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War Date Document Signed

(1831-99) On October 14, 1861 he mustered into service as colonel of the 51st New York Infantry, a regiment which he commanded in Burnside's North Carolina expedition. At Second Bull Run, Antietam and Fredericksburg, he was in charge of a brigade of the 9th Corps. He served in the Vicksburg and Knoxville campaigns and returned east to command the newly organized colored division of the 9th Corps. At the celebrated battle of The Crater on July 30, 1864, Ferrero's men were supposed to follow Ledlie's forces in the assault on the Rebel lines after the explosion, but they were caught in the huge excavation and the whole affair became a dismal failure with 3,800 men becoming casualties.

War Date Document Signed:

3 pages, 7 3/4 x 9 3/4, in ink.

Proceedings of a Board of Survey, convened at Rutledge, Tenn., pursuant to the following order, viz:

Head Quarters, 1st Divis., 9th A.C.
Rutledge, Tenn.
Dec. 11, 1863

Special Order
No. 207

The following named officers are appointed as a Board of Survey to examine into the condition of a lot of Subsistence Stores just arrived by trains at this place and reported by Lieut. J. Justice, A.C.S. to be in a damaged condition and unfit for issue.

Maj. E.A. Kelsey- 45th Penna. Vols.
Maj. Chas. Chipman- 29th Mass. Vols.
Capt. C.B. Grant- 20th Mich. Vols.

They will make a report in writing to these Head Quarters

By order of
Brig. Genl. Ferrero
Geo. A. Hicks

The Board met pursuant to the above order….and proceeded to examine into the following deficiency of stores as reported by Lieut. J. Justice, A.C.S. (lists stores and amounts)….After a careful examination of the facts as shown by evidence the Board are of the opinion that a deficit of (lists stores and amounts) exists, and are farther of opinion, that this deficit occurred on the road from Crab Orchard, Ky., to Rutledge, Tenn., by reason of the packages being unfit to sustain the jolting on such a rough and long journey; the roads being in very bad condition at this season of the year; the train left Crab Orchard, Ky., on the 3d November and came by way of London, Ky., and Big Creek Gap, towards London, Tenn., but receiving word of the retrograde movement of this Division, to avoid falling into the hands of the enemy, they went back towards Cumberland Gap, waiting there until the road to Knoxville was again safe; when they came to Rutledge, via Knoxville road, arriving on 13th December, having been 40 days on the way; that at Sunday times on the road they were met or overtaken by detachments of our own troops in a destitute condition, without food; that these detachments from their numerical force giving them the power to do so, took from said train such articles of subsistence as they required, without giving any proper evidence of said appropriation, except the memoranda enclosed, marked No. 1 to 7, and others who gave no memorandum at all. A.W. Kimball, 36th Mass. Vols., Commissary Clerk, 1st Division, states under oath, "That seventeen or eighteen wagons were over turned between Crab Orchard, Ky., and this place; the train traveled 300 miles, the roads were in very bad condition; a great many packages were broken when the wagons were overturned; the barrels of salt had no heads when started, and consequently the most of the salt was lost; while at Cumberland Gap, nine boxes of hard bread were stolen by convalescent soldiers; many boxes of bread were not properly packed, that the train left Crab Orchard, Ky., Nov. 3d, arriving here, Dec. 13th.

The Board are of the opinion that these causes, as ascertained from inspection of the packages on their arrival (which were in very bad condition), and from the examination of said A.W. Kimball, account for the deficit- and the Board while attaching some blame to the wagon master, Alfred Clay, 50th Penna. Vols., and to the commissary clerk, A.W. Kimball, 36th Mass. Vols. For allowing the barrels of salt to be placed in the fore and aft parts of the wagons within easy reach of the mules, attach no blame to Lieut. J. Justice, A.C.S.

E.A. Kelsey- Major 45th Penna. Vols.
Chas. Chipman- Major 29th Mass. Vols.
C.B. Floyd- Captain 20th Mich. Vols.

Edw. Ferrero
Brig. Genl. Comdg.

Docket on the reverse:

Proceedings of a Board of Survey on Subsistence Stores, December 13, 1863. Lieut. J. Justice, 100th Penna. Vols., A.C.S., 1st Div.

Very fine.

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