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Welcome to the TIAS Antiques and Collectibles Online Classified Ads. This is a great way for you to easily buy and sell antique and collectible items or related merchandise and services. Items listed in the classifieds are also listed in the TIAS search engine, Google Shipping and promoted in the TIAS Collectors newsletter.

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Spectacular Bronze Bust 

Time Was Antiques... 

Dishes from Dinnerware... 

Miniature dresser /... 

Music & Celebrity... 

Nifty pocket tape... 

Preserve Your Memories... 

Calvin Klein... 

MyStuff software from... 

Taj Mahal Cuff Links by... 

Lenox Moonspun (Dinner... 

Stanley Hagler Art Pin 

Cabinetmakers Wax Info: ... 

Treasured Sentiments... 

Lenox Columbia (Dinner... 

BRAND NEW BOOK - Dresden... 

Does your printer ink... 

Spring Gifts 


Hand Painted Cookie Jar 

Antique Clocks... 

Wedgwood Runnymede –... 

Royal Copenhagen... 

25% off orders $50 or... 

Antique Biscuit Jar 

Royal Worcester Coffee... 

Vintage China in Several... 


What does it cost to... 

Vintage swarovski loose... 

Where to find "New"... 

Collectibles Sale at... 

Crackle Glass... 

Florence Ceramics, A... 

Milk Pitcher w / Eskimo... 


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The TIAS Antiques and Collectibles Online Classified Ads
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