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Clambroth Glass Canister with original Lid painted Red.  There is some roughness on the inside edge rim underneath the lid- tiny nicks.  Still very nice and useable. Clambroth is an unusual and very pretty glass.  Great addition for Hoosier Cabinet or Vintage Kitchen Glassware Collection!  Shallow Oval Serving Dish- 9 1/4" long.  Excellent Condition including the trim.  The 'Priscilla'  pattern is one of my favorites!  Made by Homer Laughlin Co. (HLC).  Hoosier Sellers Sneath Kitchen Glassware 10 1/2" Round Covered Canister marked 'S' in the circle for Sellers/Sneath.  It is in excellent shape- unusual item especially in this great condition!   

Old Vintage Depression Glass Clambroth S $39.00


Homer Laughlin Priscilla Shallow Oval S $12.50


Hoosier Sellers Sneath 10 1 / 2" Cry $20.00


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