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This little boy just found an antique vase in his grandmother's cellar. She told him he could have it.

He thinks it's pretty.

His mom told him it is valuable.

Now he wants to sell it.

He needs a quick, cheap, easy way to get it sold. The TIAS Exchange is his answer.

It's not an auction.

It's not an online store.

It's a simple, inexpensive new way to sell antiques & collectibles and it works.

His vase is going to get listed for a month in the TIAS Exchange with 4 photos and a 90-word description.

It will also be listed for a month in the search engine at TIAS gets around 175,000 individual collectors each day looking for antiques & collectibles.

An ad for his vase will also appear in The Collectors Newsletter which has over 250,000 online subscribers. He also gets 1 month in Yahoo! classifieds. as well as

The TIAS Exchange works. Our sellers make sales. Isn't this what you want too?

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Take a look at what sellers are saying....

Wow! That piece sold quick! I'm going to have to start using these ads. - Eileen

I am pleased to say that I sold my plate!!! So you no longer need to run my ad. Thank you so much for your Great Newsletter!!! - Regina M Turner

(Repeat Advertiser) It only took 7 days. The ad was well worth the money. - Pat

I have received many emails.The response has been great! There are some nice people out there. - Diane

I am quite happy with the response to my "wanted" ad and I plan to renew it. - Best, Nancy

I've had several responses to the ad. I'd say I was pleased with the initial response. - Ru

We are very, very pleased. - Owen Fabert, International Resource Seekers

The ad produced a bonus month! - Robert Stephan, Jr.

I definitely feel well cared for and would certainly use one of your ads again. - Ellen

The ad was a big help. I was contacted by several people to help. The biggest help was the President of the Bell Association. In his e-mail he stated who he was and also that he was the #1 bell authority. He said that it didn't matter what picture was on the bell or what it played they were all worth $25. I sent it to the insurance company and after over a year of fighting with them they accepted his letter and paid us. - Sincerely Gayle Valenzuela

Traffic has definitely increased, so I'm happy. I will certainly use this service again! Thanks - Michael

I am thrilled that this sold and will definitely use TIAS again, as well as recommend it to others. Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it! Cheers, - Kalli

Thanks for your help with the new ad photos. I wanted to write you immediately since I have two orders on the computer today. The ad is working! - Callista

I am really impressed with the service you have provided. - Elaine

My ad is doing a great job, I've had a big response & having a lot of fun. Thank You,- Louise

I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with the response from your ad. That's the most response I have ever had from a new ad. Thanks- Joe Bodnar

I appear to have found all the Flirtation dishes I can handle, thanks to you and TIAS~! You are SUPER and if I get obsessed with anything else, TIAS is the first place I will go to advertise... Thanks again for everything!!!!!-Blessings, Suzy Pence >^,,^<

Wow got the pitcher and cups sold. Pull my ad as soon as possible. Bravo Bravo! You done it again! - Kind regards, Hope in Abilene (Repeat advertiser)

I am quite impressed with the way it looks. I could not have done so well anywhere else I am sure. I have had several responses - Theresa

TIAS Classified Ads provide me a low cost and quick way to present products to the vast TIAS community - and beyond, thanks to the powerful indexing. And I'm getting great results! Sure, I'll do another month! We keep getting results from advertising in TIAS- Paul Martinez

I am pretty happy. I think I'd like to run it again. - Teresa

We are very pleased with the ad. It has been a busy couple of weeks for me. I definately what to continue for the coming months.- Dave Engel


Hi, Just to let you know the Van Briggle candleholders sold in 4 days with the classified. That's great! - Pat

I am 100% delighted with your ad service. I have sold everything I have plus more! Your ads do work and I have met some really nice people through your advertising. I have 3 more new ads I will be placing over the weekend! Love your website! -Best regards, Hope

I have had many inquiries, it is very successful -John

The ad got lots of response. I am very pleased with Tias -thanks, Lynda

The prices can't be beat! I would recommend the Tias classifieds to ANYONE looking to sell goods or services or anyone searching for that hard to find item. -Susie Burkett

Fantastic customer service, they went out of their way to help my sell my Life magazines. -Chris Palmer

(Ad Placed 1-05-02, comment sent 1-08-02) So far I have had 7 people respond! That's fantastic. And I had 2 more responses overnight! - Diane

When you were running the classified for me I sold those items right away! I had never run a classified before that and I not only sold those items but sold twice as much in my store during those weeks because it brought people to my site.- Julie

I started getting inquiries the very first day- and was surprised, thinking that no one would be interested in doing this. - Carol

The classifieds worked great for me. I had one item sell immediately, and two other customers requested to be notified if that sale fell through. For another item, the customer asked if I had related items for sale. I sold several items to that customer. Both sales happened in less than a week after the newsletter that my classifieds were in went out. - Elaine

I have been getting a lot of inquiries... As I place classifieds and specials on Tias I have gotten more results. I sure do not have any negative comments. Your support and service are amazing. - Audrey

I do think the ad(s) definitely helped!- Victoria

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