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Terry Crider started his glasswork in 1976. He is self taught. This studio glass artist has put out a limited amount of work over the past 31 years. He uses NO MOLDS and his only help has been his wife Donna. I had an email from Terry and Donna a few years ago stating that he doesn't think it would be fair to the collectors to make any of the same things again. They have decided, if they do make glass again, they are not going to make anything that they have made in the past. He made glass part time from 1988-2000. In 2005, he began again to produce a limited amount of glass. He's a great artist with VERY few early pieces out there. This toothpick is in mint condition and is signed and dated 1980 on the base. 


This Crider 1980 JIP red white blue threaded  is hand blown cased glass - white with blue feathering on the outside and a pretty deep red on the inside. Then, to add to its beauty, it is threaded with very fine red threads around the body of the glass. It's hard to imagine the amount of work that went into this beautiful, hand made toothpick holder. 


This little toothpick holder stands about 3" high at its highest point. It is a fantastic piece of art! It is in perfect condition.  Produced by Vermont Mid-Century studio potter Stanley Ballard, a student of Glidden Parker at Alfred University in the 1940s who worked in the Burlington area, this all black #41 vase stands 3 1/2" tall x 3" wide.  One of the only shapes where I have seen more than one all black vase. Excellent condition  This wildly shaped Royal Haeger 5 rest ashtray is signed with shape number 1006. It is from the 1960s, boy is it!! 



It measures 11 1/2' across at its widest point and has a blended agate glaze with yellow/black highlights on a pumpkin orange color. Would make a great bonbon dish in the fall!



Add it to your Mid century or ashtray collection today  This is a great pattern in Noritake design. It is called 'speed line' by Noritake collectors. What is also desirable about this 2 cut-out tab handled bowl is the use of gold luster on the speed lines in addition to the black and white used. Black and gold leaves surround a high abstracted blue flower on one side of the asymmetrically arranged design. Pure Art Deco Noritake genius carrying a red wreath mark from the 1925-1931 period.



In excellent condition, add it to your Noritake Art Deco collection today. I am a long time member of the <a href=''>Noritake Collectors Society.</a> Come read about our great club,  our newsletter and consider joining us in our appreciation and pursuit of Noritake!

TP: Crider 1980 JIP red white blue threa


Ballard #41 black vase


Royal Haeger #1106 orange biomorhpic ash


Noritake Deco speed line gold black tab

This is a very pretty 6' Blue Lustre Vase with the Dogwood design.  The inside of the opening to the vase is done in Marigold Lustre.  The vase is in excellent conditon.  It is marked 'Japan' on the bottom.  This #1535 Chick/Egg Bennington piece is designed as both a trivet and a plaque. Originally, it had four rubber knob feet so it can sit on a counter or a hanger to be used as a wall plaque. It still has its hanger but is missing the rubber ball feet. It is an earlier design by the late David Gil who started Bennington Potters as a design collaborative in 1948.  I found this Fiesta medium green plate in a stack of Harlequin plates while shopping. Go figure! The color is great but there is an imperfection under the glaze in one area. This was in the original firing as the area is glazed over. The area is about one inch long. This plate was also used, so it is not in 'mint' or excellent condition, but in good condition. But it's medium green!!  No chips, cracks or flakes to plate. Buy it and use it. It would make a great holiday plate for cookies! I bought it very reasonable so, the price I am selling it at is reasonable, so bring it home!  This Ballard vase is decorated with an abstract design of deep blue and black lines within a square. Marked #70 on the bottom, it is a late piece to the line I feel. There is a tiny flake on the one corner of the top rim. This is the only piece I have seen with this decoration.

Japan Blue Lustre Vase with Dogwood desi $12.50


Bennington Gil design #1535 Chick / Egg ti


Fiesta (Vintage ) 9 inch medium green pl


Ballard #70 decorated 2

This Royal Haeger #138 Ebony Cascade 1954 ashtray has 4 rests and is fully signed on the bottom. Great 'V' shaped center which adds to the geometric look. Part of the 'new' Cascade glazes Haeger debuted as part of their 1954 line.  Excellent condition. Would look stunning on a blond wood coffee table.  David Gil Coop Design 6 1/8 inch round x 13/16 inch  deep plate with rough unglazed bottom, signed with incised signature 'David Gil' and 'bennington'.  This mark dates pre-1960. There is little speckling in the glaze on the front of the plate. The sides of the plate are glazed as is the rim of the plate but the mark is from the middle period of the 1240 plate series, so I am putting this into the late middle period closer to 1960. 

The pattern on this plate is a very abstract one, depicting a Bull or Steer with horns. I have nicknamed this piece Lascaux Bull as it reminds me of the cave paintings there. The body is done in a simple line technique of blue and black. The eye is turquoise blue and there are two brown spots on the side of the animal. 

There are no hints of turquoise color in the  brown dots as seen on the early version of this design.  Excellent condition.

On the back of this plate, the incised signature is not as clear as on the early period plates. It looks like a white glaze was brushed over the bottom as one can see brush marks. 

After 1960, they made their bread and butter by making gorgeous modern styled dinnerware that was distributed throughout the US and sold in fine department stores.

In their 1964 catalogue, Gil described their creations as Art Objects in the Practical Realm" - Museum Honored, Hand-crafted, Modestly Priced.

David Gil started producing work in Bennington Vermont in 1948. They are among the few American studio potteries that turned into production potteries in the midcentury. It evolved into a co-operative of different art potters, then into the Bennington Potters company we have known since 1960 and still very much active today.  This cone shaped vase was made and decorated by Mark Bellaire, another great Californian Mid Century designer. 

This 9 inch tall vase features stripes of color, a chocolate brown and terra cotta red with a wild yellow blotch which could be the sun.  

It measures 3 inches in diameter at top and 5 inches in diameter at he bottom.

Signed with standard black signature. Two black outlined figures with raised arms  are on the vase. Excellent condition.  Vermont Studio potter Stanley Ballard (1917-1960) graduated from Alfred University’s highly respected Ceramic Program in 1939, having studied there while these influential teachers were part of the faculty: Marion Fosdick, Charles Harder, Clarence Merritt, and C. Katherine Nelson.

This 4 1/2 tall vase is deep blue/green and signed S. Ballard 16  Excellent condition

Royal Haeger #138 Ebony Cascade 1954 ash


Gil Raymor 1240 Lascaux Bull plate


Mark Bellaire 9 inch abstract figures va $90.00


Ballard #16 4. 5 inch 2 lobe green vase

Czech 8 inch tall robin's egg blue cased and chartreuse mottled  fan vase w/black rim in stunning color combo.  Excellent condition. These great fan vases are pieces are getting hard to find, as fewer were made and remain in excellent shape.  Ruba rombic smoky topaz 6' vase purchased at PCGCC convention auction. Excellent condition.  Vermont Studio potter Stanley Ballard (1917-1960) graduated from Alfred University’s highly respected Ceramic Program in 1939, having studied there while these influential teachers were part of the faculty: Marion Fosdick, Charles Harder, Clarence Merritt, and C. Katherine Nelson.

Ballard #43 10 inch long x 6 inch wide low biomorphic yellow dish, shaped much like the Birdwing Bowl, but larger. Excellent condition.  Raymor Alvino Bagni geometric covered cigarette box decorated in brown and black geometrical shapes in an abstract design on a white ground. . The covered box measures 6 1/2' in length, 4 1/8' in width and 1 3/4' in height. The covered box is signed MADE IN ITALY RAM/34 Raymor in black ink under glaze. The covered box is in excellent condition--free of chips, cracks and repairs.

Czech 8 inch mottled fan vase


Ruba rombic smoky topaz 6 inch vase


Ballard #43 wide low biomorphic yellow


Raymor Bagni geometric cigarette box $75.00

Shown in the 1929 catalog reprint on page 32 of Jack Wilson's 1989 book, this is the #1119 2 5/8 inch tall tumbler shape of the whiskey or shot glass in the amethyst wash color. It was also sold as part of a six shot glass, decanter and tray shown on that same page as the 1162 decanter set. It is in excellent condition with a lighter application of the wash.  Philco Console Radio:  Model 38-9 in working condition   

Catalonian amethyst wash #1119 shot glas


Philco Console Radio: Model 38-9


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