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This pair of Fostoria American #269 6 inch tall cupped-in bud vases was made between 1940-1966. It is shown on page 68 of the Seligson book. They are in excellent condition. Price is for the pair.  This great example of American Art Deco glass was made between 1922 and 1931. However, the red glass in this pattern was only made for two years: 1930 and 1931, making it very scarce.  Three available, priced each.

It is beautiful red glass. Red glass is and always was very difficult and expensive to make.

This 3 ounce stemmed wine glass stands 5 inches tall.  The red color is rich and deep.  It is in excellent condition.

In the Mauzy book, this red stem lists for $60. In the Florence book, it lists for $40.  I found this stem very reasonably so I can pass it along to a dealer OR collector very reasonably.

Add it to your American Art Deco glass or American Elegant Glass collection today.   

Fostoria American #269 6 inch bud vase p $20.00


McKee Rock Crystal RED 3 ounce wine glas $30.00


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