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Ohio Tool Collectors Association
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Ohio's organization of Tool Collectors, Historians, Craftspeople, Educators, Preservationists.
Ohio Tool Collectors Association (OTCA) is a regional organization. It was founded in 1974. Its purpose is the preservation, study and understanding of early American industry tools, implements, and devices of the farm, home industry and shops of the pioneers. Also the study the crafts in which these objects were used and the craftsman who used them. And to share the knowledge and understanding with others, especially where it benefits restorations, museums and like institutions.

Ohio Tool Collectors Association meetings are held four times each year at various locations around the state of Ohio. The meets are often held at a historical site or local or state museum having tools and artifacts of interest to collectors. During these meetings, members can attend presentations and increase their understanding about early American trades, tools and techniques. Also members will put together displays or presentations featuring a special portion of their own collections, often rivaling museum diplays. These are the highlights of the meetings, and all members are encouraged to participate. All members are encouraged to bring tradings and sale items and tools for barter, exchange or just for showing off. Tables are provided, with registration, free at the meeting locations.
New members are encouraged to attend a meeting or if interested in joining simply email the address listed below for a registration form to be emailed back to you, for your review or select the links below.

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