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This black Vinyl Kima Gig Bag is from 2005 for a full sized guitar, padded with a pocket and room for tuner and music. This bag was gently used for a short time. It is in excellent condition, and it looks new. It has not been exposed to unpleasant odors or animals. Expand listing to view both photographs.  New Kima 8 inch Round Heavy Plastic Black Tambourine, in cellophane package with backing. The tambourine has 7 cymbal-type ringers. It is just the thing for playing rhythms, jams, rejoicing, and aiding in numerous styles of music and joyful noise. This was manufactured 2005. New old stock. Expand listing to view both photographs.   

Kima Guitar Gig Bag from 2005 $27.00


Kima Tambourine 2005 $20.00


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