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At Memory Lane

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At Memory Lane - Antiques, Vintage, & Collectibles.

At Memory Lane, everyone is entitled to a piece of the past. You will find antiques and vintage in my shop. I am a small seller, but have been selling online for about ten years. Currently, my stash includes old milk glass & collectible glass.

Tip of the Day - Upon receipt of your mailed antique and vintage glass, precaution should be taken to ensure that it is at room temperature before handling with bare hands. This will safeguard against surface and possible stress cracks!

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The Art of Chokin Plate.... 

Looney Tunes Warner Bros... 

2 Vintage Enesco... 

Antique Milk Glass McKee... 

Antique Transclucent... 

1985 Norman Rockwell... 

Antique Blue Milk Glass... 

Vintage Milk Glass... 

1995 Welchs Endangered... 

Antique Lavender Milk... 

Looney Tunes Porky Pig... 

4 Pc Vintage Measuring... 

Vtg The Art of Chokin... 

1978 Burger Chef... 

Antique Milk Glass... 

Antique Chinese Guyue... 

Antique Milk Glass... 

Vintage Blue Milk Glass... 

1984 McDonalds Olympic... 

Antique Blue Milk Glass... 
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Hi! I am MaryAnn. Thank you for visiting my shop. / I have been a collector all my life. I have been an online vintage seller for about ten years. I have come to a point in my life that I must either impart what I have accumulated with someone or it will simply end up in the nearest landfill. What a shame! / About 60% of the items you see in my little shop are items from my personal collections. The other 40% are items I simply enjoyed picking and having them pass thru my hands for the research and hunt value. / In my quest for information about my collections, I have over 175 glass reference books and over 50 glass periodicals that I refer to daily. In addition, I have another 50 reference books on other vintage and antiques. I currently belong to four different glass clubs. I guess, you might say, I am just a little bit obsessive. / When I say that everyone is entitled to a piece of the past. I mean that. It is not just a cute store slogan. I am dedicated to having a variety of items and a variety of prices in my shop. The only way that our history will be preserved is to get our young people connected and interested in collecting something - anything. We have a generation and a half that was brought up on cheaply made mass produced crap shoved down their throats so that they could buy more cheaply made mass produced crap. You can easily see why and how we lost a generation of collectors. I am passionate about trying to get this lost generation connected with vintage. / Collecting is suppose to be fun. Yea know, it is a hobby after all. In the end, no matter the price range and no matter the widget; it is a still a hobby. There is room for everyone in the collecting field - no matter what your personal tastes are or your wallet size. / I have been married to a wonderful man for many years. Heck! For as long as I have collected. I have two beautiful and audacious grandsons, a son who is on active duty in the military, the best daughter in law in the world, and a four legged friend that lives with us. In my spare time, I walk, bike ride, garden (a lot) and DO MORE COLLECTING. My hubby is retired Navy and I was in the Army from 1971 - 1979; I am a Viet Nam Era vet, but I was not in Viet Nam...I was in Okinawa. (I was a WAC, there is not many of us left.) / I am the President, Vice President, Board Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Marketing Analyst, Salesperson, Quality Control Technician, Packer, Shipper, Curator, Picker, Boss, and Peon of At Memory Lane. I enjoy every minute of it. /// And yes, Everyone is Entitled to a Piece of the Past!


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At Memory Lane
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