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This particular glaze came in three color variations: Orange Peel, Lime Peel, and Lime Peel as well as two decorated variations known as Navajo Blue (Lime Peel glaze with blue squiggles) and Seminole Orange (Orange Peel glaze with blue squiggles), all created by the brilliant Alrun Osterberg Guest, this is an up-and-coming line. It was produced only in 1976-77.

Alrun Guest (1942-2012) came to Haeger Potteries in 1969 from Berlin Germany and worked there until at least 2010. I consider her in the ranks of Eva Zeisel, an incredibly talented designer and ceramic engineer. 

This Royal Haeger Orange Peel #4170X vase stands 13 inches high. It is one of the larger pieces in the line. 

Part of the 1976-1977 line offered by the Haeger Pottery Co, the full line can be seen on p. 170 of the David Dilley book. Condition is excellent -- no chips, cracks, nicks, flakes, stains or other damage / problems.

There is a paper label on the bottom of the vase from the Boylan-Pearce store of Raleigh, North Carolina. I believe that the original felt on bottom with impressed Haeger mark was removed by the store for them to place their store label on the base. The vase is in excellent condition

Add it to your Royal Haeger or Mid-century pottery collection today.  This particular glaze came in three color variations: Lime Decorated, Orange Decorated, and Blue Decorated. Created by the brilliant Alrun Osterberg Guest, this is an up-and-coming line. It was produced only in 1971-1972. Alrun Guest (1942-2012) came to Haeger Potteries in 1969 from Berlin Germany. I consider her in the ranks of Eva Zeisel, an incredibly talented designer and ceramic engineer. 

The shape is a standard Royal Haeger shape. It is the #4143 shape which stands 9 inches tall. Its original price was $6.00 as can be seen on page 151 of the David Dilley Haeger book where this line can be seen in a 1971 Haeger catalog.

Add it to our Royal Haeger or Mid-century pottery collection today.  This Royal Hickman fluted top Petty Crystal glaze vase stands 7 inches tall and features 8 flutes on the top rim.  It is in excellent condition. It is signed with an incised Royal Hickman U.S.A mark. It also still carries the original price in pencil:  $4.50 which was a rather expensive piece in the 1940s.

 This Royal Haeger gem is the creation of master ceramicist Bruchmann whose Etruscan line is reminiscent of the other 'volcanic' glazes found on Mid-Century lines. The body is a classical baluster shape. The glaze is a dark orange with some chocolate brown tones, with hues of gray as well. Glazed with a white glaze on the inside. Excellent condition. It is marked simply with the word Haeger incised and the C circle USA and the numbers 4064.  This glaze known to collectors as Etruscan Orange was to imitate the patina of unearthed Etruscan style pottery from Italy. The Etruscan Orange glaze was from 1966-1967 and can be seen in the Ed Blas book called The Royal Haeger Glazes on pages 151. This vase in excellent condition still carries the original gold foil Haeger label.

Add it to your Haeger or Mid-Century collection today.

Royal Haeger mid-century Orange Peel vas $125.00


Royal Haeger Lime Decorated Alrun Guest $100.00


Royal Hickman fluted top Petty Crystal g $60.00


Royal Haeger #4064 Etruscan Orange vase $45.00

This 13 inch long x 5 1/2 inch wide 7 rest tri-footed ashtray is a good example of the line created by Royal Haeger between 1954-1962 called Ebony Cascade.  The white, blue and green parts of the glaze pattern stand out beautifully on the ebony high gloss glaze background.  The boomerang shape of the Mid-Century Eames era would have been right at home and very stylish on a Paul McCobb Planner or Directional piece or a Heywood Wakefield Blond wood coffee table. 

It is in excellent condition and can be used for bonbons, olives, nuts for your retro vintage cocktail party.  It is signed on the bottom with the standard Royal Haeger U.S.A and SP 12.  Add it to your American Art Pottery collection today.  Here is yet another stunning Royal Hickman design, this time in sterling sliver or silverplate. It was made by a company in PA I think. The motifs of the line have a naturalistic leaf motif with beading on all pieces. This pair of serving pieces, the 12 1/2 inch spoon and 12 inch fork both have the bead detailing near the bottom of the handle. They are each signed with the three crown mark and the word Royal Hickman. They are in excellent condition and just need to be kept polished to insure years of enjoyment from this high quality Mid-Cen tury design from an important American Industrial icon, Royal Hickman.  Measuring 10 1/4 inches from one tip of the boomerang to the other, this Royal Haeger #107 has a classic Mid-Century or Googie shape: the boomerang. It was made only between 1959-1962 and was made in fewer than 10 different glazes.


This is the Lilac glaze, which is a lavander Agate glaze. It has five rests. There is some nicotine staining on the piece but not structural damage such as chips, cracks, flakes. I will leave  it to the new owner to soak the stains off.

Excellent condition overall. It  look stunning on a Noguchi coffee table or perhaps even a Danish Modern or Heywood-Wakefield blond piece.  


Color: Off white

Embossed Mark:

c. Haeger

3832 U.S.A.

Some minor manufactured imperfections

Royal Haeger ebony cascade SP12 ashtray $18.00


Royal Hickman 3 Crown mark serving set $80.00


Royal Haeger #107 boomerang ashtray $29.00


Haeger Rectangular Serving Dish $11.95

This Royal Haeger #107 Ebony Cascade 1954 ashtray has 5 rests and is fully signed on the bottom. Great chevron shape, talk about biomorphic or boomerang. This is it!. Part of the 'new' Cascade glazes Haeger debuted as part of their 1954 line.  Excellent condition. Would look stunning on a blond wood coffee table.  This is a striking vase designed by Royal Hickman and using a fabulous Frank Petty blue/purple crystaline glaze. The exact vase can be seen on Pg.208 of The House of Haeger 1914-1944 by Paradis. Excellent condition  Royal Haeger #R1166 wild chartreuse biomorphic box done in a great chartreuse agate glaze. Box measures 10' long x 6' wide and 3' tall. Top has a  Russel Wright type early pinch handle recessed into lid to lift cover. Just a really funky Mid Century piece.   

Haeger #107 11 $38.00


Royal Haeger / Hickman Petty Pegasus vase $175.00


Royal Haeger #R1166 wild chartreuse box. $18.00


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