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The TIAS Exchange Classified Ad Additional Information and Guidelines

The TIAS Exchange classified advertising spots can contain from 60 to 90 words and four photos. (Website URL, email address, phone number and address do not count against your total word limit.) The email address and web URLs will be clickable links on your ad so that users can contact you directly and visit your website if they choose to do so. An email address to a valid email account listed on your ad is manditory. Newsletter ads will appear in the Collectors Newsletter, which is currently distributed to over 250,000 subscribers (as of May 23). The Newsletter ad costs $25.00. Our standard classified ad and the wanted ad are each $10.00. All ads run for 30 days in the TIAS Exchange. If you wish to run a spot annually, or semi annually please contact us at tiasexchange@tias.com

The title of your ad will be in BOLD and the first 25 characters of the title will be listed in the showcase section along with one image. If you haven't included at least one image with your ad, your item will not be featured in the TIAS.com showcase, but still will appear in the TIAS.com search engine provided that it has a price. Both ads, with and without images will be listed in the TIAS.com search engines the day following placement in The TIAS Exchange classifieds. When submitting your ad you will need to specify the most appropriate category for your item. Your ad must have a price listed unless it is a "Wanted To Buy Ad. If the price is negotiable, then state a price and in the description add that it is negotiable. If you are unsure of a value of the item(s) please see the section "How much is it worth?" for additional resources and information.

Your ad will also be listed in many other areas of the Internet through the various other directories that crawl the TIAS.com site. If your ad is for a show or event listing, please state the price of admission on the form when submitting your ad.

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The TIAS Exchange Classified Ad Policies And Restrictions

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How To Submit A TIAS Exchange Classified Ad

After reading the above information, to post an ad just click here!

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What About The Photos For My Ad?

Keep in mind that great photos help sell your items. All pictures must be in electronic format. We have helpful info on taking pictures here so that you can then upload them with your ad. If you are placing a "Wanted to Buy" ad, you may list a picture of the item that you are looking for.

If you do not have access to a digital camera or scanner you can take "hard copy" photos of your items and many photo labs can put the images on a computer disk as well for a very small fee. (photo shops run approx.$10-$20 to develop a roll of 24 exposures and also put the images on a floppy disk or a CD that can then be used in your ad) Another option that you have is to take your photographs to a copy shop to have them scanned and stored on disk for about $10 per scan.

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Tips On How To Place An Ad That Gets Great Results!

Taking a few extra minutes to write a good description for your ad can really pay off in the end. Take the time to measure your item (if dimensions would be relevant to the buyer), note any imperfections, and list a weight if that will be a factor for shipping costs. Including this information will help to eliminate unnecessary questions about the items during the time that your ad is running. We have compiled for you some wonderful documentation on how to write good descriptions, and have also set up a page for information on taking great photos of your items. Good descriptions and great photos sell items! See the documentation for Writing good Descriptions and also on how to take good images, you won't regret that you did!

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Sponsoring The TIAS.com Antiques & Collectibles Newsletter

Sponsorship in the newsletter gets your message out to over 250,000 folks at the low cost of about $1 per 1000 subscribers. You must purchase the entire subscriber list. More information on advertising options is available here.

Once you supply the text and desired publication dates via email, we will create a secure link for you to fill in billing and credit card information and email it back to you. Once the order is completed, we will then process your text for the requested publication date.

The newsletter goes out two times each week, generally Tuesday and Friday.

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Setting Up An Online Shop At TIAS.com

Our MakeAShop system is an automated web store. You can upload as much merchandise to your web store as you wish, including pictures and text. You can add and delete merchandise as often as you like. If you are selling only through auction, there is no minimum required stocking level. To establish and maintain a fixed-price store, we will require you to keep a minimum of 25 items with pictures in your online shop. The items must have a total retail value of at least $1,200 US.

Our easy-to-use online store building system has no setup fee. There is no long-term contract for our service. We offer a 2-month trial during which there is no minimum payment. Your first two monthly invoices will reflect only commissions due on sales. If, after the first two billing cycles, your total sales for one month on TIAS result in a monthly commission fee paid to TIAS that is less than $29.95, you will be required to pay TIAS a minimum monthly fee of $29.95. If your total sales for one month on TIAS result in a monthly commission fee paid to TIAS that is greater than $29.95, you pay just the commission that is due. No other additional fees will apply. We only charge a 10% commission on those items that you do sell through MakeAShop OR 2% on those items sold at Auction. Learn More Here!

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"How Much Is It Worth?"

Although TIAS.com doesn't do research for information or prices of items, some of the information below may be of help to you.

Your best bet would probably be to contact a dealer/appraiser in your area. There are also many good general reference guides at your local library and/or bookshop that may be of some help.

Kovels now has their price guides online. Please see: The Kovels Website and sign up for a free account today!

In looking for the value of a particular item, many people use the TIAS.com search engine as a price guide. Over 340,000 items, most of them with pictures are listed. Take a look!

Also, another good source to check into is the TIAS.com Resource Page which has mailing lists and resources.

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What About Payment and Shipping?

1. Process the payment before shipping the item. Make sure that check clears before shipping the item. If you are accepting credit card payments from overseas, make sure that it is a valid credit card number first, by checking with the bank. If there is any question about the validity of the credit card request a money order or a bank check in U.S. Dollars. Make sure that the payment clears before shipping the item. If you don't have a business and a merchant account to accept credit cards there are many online payment services such as www.paypal.com that you can set up an account through as well as only accepting checks and money orders.

2. Shipping cost is usually paid by the buyer. Make sure that the buyer and the seller agree on the shipping cost before the item is purchased. This cost should include postal insurance (see below).

3. A good source of used boxes for shipping, is your local bookstore. Make sure that addresses on used shipping boxes are crossed out or covered over.

4. Double box fragile items. In the example of a glass vase, wrap it in bubble wrap, place it in a box stuffed with paper or packing "popcorn", so that it can't rattle, then place that box into a larger box that also has 3-4 inches of packing material (foam popcorn or newspaper etc.) padding material between the two boxes. Place an extra shipping label inside the second box and close it up.

At one time the postal service had instructions on packing fragile items. The shipper might want to check with their local post office for more information on these brochures.

5. The ship To address needs to appear on the outside of the box in clear lettering. A smaller "from" address should appear on the box as well.

6. Prior to shipping insure the item for the retail value of the piece. This can be done at the post office. Customer should pay this additional cost. If the item breaks, the cost is then recovered from the postal service. This small cost, keeps many argument and fights from happening.

7. For large heavy items there are many shipping services that deal specifically with large and heavy items. If you are trying to sell an item such as this make sure to include dimensions of the item as well as your zip code in your ad so that the buyer will have easy access in knowing the information if he wants to contact a shipping service such as www.cratersandfreighters.com for the costs.

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