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This is a Jadite 7" spouted Bowl made by McKee- marked (see 2nd photo).  Bowl is in great shape- no chips or cracks and little, if any, signs  of use.  Old, but "new", 9" glass Pie Plate made by Jeannette Glass in the Glasbake line. Original Label is still intact (see 2nd an 3rd photo for close up). For vintage ovenware, you can't find any better! Priced each at  Two crystal small Bowls- 3 1/2" wide by 1 5/8" tall- that have a fancy design (see 2nd photo) embossed on them. They are marked Glasbake (see 3rd photo).  Very good condition- no damage and shiny- showing little use.  I use mine for sauces, condiments, coleslaw, etc.  Price is for the pair at  Nice marked Glasbake Green Honey Pot or Jar. It is clear glass with Fired on Green paint. It is in excellent condition - both paint and glass.

McKee Jadite Bowl Spouted- Jadeite $29.50


Mckee Jeannette Glabake Pie Plate Never $10.00


McKee Glasbake Bowl Sauce Condiment Pair $6.00


Vintage Glasbake Green Honey Pot by McKe $6.50

Made by McK and marked same, a 6" White Milk Glass Mixing Bowl.  Very good condition- no damage and showing little use.  This is a wonderful old PEPPER Shaker made by McKee (unmarked).  Glass is great- lid is nice and lettering is strong and bold!  What more can you ask for?!!!  By McKee and marked "McK", an 11 1/2" White Milk Glass with the red design "Tom and Jerry" Bowl.  Very good condition.  This 4 3/8" Custard Cocotte Bowl was made by McKee Glass.  It is marked "McK" on the bottom.  It is in excellent condition.  I find these difficult to find.

Old McKee White Milk Glass Bell Shape Mi $9.00


McKee White Milk Glass PEPPER Range Shak $28.00


McKee Large White Milk Glass with Red To $28.00


McKee Cocotte Custard Glass Bowl $15.00

9" Bell Shaped Mixing Bowl made by McKee.  Excellent condition- no chips or cracks and little use.  By McKee (and marked 'McK'), a "Deluxe" 9" round Mixing Bowl in Custard glass.  Excellent condition and unusual to find in this round shape!   McKee Custard glass Custard Cup with  embossed design.  Tiny rough spot on inside rim.  McKee Custard 4 Cup Embossed Spouted Measure.  A beauty!

McKee Custard Mixing Bowl Bell Shape $25.00


McKee Jeannette Custard Round Mixing Bow $25.00


McKee Custard Glass Custard Cup with Des $12.00


McKee Custard 4 Cup Embossed Spouted Mea $75.00

McKee Glasbake 9" Round Horizontal Ribbed Handled Casserole.  Best part- NEVER USED w/ ORIGINAL LABEL!~   

McKee Glasbake Round Ribbed 9" Ribb $18.00


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