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This is a 12 in. all cloth Farting Pootin' Tootin' Talking President Obama Doll by Big Mouth Toys who comes complete with batteries. Remove the cellophane strip, and he is ready to talk and let go of some wind. This is a sitting caricature version of President Obama with exaggerated ears. He is wearing a dark blue suit, white shirt, dark shoes, a red and white striped tie, and a USA flag on his collar. Pull his finger and Obama will let them the wisecracks rip while farting; he sometimes raps, cracks a joke, and often insults his adversaries, Republican and other. He is not exactly complimentary to Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden either. There are 21 different hilarious farting wise cracks from the President and Commander-in-Chief. This stuffed doll is amusing to both Democrats and Republicans and makes a great gag gift. The voice does sound like that of President Obama, whoever did the recording. New; mint. He does not come in a box; he comes in a cellophane bag. Note: these work very well, but talking control is above push button on one and below it on the other.  Talking President G. W. Bush Doll. This 12 inch vinyl action figure looks like and sounds like President George W. Bush did during his first term in office. He wearing a dark suit and red tie. He comes with three (3) 1.5 volt  batteries inside so that he speaks when an area of his back is pressed. He says 17 phrases from his first term in office. We include 3 extra batteries.


Some of his phrases are political, some are patriotic, and others show slips in English usage such as misuse of subliminal or 'Put food on your family.' A few sample phrases are  'Terrorism will not stand!',  and 'The presidency is more than an honor, it is more than an office, it is a charge to keep and I will give it my all.' 

He comes in a patriotic display box with the Presidential seal and notes on his life and background. Watch-type batteries can be replaced. We are including 3 unused batteries with each purchase. This is the first President G. W. Bush mold from 2002, not a later mold that started being marketed in 2004. New, and mint-in-the-box. Expand listing to view the 3 photographs.   

Big Mouth Cloth Pootin' Tootin' Presiden $25.00


Talking President G. W. Bush Doll / Action $45.00


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