a great White Milk Glass (Platonite) Milk Mug made by Hazel Atlas in Childrens line.  The decoration is in Blue and has the Clowns design.  It is in excellent condition- no damage and the painted design is intact and strong.  Hard to believe it is from the 1930's!   Nice 4 3/4" Hazel Atlas (marked) Souvenir Tumbler of Washington, D.C.  Excellent condition- no damage.  Unmarked, made by Hazel Atlas, old horizontal ribbed White Milk Glass Range Shaker.  Red lettering is SUGAR.  Great condition- no damage, original lid and good lettering!  Add it to your Set!

Hazel Atlas Ranger Joe Mug- Childs- Kidd $10.00


Old Hazel Atlas Kiddie Ware Clown Milk M $14.00


Vintage Hazel Atlas Washington, D. C. Sou $5.00


Vintage Hazel Atlas Large White Milk Gla $25.00

Made by Hazel Atlas and marked, a Vintage Kiddie Ware Prayer Mug.  It is in great condition- no damage- and bold red graphics- see all 3 photos.  Nice Old Hazel Atlas (marked) Bowl Set of 3- 5", 6" and 7".  Excellent condition- no damage- little, if any use.  Price is for the Set of 3 at  This is a great Bowl- it is 11" wide and 6" tall.  I think it is technically a Salad Bowl but could be used for snacks and other purposes also.  It was decorated by Gay Fad Studios and is in the Outlined Fruit pattern.  The glass is frosted or satinized and I believe it was made by Hazel Atlas- it is unmarked.  It matches Fire King Kitchen ware and Ovenware items with this design.  No damage- good design- only a few minor scratches in the satin glass on very closed inspection.  These 2 Indian Mugs were made by Hazel Atlas (marked).  They have a Burgundy Red painted exterior over a white Milk Glass.  The one has a scene of Indian Warriors on Horses- the other Indian family Village life.  Both are in excellent condition- both paint and glass.  The price is for the Pair (or Set of 2) at

Old Hazel Atlas White Milk Glass w Red C $14.50


Old Vintage Hazel Atlas Ivy Bowl Set- M $29.00


Old Gay Fad Anchor Hocking Hazel Atlas O $12.50


Old Vintage Hazel Atlas Indian Indians M $24.00

These vintage Tumblers were made by Hazel Atlas - they are unmarked.  I love them- they always make me laugh with that great Clown Face.  This is a popular pattern-  glasses are in excellent condition.  Priced each at  

<b>The first colored tableware (other than opal, which Hazel Atlas had from the beginning) was green made in 1929. The line of new color tableware and kitchenware was considered "Modernistic."

Pattern: Fancy

Crimped Edge

Cat: G-730

Color: Green

This nappie is in stunning condition.  It is marked with the Hazel Atlas mark on the bottom.  I am not sure which company made this Shaker, but it is a vintage White Milk Glass SUGAR Range Shaker in very good/excellent condition.  No chips or cracks.  Traditional swirls in the old glass from the making.  Good strong lettering.  The Lid is original and is in very good shape with one small dent.     Unmarked, made by Hazel Atlas, it is a 7 1/2" White Milk Glass Bowl and has a Yellow Gold Wheat design. Very good/excellent condition- very cute!

Hazel Atlas White Milk Glass Platonite C $9.50


1929 Hazel Atlas Fancy Green Crimped Nap $18.95


Old McKee ? Hazel Atlas ? White Milk Gla $25.00


Hazel Atlas 7 1 / 2" White Milk Glass $10.50

Made by Hazel Atlas, marked with the HA on the bottom, a White Glass Milk Pitcher in the Ribbon pattern.  Excellent condition.  This Pitcher would give the Breakfast table some  high style!  This is an unusual Clambroth Glass Embossed COFFEE Canister.  It is approx. 8" X 4" X 5".  I have seen it attributed to Hazel Atlas- I am not positive of the maker.  It is from the Depression Era and has Art Deco styling.  For it's age, the Canister is in very good condition.  On the Lid (see the 2nd photo) there are 2 small shallow flat chips on both sides of the underside edge.  The Base appears to be fine without any damage.   It's a rare item and I have priced it accordingly taking in to account the minor damage on the lid.    It is unmarked but definitely looks like Hazel Atlas as the maker from the style and colors.  It is a White Milk Glass Mug with an Aqua Blue Kitchen Aides design.  It's in excellent condition.  Have this one to add to your collection or just use and enjoy!   This Vintage Mixing Bowl is White Milk Glass with a yellow Gold Wheat design and an embossed scalloped edge.  It's 5" and it's in very good/excellent condition.  It was made by Hazel Atlas.  Priced each at

Old Hazel Atlas Platonite White Glass Ri $12.50


Hazel Atlas ? Art Deco Clambroth Embosse $49.00


Hazel Atlas ? White Milk Glass Kitchen A $8.00


Hazel Atlas 5" White Milk Glass Mix $7.50

Unmarked, made by Hazel Atlas,  it is a 6" White Milk Glass Bowl and has a Yellow Gold Wheat design.  Very good/excellent condition- very cute!  Priced each at  RARE Hazel Atlas Large Water Pitcher with Antique Automobiles Old Car (also known as Old Timers) for design.  It is unmarked but was made by Hazel Atlas.  I have the matching Cocktail Shaker and Glasses available also.  The Pitcher is in very good condition- no damage- a few light surface scratches on very close inspection.  If you collect this pattern, buy now- they are SO hard to find!   It's unmarked but made by Hazel Atlas.  This 5" Cereal Bowl is White Milk Glass with a fired on Green  ribbed exterior.  Excellent condition.   Excellent Frosted Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set with hand painted Roses- decorated by Gay Fad.  Lovely set complete with Stoppers.  Priced for the pair at

Hazel Atlas 6" White Milk Glass M $7.50


Vintage Hazel Atlas Old Car Auto Automob $35.00


Hazel Atlas White Milk Glass with Fired $6.00


Hazel Atlas Frosted Gay Fad Red Rose Oi $15.00

By Hazel Atlas, the popular Dutch design PEPPER shaker.  Good glass, good paint and original lid.  There is surface rust on the interior- the outside has been repainted.  Looks great- a nice HA shaker.  Hazel Atlas Dutch SUGAR Shaker.  The glass and paint are excellent.  The lid is original but has appropriate age wear- not bad- still very usable.  This is a popular design.  Made by Hazel Atlas, an opaque White Milk Glass embossed 2 Cup Measure.  These are getting very hard to find- especially in the great conditon that this one is in!  Very unusual Depression Glass White Milk Glass Dutch design in all Blue PEPPER Shaker.  Excellent paint and lettering.  Lid is original and is in good shape but has paint loss.

Hazel Atlas Dutch Kids PEPPER Shaker $12.00


Hazel Atlas Dutch Kids SUGAR Shaker $15.00


Hazel Atlas White Milk Glass 2 Cup Spout $38.00


Hazel Atlas Depression Milk Glass Dutch $12.00

Great Cocktail Shaker with colorful Old Antique Cars by Hazel Atlas.  Has the original red plastic lid which fits well.  Excellent Condition.  Priced each at   

<b>This is a lovely set with the Ovide informal pattern.  This set is known as the Black, Yellow, and White.

Each piece is embossed with makers mark.  Hazel Atlas Range Shakers. Set of 3 White Glass Range Shakers with Black Lettering and Black Vertical Bars- SALT, PEPPER & FLOUR.  DECO Styling.  Great letters.  Two have original lids in very good condition- FLOUR shaker has a replacement lid.  These are very nice and are an unusual style!  If you want just one or 2 of the Shakers- contact me for pricing.  Listed for Set of 3 at     

Hazel Atlas Old Car Auto Automobilia Coc $15.00


Hazel-Atlas Ovide Open Sugar And Creamer $22.50


Hazel Atlas DECO Range Shakers- SALT, PEP $75.00


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