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Full Set of Libbey Hostess Set Ice Tea or Tall Tumblers.  There are 2 pink, 2 green, 2 yellow and 2 clear frost. Excellent condition.  2nd photo shows close up of the design. Price for the Set is  Nice Chopper (specifically, I think it is for nuts) that was made by Androck (marked on bottom of glass).  The spout part is enameled and has a red star design.  It is all in excellent condition- no damage and little use.  Beautiful, never used glass Tea Kettle by Dunbar Glass.  All is in excellent shape including the metal lid which looks like it should whistle.  The handle is black plastic (bakelite?).  There are a very few paint flakes on the red stripe from either manufacturing or storage.  I currently have a matching Vacuum Coffee Pot and Bake Ware set listed for sale.  Hard to find such great vintage items in "never used" condition.  This is a Vacuum Coffee Pot made by Dunbar Glass of Dunbar, W. Va.  It is decorated with a red stripe.  The Coffee Pot has never been used and comes with the original paper instruction pamphlet.  There are a few very tiny paint flakes on the stripe either from manufacturing or storage.  I currently have a matching Tea Kettle and Bake Ware set listed for sale.  Unusual to find such a collectible vintage item of this age in "never used" condition.

Libbey Plantation Southern Belle Tall Tu $15.00


Vintage Androck Chopper with Red Star En $8.00


Vintage Glass Tea Kettle Pot w Red Stri $45.00


Vintage Vacuum Coffee Pot w Red Stripe b $55.00

I have heard this Glass Pan described as an Angel Food Cake Pan, Bundt Pan and Jello Mold so I think it has many uses!  It was made by McKee Glass in the Glasbake line and is marked Queen-Anne Glasbake (zoom in on the photo to see the mark clearly).  It is in very good condition with only 2 tiny light "rough to the touch" spots on the inside rim.  Other than that, it looks like new. This also came in a child's version called "Little Princess".  I also have a set of 4 of these for sale currently.  For the Mother (or Father) and daughter or son!!  This a set of 4 hard to find Tumblers in the Gold Eclipse pattern by Russel Wright.  They were made by Bartlett Collins. They measure 6 3/4" tall and have colored and gold polka dots.  They are in very good condition for this type of pattern.  My observations are- slight wear on gold dots on the red one, dash of wear on the gold dots on the green one, slight rough spot on the yellow one and the blue one looks pretty good.  Take a close look at the picture- there is a separate one of the red one.  If you want more info, email me.  Price is for the Set of 4 at   This is a 9" X 12" Oval Platter in the Maywood pattern made by Purinton Pottery (it is not marked).  This is a hard to find pattern and the Platter is a harder to find item with in this pattern.  The condition is excellent- there are no chips or cracks and it shows little use.  There is a manufacturer flaw on the back side- see 2nd photo- it's in the glaze- only mentioning it for accuracy of description.  This is a great Purinton Platter.  This is a 9" X 12" Oval Platter in the Apple pattern made by Purinton Pottery (marked on back).  The Platter is the nicest one I have seen- no chips or cracks or crazing- it is very shiny and shows little surface use.  If this is your pattern and you are looking for one, this is the one for you!

McKee Glasbake Queen Anne Mold Cake Bund $9.00


Russel Wright Gold Eclipse Tumblers by B $38.00


Purinton Pottery Maywood Platter- Oval- $32.00


Purinton Pottery Apple Platter Oval $25.00

Nice 5" Milk White Arizona Souvenir Tumbler.  It is marked with the Federal logo on the bottom.  No chips or cracks-  little signs of use-  very good condition.  Nice 5" Milk White Missouri Souvenir Tumbler.  It is marked with the Federal logo on the bottom.  No chips or cracks-  little signs of use-  very good condition.  Nice 5" Milk White Kansas Souvenir Tumbler.  It is marked with the Federal logo on the bottom.  No chips or cracks-  little signs of use-  very good condition.  This is a 5 1/2" ceramic Teapot marked Hand Painted Holland Delft Deco (see 3rd photo).  It is in excellent condition with light overall crazing.  No chips or cracks or damage.  It has a nice Windmill scene (see 2nd photo)- all done in blue and white.

Arizona Souvenir Tumbler by Federal Glas $5.00


Missouri Souvenir Tumbler by Federal Gla $5.00


Kansas Souvenir Tumbler by Federal Glas $5.00


Holland Delt Deco Windmill Teapot $12.00

Great 6 Cup Coffee Pot decorated with gold pine cones and turquoise and is complete with metal brew basket, pump and heat spreader (see 2nd photo).  The metal collar and lid are a light goldtone and the lid on the Coffee flips up with the thumb press.  It is marked Douglas (see 3rd photo).  Everything is in excellent condition - no damage and little wear.  With the Turquoise design on the Pot, I thought this would be a nice accent piece to go with your Fire King Turquoise dinnerware.  Nice 5 3/4" tall A&W Root beer Mug. It has the logo and also says All American Food.  Excellent condition- no chips or cracks- glass is very clear and shiny- logo and paint is very good.  This is a 5 1/4" Mug advertising Slim Jim's.  The glass and advertising logo are in very good condition showing little ,if any, wear.  No chips or cracks and the glass is clear and shiny.  Nice Greecian style Glassware that was made by Jeannette Glass.  This pattern was called Hellenic and this is the Ice Bowl from that line.  There are numerous matching items that Jeannette made.  This Ice Bowl is in excellent condition.  It is 4 3/4" tall and 6" round and has a gold trim band around the edge.

Vintage Douglas Coffee Pot 6 Cup $15.00


A & W Root Beer Mug- Advertising $5.75


Slim Jim Mug- Advertising $4.50


Jeannette Green Hellenic Ice Bowl Tub- s $12.50

Great glass Corn Dish Set by Jeannette Glass.  Never used and in the Original Box, it is 12 pieces- 4 Corn Cribs and 8 holders.  Everything is in excellent condition- even the Box.  Price for all is  This is a lovely frosted Pitcher with a pinched bottom from the BC Comic strip.  It may have been made by Anchor Hocking Fire King.  I am not sure.  Anchor Hocking made other pieces of Fire King Glassware that had this comic strip design.  The Pitcher is in excellent condition- no chips or cracks and little, if any, signs of use.  See all four photos for picture details of the cartoon design.  Very nice patriotic Glass- red, white and Blue with Eagle and "God Bless America".  Tumbler is 4 1/2" tall and is in excellent condition.   This Syrup Pitcher is approx 4 1/2" high and appears to have never been used.  It still has the original foil type label that is worn and faded but still readable up close in the light.  The lid is red plastic with a well working metal slide and handle that is still very shiny and not showing age.  The glass has a deco style embossed design in the glass and is marked Androck on the bottom.  This is an excellent retro Syrup Pitcher!

Vintage Jeannette Corn Dish Set -Never U $12.00


BC Comic Frosted Pitcher signed Hart- Ca $15.00


Vintage Swanky Swig type God Bless Ameri $2.50


Vintage Deco style Androck Drip Cut Syru $24.00

Old, but "new", 9" glass Pie Plate made by Jeannette Glass in the Glasbake line.  Original Label is still intact (see 2nd photo for close up).  For vintage ovenware, you can't find any better!  Priced each at  This is an interesting White Milk Glass Mug from the 1979 Democratic Convention.  Characters shown on the Mug are Ted Kenedy and Jimmy Carter.  The mug is in excellent condition.  No damage and the graphics are good.  Nice Kentucky Derby Glass by Libbey that is 5 1/4" tall.  Excellent condition.  Get this for your horse racing sports fan or for your home bar!  This is a very unique Set of Tumblers that I have never seen before.  The Glasses are 6 1/2" Tall and hold 20 oz. of liquid.  The design is in bright orange with a Fish and Lure and a Wave type decoration at the top.  They have the Anchor mark on the bottom.  There are 12 in the Set and are in the original box.  Excellent condition- appear never used.  A must for the collector or to use at your fishing lodge or beach house or just for making an entertaining statement!  Price is for the Set of 12 in Box at

Old Jeannette Glasbake Pie Plate with OR $12.50


1979 Democratic Convention Cartoon Mug T $9.50


1998 Kentcky Derby Tumbler by Libbey- Ho $6.50


Anchor Hocking Orange Fish Lure Glass Tu $35.00

Never used Casserole w Lid- I believe it is a 1 1/2 quart- made by Jeannette Glass in the Glasbake line.  The exterior of the Casserole is a fired on Forest Green paint.  The interior has a Teflon coating.  It is 8" round.  The ORIGINAL Label is still attached- see 2nd photo.  Excellent condition.  Vintage 7" tall A&W Root Beer Mug in excellent condition.   Nice old, handpainted with Primary colors Sugar by Bartlett Collins.  Approx. 3" tall.  Excellent condition- no damage.  Nice unmarked Rose colored Honey Pot or Jar.  It is clear glass with Fired on Rose colored paint.  It is in excellent condition - both paint and glass.

Vintage Glasbake Casserole with Lid- Jea $15.00


Vintage A & W Root Beer Mug Tall Adverti $5.00


Old Barlett Collins Hand Painted Sugar s $4.00


Vintage Unmarked Glasbake Fired On Rose $6.00

I love these old chalk pieces made by Miller Studios.  This is a black and bronze Masted Ship signed 1964 Miller Studio.  It is in very good condition- a few tiny flakes on back edge only- very minor.  Unmarked vintage Mug that looks to be made by Glasbake- similar to Fire King and Federal.  It has pictures of screen stars Rudolph Valentino and Douglas Fairbanks.  It is in excellent condition and has little, if any use, marks.   Harder to find Guardian Ware Ice Bucket with plastic insert and Glass Lid.  It's in very good condition with little wear.  The Glass Lid is excellent- very clear with no damage.  This is a wonderful item and would look stunning in your collection or in an Art deco Bar Ware setting!   This is a great old 12 1/2" round metal Kitchen Tray that has a design of a Southern Belle type Lady with Red Flowers and trim.  I believe they date to the 50's.  I have seen other items that match this design.  Trays are in very good condition with only a light occasional paint chip or scuffy.  Picture is representative.  I have seen a Bread Box advertised by "EMPECO" in the same design. Even tho the Tray is not marked, I assume it is the same company. Priced each

Old Miller Studio Masted Sailing Ship Ch $6.00


Vintage White Milk Glass Glasbake ? Mug $8.00


Vintage Aluminum Guardian Service Ware I $55.00


Old Empeco ? Metal Tin Tray w Lady in B $5.00

Old Fiesta Yellow 10 1/2" Dinner Plate (unmarked)in great condition.  Has a few manufacturing "pits"- no chips or cracks and little use.  If you have ??s, please ask as I know some Fiesta collectors are ultra fussy!  I'm not sure who made this Disney Mug- could be Federal or Fire King or ?- it's marked USA on the bottom.  It has Pluto for the design which is more rare for the Disney Mugs.  It is in excellent condition- no chips or cracks- and has a nice strong design.  Old Wooden Rooster Canister Set of 3 that are marked "Woodpecker Wood Ware Hand Painted Pat. Japan" on the bottom.  The sides are dovetailed.   They are in very nice condition with only light use on the largest Canister.  Price for the Set of 3 is  This is a 9" early Mixing Bowl with Red and Black Stripes by Hocking.  It goes well with the Fire King Range and Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets that have the same Red and Black decoration.  The Bowl is in very good condition- some expected manufacturers mold lines- no chips or cracks and great bold Stripes!

Old Fiesta Yellow 10" Plate Fiestaw $17.50


Old Vintage Disney Pluto Mug $15.00


Vintage Rooster Woodpecker Wood Ware Can $19.00


Old Vintage Hocking White Vitrock Red an $18.00

These Retro Bowl have the Anchor Hocking mark on the Bottom.  The Fired On Green Bowl is 7 1/4" and the Fired On Orange Bowl is 6".  They are in very good condition- no chips or cracks- a little shelf wear on bottom from being scooted and a few paint skips on upper rim of Bowls- minor.  Inside shows little, if any, wear.  Price is for both Bowls at  Old, unmarked Milk Glass Tall Mug with Wreath design and the words "Seasons Greetings".  Excellent condition.  Priced each at  Old, unmarked Milk Glass Tall Mug with Blue Snowflake design and the words "Ski Lifter".  Excellent condition.  Great Set of 4 French Casseroles or Handled Soups.  Appear to be McKee Glasbake- they are not marked so I am not 100% sure.  They are unusual- the bottoms are clear glass and the lids are great fired on colors that match up to Fiesta and Fire King Primary Rainbow colors.  They are in very good condition - with little, if any, use.  There is a small chip on the Lid of the Blue one- it is painted over with the factory paint so must have been there since they were manufactured.  Price is for the Set of 4 at the

Vintage Anchor Hocking Green and Orange $14.00


Vintage Federal ? Fire King ? McKee ? Ta $3.50


Vintage Federal ? Fire King ? McKee ? Ta $6.50


McKee Glasbake? French Casseroles w Lid- $25.00

Wow- this is a really cute Set that appears never used and is in the Original Box.  Very rustic Wooden Fork and Salad Spoon and matching Salt and Pepper Shaker.  The decoration appears to be on ceramic or hard plastic and has a great picture of a Buck (deer) and Pinecones.  It is a souvenir piece from the "Penna. Grand Canyon" (these words are on the Shakers).  These would look great in a mountain house or Adirondack cabin.  Price for this great item is   I don't know who made this Mug (marked USA) but I know it is vintage and one of the harder to find Disney Characters.  This pedestal Mug is in excellent condition- no chips or cracks- very shiny in and out and good paint.  This is a Set of 8 Antique Auto Frosted Glasses or Tumblers which I believe were made by Anchor Hocking.  They are all in excellent condition and are all different.  The pictured Cars are: 1900 Oldsmobile,, 1906 Stanley Steamer, 1902 Packard, 1909 Nash Rambler, 1913 Hudson, 1908 Buick, 1911 Maxwell and 1906 AutoCar.  These are a must for the Antique Auto enthusiast or antique Car Collector!  Price is for the Set of 8 at  Very cute Strawberry Shortcake Mug made by Anchor Hocking and is marked on the bottom.  No chips or cracks.  The red pink paint is slightly faded.  It looks good, but I have had this Mug before and the paint was more red.  I have priced accordingly at

Rustic Vintage Salad Set with Deer & Pin $8.50


Vintage Donald Duck Disney White Milk Gl $15.00


Anchor Hocking Antique Auto Tall Water I $16.00


Anchor Hocking Strawberry Shortcake Char $6.50

Old Milk Glass Mug with the Bonanza logo.  It is unmarked.  Excellent condition- both glass and paint.  Add this one to your collection- a great price at  This is a pair of vintage White Milk Glass Mugs with Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters of the copyright Walt Disney Productions.  They are unmarked- one says Heatproof USA on the bottom.  They are in excellent condition- both glass and paint.  Price is for the Set of 2 at  It's beautiful and is ready to serve your favorite Beverage!  Old retro 1950's large clear Pitcher with White String Overlay.  Excellent condition.  How GREAT is this?  Get it for the season and you will have amazing style!  This is a 22 piece- service for 4- 4 Plates with center cup holder, 4 Cups, 4 sets of plastic utensils (fork, knife and spoon) and a spreader and pickle fork (you have to be thorough!).   Great colors of Orange, Yellow, Purple and Green.  Package has never been opened and still retains it original $ tag!.  Price for each set is

Vintage White Milk Glass Ad Advertising $6.50


Old Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Footed $22.00


Vintage 1950s Large Spaghetti Drizzle Wh $15.00


Retro 1950s Plastic Regaline Melmac Picn $8.00

This delightful White Milk Glass Snack Set was made in the 1960's and is in the Original Box.  In the Box, there are 4 Plates and 4 Cups with a wonderful Grape design.  They all are excellent showing little, if any, signs of use- I noted one tiny nick on the edge of a Plate, that's it- it must be from the manufacture or storing as there are no signs of these being used.  Box is in OK condition.  Price is for the entire Set of 8 pieces at   Unmarked, possibly by Hazel Atlas, a White Milk Glass Mug with Fired On Sunny Yellow exterior.  The exterior is a textured orange peel effect.  Excellent condition.  I have matching Breakfast Cereal Bowls.  The pair would have to start your morning off right!   I don't know who made these but these Glasses have wonderful comical Bear pictures.  They appear to have held a product originally.  They are 4 1/2" tall and marked 5047 B 7 on the bottom.  Take a look at these fun Tumblers! Priced each at  Vintage White Milk Glass Mug Mugs with a red, white and blue Bicentennial design.  Unmarked, but made by Jeannette Glass of Jeannette, Pa.  Never used.  Excellent condition.  Priced each at

Indiana Glass Colony White Milk Glass Ha $20.00


Vintage Hazel Atlas? Sunny Yellow Fired $4.00


Comical Bear Jelly? Peanut Butter? Glass $2.50


Vintage Glasbake White Milk Glass Mug Mu $3.50

An old Hoosier style TEA (embossed) Canister in the Colonial pattern.  It's in very good/excellent condition. If you collect this pattern or just need a nice TEA Canister,it is an excellent purchase.  Vintage Hoosier Tall Canister in the Misssion pattern.  Original lid in very good condition.  CEREAL label is a replacement label done in the original design.  Overall condition is very good/excellent.  Made by Ownens Illinois, their mark on bottom, a vintage Medium size Canister with an Original RICE label in Forest Green glass.  Lid is also original.  All is in very good/excellent condition.    This is a great 1950's Water Pitcher.  The Pitcher is made of clear glass but has a rubberized Jadite Green color  exterior with a white Spaghetti String overlay.  Unmarked, but it was made by  Color Craft of Indianapolis, Indiana.  A great retro item and very useable.  It's in excellent condition.

Old Vintage Hoosier Colonial TEA Caniste $29.00


Old Hoosier Mission pattern CEREAL Canis $30.00


Old Owens Illinois Forest Green Diaganol $35.00


1950's Jadite Green Color Spaghetti Over $22.00

Excellent Syrup Dispenser with Yellow Bakelite Handle.  Lid and base are both marked "Dripcut".  Slide works easily- chrome is very good on lid.  Nice addition to a collection or wonderful to use!  Made by Hazel Atlas, the White Milk Glass 7" Mixing Bowl decorated with Green Ivy.  Excellent condition.   PRICED EACH.  Great old "Herb Chest" White Milk Glass Spice Shakers- most with the Original Dove Spice paper label on the back.  All are in excellent condition including the Original Lids.  This design is hard to find.  Shakers that are currently available are "THYME" and "POULTRY SEASONING".  When ordering, please specify in Comments area which Spice Shaker(s) you would like to purchase. The Shakers are priced EACH at  These are very nice Shakers in the Blue Delphite glass.  They have a Basket Weave design embossed in the glass.  Lids are new replacements but are the same style as the original lids.  All in very good conditon.  Price is for the pair at

Dripcut Syrup with Yellow Bakelite Handl $18.00


Havel Atlas White Milk Glass with Green $9.00


Vintage Herb Chest White Milk Glass Spic $8.00


Blue Delphite Delfite Basket Weave Shak $18.00

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