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This is the largest Bowl to the Butterprint Set of Pyrex Mixing Bowls.  The Bowl is in excellent condition- no chips or cracks or nicks.  The interior of the Bowl is shiny and shows little use.  The outside paint is very good (see 2nd photo).  Since this is the "outside" Bowl for the nesting Set and has a painted exterior, they usually have a lot of wear marks in the paint.  This one does not.  It was well taken care of.  Excellent 6 Cup Corning Ware Coffee Pot in the Cornflower design.  I don't think this was ever used.  The metal brew basket and interior are ultra clean- the chrome is really good and the lid fits very snug.  There are a few tiny marks on the bottom on the outside edge- could just be from storage and moving around.  Please look at all 4 photos for an accurate picture of how nice this Coffee Pot is.  5 1/2" tall Frosted Tumblers in the very popular vintage pattern known as Golden Butterfly.  Matches to Corelle dinnerware and Pyrex items.  The Glasses are marked 1974 James Bradley Assoc., Inc.  All are in excellent condition- good frost, no chips or cracks, little wear.  Price is for the set of 4 at  This is a cheerful orange Pyrex 1 1/2 quart Bowl in the Daisy pattern.  It is in very good condition.  There are no chips or cracks or nicks.  The interior Bowl shows little use and is very shiny.  The exterior paint and design is very good with only a few small paint scratches and light paint wear on the underside edge of the handles.  Please see both photos.

Large Turquoise Pyrex Butterprint Amish $9.50


Pyrex Corning Ware 6 Cup Cornflower Coff $28.00


Golden Butterfly Frosted Tumblers Glasse $15.00


Pyrex Daisy Cinderella Mixing Bowl $6.75

This is a Visions 3.5 liter Dutch Oven with Lid in the Cranberry color glass.  The Lid is marked Pyrex.  The bottom is marked Visions 3.5 L Made in USA.  The bottom is a textured glass- it does not have Teflon coating as some did.  The Lid and Pot are in great shape- no chips or cracks- little, if any, scratches and the glass is shiny.  It's a nice one.   This is a blue tint Flameware Sauce Pan with detachable glass handle.  It is approx. 7" round and 2 3/4" tall- I believe it is the 1 quart.  The Pan shows a few scratches and a tiny chip on the inside rim but comparing it to many I have seen, it is in very good condition- showing little wear.  The glass handle is in great condition and works very well.  If you are looking for a nice Pan to use , this is a good one.  The handle will fit other Flameware pans also. Please see all 3 photos.    This is a large 2 1/2 quart Casserole, with decorated Lid, wicker Serving Basket and original Pyrex promotional pamphlet advertising and showing other products and discussing the care of Pyrex. It came to me with the Casserole fitting snugly into the basket and the pamphlet was between the two so it all appears original to the Casserole.  It appears to have never been use- it is in excellent condition with no signs of wear.  Please look at all 4 photos- they describe it better than I can!  Price for all is    This is a 1 1/2 pint Round Bowl in a primary Yellow color made by Pyrex.  No chips or cracks - very shiny- little, if any, signs of use on interior- a few light scratches on exterior when looking for them up close.

Pyrex Visions Cranberry Dutch Oven Stock $29.00


Pyrex Flameware Sauce Pan with Glass Han $18.00


Pyrex Turquoise Casserole and Lid w Bask $28.00


Pyrex Yellow Bowl Round Mixing $6.75

This is a 2 1/2 quart Round Mixing Bowl in the Butterprint pattern.  No chips or cracks and design is good- only a few light scratches in bottom of the Bowl.   This is a 17" Corning Ware (see 2nd photo for mark on back) Cornflower pattern Meat Platter.   I call it the Well and Tree design for the juices collected in the bottom of the Plate that looks like that.  The Platter is in excellent condition- no chips or cracks and I don't see any utensil scratches on the surface.  A nice Corn Flower piece for your Corning Ware Pyrex collection or to use!   This is a Pyrex 8" round Cake Pan or Bake Dish.  It is light Yellow with a light Brown spatter overlay.  Very good condition- no chips or cracks- good paint- does have a few scratches in bottom from a utensil.  Vintage large clear Pyrex oval Well and Tree Meat Platter.  Has 4 feet on the base and is approx 15" X 10 3/4.  The Platter is in excellent condition- no chips, nicks or cracks and appears unused! Has those very pretty deco circle style handles (see photo 3).

Pyrex Butterprint Round Bowl Mixing $8.00


Coning Ware Cornflower Meat Platter Wel $17.50


Pyrex Cake Pan Casserole $8.00


Pyrex Well and Tree Meat Platter $15.00

Great vintage New In Box Condiment Set of 5 pieces by Pyrex Corning known as a Table Setters.  This was designed to go with numerous Pyrex kitchen and dinnerware patterns.  It consists of a Creamer and Sugar, Salt & Pepper Shaker Pair and tall multi use Shaker.

Great find- never used in the Original Box with original packaging.  Price is for the entire Set at  This is a rare 4 MAN COFFE MAID with a Pyrex Flameware lining in the Percolator.  It is electric and has what I would call a hot plate in the bottom.  Handle and feet are black bakelite with the outside being chrome over brass.  It comes with a metal brew basket to make the coffee and a cord.  I am not sure if the cord is original to the pot.  I plugged it in and the water got hot very quickly so it seems to work OK.  As with any vintage electric appliance, I would suggest you have it checked out before using.  Great item and very unusual.  It is in very good condition- there are a few marks on the chrome- minor.  Made by Pyrex and marked, a very nice Pyrex Beverage Carafe.  It is suitable for both hot and cold beverages.  It is in excellent condition- no damage and little, if any, use.  Made by Pyrex in the Early American pattern, the small refrigerator case with lid.  The bottom is in excellent condition- the lid has 2 smooth shallow chips on the upside edge (how did they do that?).  Priced accordingly at

Pyrex Corning Condiment Set- Shakers Cre $22.00


4 MAN COFFEE MAID w Pyrex Flameware Cof $55.00


Vintage Pyrex Coffee Carafe $7.50


Pyrex Early American Small Refrigerator $6.50

By Pyrex, marked, a 1 1/2 pint Early American pattern Mixing Bowl.  Excellent condition- no damage- shows little, if any, wear.  Vintage 5 3/4" Mixing Bowl by Pyrex with Tan or Beige Stripes.  Excellent condition.  Nice Pyrex Early American 1 1/2" quart square Casserole.  Excellent condition- no chips or cracks and shows little, if any, use.   This 3 piece set of Pyrex Mixing Bowls is in the Old Orchard pattern and is sealed in the Original Box still.  The Bowls included are the 1 1/2 pint, 1 1/2 quart and 2 1/2 quart sizes.  Price is for the Set of 3.  If you purchase these, please advise if you want me to open to inspect before I send or just send the Box as is- still sealed.

Pyrex Early American Round Mixing Bowl $5.50


Old Pyrex 5 3 / 4" Tan Stripe Mixing $12.00


Pyrex Early American 1 1 / 2 Quart Cassero $6.50


Vintage Pyrex Old Orchard 3 piece Mixing $39.00

These are gorgeous!  Never used and in the Original Box, these Fired on Pyrex Bowls are in the Southwest pattern.  There are 3 sizes- 1 quart, 1 1/2 quart and 2 1/2 quart.  Colors of the fired on exterior are beautiful- an aqua turquoise blue, coral and yellow.  I believe thes Bowls date fron the late 1980's.  A wonderful find!  This White Milk Glass 11 1/4" oval Platter was made by Pyrex (marked).  It has a Gray Laurel Edge border trim.  I believe this pattern is known as "Ascot".  It's in very good condition.  It's made by Pyrex.  A 2 Part Divided Oval Bowl/Casserole in Aqua Blue with the Snowflake design.  Excellent conditon.  By Pyrex, the 2 1/2 quart Town and Country pattern Cinderella style Mixing Bowl.  Very good condition.

Pyrex Fired On 3 pc. Mixing Serving Bowl $45.00


Pyrex Oval Platter with Gray Laurel Asco $8.50


Pyrex Aqua Blue Snowflake Divided Casser $12.50


Pyrex Town and Country Cinderella style $12.00

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