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1996 Hallmark Happy Holiday Barbie Keepsake Ornament, No. 2761, is an ornament version of the 1996 blonde Happy Holiday Barbie doll. She is wearing a long burgundy with gold accents formal evening gown, a white muff and a white decorated hat. Lower priced insured First Class Mail shipping is available by request in the comments section of the order form, and the rate will be adjusted. New, and mint-in-the-box old stock.  Hallmark Keepsake 2003 A Gift for Raggedy Ann ornament depicts Raggedy Andy holding a gift and sitting against Raggedy Ann on a blue carpet. According to Johnny Gruelle's books the dolls come to life when the people are asleep or out of the house. After Marcella and her family are asleep, Raggedy Andy can wrap a gift for his sister, the loving Raggedy Ann rag doll. This ornament is 2 by 3 inches in size, and it clips on the tree, on a cloth, or other suitable means of display. Mint with box. Expand listing to view both photographs.  This 1999 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament depicts the Madame Alexander Red Queen Wendy doll from the Alice in Wonderland collection as the doll was in 1997. This ornament depicts the Madame Alexander Queen of Hearts doll. She has blonde hair. She is dressed in a red and gold queen ensemble with a red and gold crown, and golden net train with scepter. Retired, limited edition ornament is new and mint-in-the-box.  Hallmark Keepsake Harley-Davidson Barbie doll Ornament, No. 3728 from 2000. Like the larger 1996 first doll in the series, this ornament version of Barbie has long pale blonde hair and an open-mouth, smiling face. She is dressed to travel on the open road. Her biking ensemble includes a black jacket, black pants, red vest, and a Harley-Davidson logo on her belt and backpack. The ornament is on a stand so that it can be displayed as a figurine when it is not used as an ornament. Retired ornament is mint-in-the-box old stock.

Hallmark 1996 Happy Holiday Barbie Ornam $30.00


Hallmark A Gift for Raggedy Ann Ornament $25.00


Hallmark Madame Alexander Red Queen Orna $32.00


Hallmark Harley-Davidson Barbie Ornment $30.00

This 1999 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament represents the Angel of the Nativity in 1997 doll collection from Hallmark's Madame Alexander Holiday Angels. This is a 4.5 inch ornament replica of the Alexander Doll Company angel as the doll and later figurine of the Nativity collections. The angel has a Wendy face and long reddish hair. She is wearing an angel ensemble including a beautiful celestial blue gown with gold and white accents and white wings, who holds a banner proclaiming 'Peace on Earth.' Retired ornament is new and mint-in-the-box.  1994 United Design Angels Collection Heavenly Harmony cold-cask-type petite bisque 1.5 inch angel figurine ornament playing a mandolin or lute. This blonde angel has full wings, and is dressed in a white gown with tiny pink rosebuds and blue bows trim. When she is not being used as an ornament; she also be displayed as a figurine standing alone on her base. This very beautiful angel has detailed carving, and was made in the U.S.A.  New, mint-in-the-box. Expand listing to view both photographs.  1999 Hallmark Keepsake Russian Barbie Doll Ornament, No. 3445, from the Barbie Dolls of the World ornaments series. Like the doll, this ornament version of Barbie has a long blonde braid, and an open-mouth smiling face. Her Russian costume consists of a red dress and hat, white blouse, and red boots just like a Russian Barbie did. This retired ornament is mint-in-the-box old stock.  Disney Hallmark Keepsake Disney, Hunchback of Notre Dame Christmas ornament, No. QXD6344, is from 1996. This ornament is The Disney version of Esmeralda. It depicts the brunette gypsy girl with her tambourine and her goat, Djali, who are both dancing. This retired Christmas tree ornament is new and mint-in-its-box old stock.

Hallmark Madame Alexander Angel of the N $32.00


United Design Heavenly Harmony Angel Orn $18.00


1999 Hallmark Russian Barbie Doll Orname $30.00


Disney Hallmark Esmeralda Ornament from $27.00

1998 Hallmark 'Gone With the Wind' Scarlett O'Hara Keepsake Ornament, which was 2nd in the Scarlett series. This ornament depicts brunette Scarlett wearing a green floral-print off-shoulder gown and large straw hat, and holding a parasol, as Vivien Leigh appeared when she played Scarlett in the 1939 movie when she was the belle of the barbecue and the ball at the Wilkes Twelve Oaks Plantation near the beginning of the movie. The value of this ornament has been soaring. It is mint-in-the-box old stock.  This 1996 Hallmark Ornament represents a Madame Alexander blonde Wendy doll wearing her pink ball gown and corona as Cinderella's ball gown costume in the 1995-1996 Alexander Doll Company catalog. This retired first edition ornament is in new and mint-in-the-box condition.  1995 Hallmark Solo in the Spotlight Classic Barbie is a blonde ponytail doll ornament matching the 1959 to early 1960s Barbie dolls. She is dressed in a black formal evening gown with a ruffle at the bottom, and she is performing at a microphone, as the popular classic doll outfit. This doll is on a stand so she can also be displayed as a figurine. Doll ornament has closed mouth like the classic Barbie dolls. Retired,  mint-in-the-box old stock.  1998 Hallmark Gay Parisienne Classic Barbie Ornament depicts a classic brunette Barbie doll. She is wearing a dark blue bubble dress and a white fur boa, like the late 1950s-early 60s classic doll fashion.  Christmas ornament is like-new, mint-in-the-box old stock.

Hallmark Scarlett O'Hara Ornament 1998 $36.00


Hallmark Madame Alexander Cinderella Dol $30.00


1995 Solo in the Spotlight Barbie Hallma $30.00


Hallmark Gay Parisienne Barbie Ornament $30.00

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