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This directory lists over 2300 clubs related to Antiques and Collectibles
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Devil's Rope Museum
Publications: Devil's Rope Museum/Route 66 Museum Newsletter
Contact: Curator
100 Kingsley St. Box 290
McLean, TX 79057 US

Largest antique barbed wire and fencing tool museum in the world. Old Texas Route 66 Museum also. Devils Rope Barbed Wire Museum WHERE IS THE MUSEUM LOCATED? In McLean, Texas, 75 miles east of Amarillo, on I-40 & Old Route 66. Take Exits 141, 142, & 143 to "The Heart Of Old Route 66" at 100 Kingsley Street. WHAT IS THE MUSEUM'S PURPOSE? Officially chartered in 1991 as The Historical Museum Of Barbed Wire and Fencing Tools, the organization is a 501 (a) (1), tax exempt, non-profit entity dedicated to preserving the history and artifacts of barbed wire. WHAT DOES THE MUSEUM COMPLEX CONTAIN? Housed in a 12,000 square foot, completely renovated, former brassier factory, the complex contains The Devil's Rope Museum, The Texas Old Route 66 Museum, The Western Heritage Community Room, The Hagemeier Library, and the Museum Mercantile, a large souvenir store. WHO MAINTAINS THE DEVIL'S ROPE MUSEUM? The museum was created, renovated, filled, and is maintained by barbed wire collectors from the United States, Australia, and Canada. WHAT ARE THE VISITING HOURS? From 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.- Tuesday through Saturday. Winter hours may vary because of inclement weather. For more information and requests for groups and tours, call (806)779-2225, or E-mail to barbwiremuseum@centramedia.net. Write to Box 290, McLean, TX 79057. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE MAJOR EXHIBITS? The major focus of The Devil's Rope Museum is on barbed wire related items. Numerous exhibits show thousands of wire specimens both common and rare. Other exhibits feature tools and devices used in fence construction and maintenance. Exhibit favorites vary with visitor interests. The Kansas Limestone Rock Quarry is unusual showing the tools and procedures used in cutting rock posts for fence use. Military collectors enjoy the Warwire Exhibit showing the vicious wires, military issue tools, and rare photographs taken from the history of entanglement wire used in warfare. Everyone enjoys seeing the "making a barbed wire" demonstration. The "Fence Maker Devices" are thought to be the largest such collection in the world. Also included is a Check-row Planter and a large display of Planter Wires and related tools. The decorative wrought iron fencing display catches the eye of many visitors. THE OLD WEST AT ITS BEST "Barbed wire and windmills tamed the west. Barbed wire gave us control of the land, and windmills made it habitable." Barbed wire and the Old West go together like hand and glove. Check out the Ranching Displays showing walls of famous ranch history, brands, photographs, and large ranch locations. Study the "Evolution Of The American Cowboy" exhibit, tracing this fabled character from the Spanish Conquistadors to the modern day ranch cowboy. Twenty-eight pen & ink illustrations portray his journey starting in the 1500's to the present. See the brands of the first New World ranchers, the Spanish Missions, brands of the great Spanish Land Grants, and the road brands of the trail drive herds. Learn the development of cowboy tools in the "100 Years Of Cowboy Tools" exhibit. Learn the "Brands Of Famous People" who were livestock owners. For the artistic minded, 45 sculptures, many silhouettes, and other art items made from antique barbed wire are presented for your pleasure. There are 58 wonderful pen & ink illustrations by famed western artist Al Martin Napoletano, and over 100 photographs with fence themes. WHAT ABOUT THE TEXAS ROUTE 66 MUSEUM? The Texas Old Route 66 Association organized in 1990 at the same time the Devil's Rope Museum was born. Since the complex was located on Historic Route 66, we decided to join together for economic and operational reasons. The Texas Route 66 Museum features over 700 artifacts from the famous Route 66. Included are road signs, advertising souvenirs, tourism history, a "Greasy Spoon Cafe" ready for your families' video use, the huge snake from the Regal Reptile Ranch, and the Texas Route 66 Hall of Fame. Don't forget to visit the Gallery, the Video Theater, and the Museum Mercantile. We promise it will be a great stop on your next trip.

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