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Click to view Vintage Unsigned Costume Jewelry Pins, Necklaces & Bracelets
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Order Policies
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Policies and FAQ

PRICING: Please note that all prices are in U.S. dollars. For international customers, credit card payments via PayPal are highly recommended. Otherwise, payment must be made in an instrument in U.S. dollars, such as a U.S. postal money order or a check written on a U.S. bank account. . Shipping and handling are not included.


ORDER PROCESSING POLICY: After you submit your order, you will receive a computer-generated confirmation that your order was placed. If there are extra shipping, handling or other charges for your order, we will let you know the amount when the order is confirmed.
  • If you are paying by check or money order, your order will be held for seven (7) days. If payment is not received within that time, the hold will be removed from the item(s) and they will be returned to stock.
  • If payment is made by check, we will hold the item for you for an additional 10 to 15 days until our bank clears your check. Current applicable fees will be charged in cases of bounced checks.
  • Item(s) paid for by money order are shipped most often next day on weekdays (once the PayPal authorization to ship or money order is received). When that is occasionally not possible, we guarantee shipment on weekdays within 3-5 days.
  • If you are using our option for a payment service, your order will be shipped most often next day on weekdays (once the PayPal authorization to ship or money order is received). When that is occasionally not possible, we guarantee shipment on weekdays within 3-5 days.
MEDIA MAIL CAN ONLY BE USED WITH CERTAIN ITEMS: An automated calculated shipping option is being provided for U.S.P.S. Media Mail, which is a reduced cost shipping method available ONLY for shipping books, CDs, videos, DVDs & similar items. Media Mail can't be used for comic books due to the advertising that many include. Please only choose the Media Mail shipping option if we are shipping you only those permitted items. We can not ship via that method if your order includes anything else per the U.S.P.S. If you select Media Mail with any other types of items we will have to contact you to change the shipping utilized which will effect the shipping cost and delay your order.

MULTIPLE ITEMS: If your order includes more than one item, we recommend you contact us via e-mail before placing the order. The automated shipping calculation used here assumes every item is being shipped separately at a full cost for each item. We may be able to save you money on the shipping, since combining multiple items in one package often reduces the shipping costs. Given the wide variety of items we sell, we can not accurately accommodate all potential item combinations within an automated shipping calculation method in order to ensure that the proper weights and packaging generating the best shipping cost for you will appear here (sorry, we are a small business and don't have that kind of computer sophistication). However, if you e-mail us first before placing the order, we will pack up your items in one box (if possible) to be able to provide a better shipping cost that could save you money.

POSTAL INSURANCE: Automated calculation of shipping options is being provided both with and without postal insurance. U.S.P.S. Priority Mail now comes with automatic postal insurance for items with a purchase cost of up to $50.00, so you do not need to pay for postal insurance if shipping by Priority Mail unless your item has a purchase price over $50.00. In that case, and with the other shipping options, it is your choice whether to insure the item. We pack very carefully and usually there are no shipping problems (99%+ of the packages arrive as promised in excellent condition). However, we can not control nor predict what happens once we turn your package over to the post office for shipping, whether things will get damaged in transit or not arrive at all. So please understand that if you choose not to pay for postal insurance (unless as stated prior with $50.00 and under items shipped via Priority Mail), we can not reimburse you if the item arrives damaged or gets lost in shipping and does not arrive at all. Paying for postal insurance is particularly recommended for the shipping of breakable items (such as china or glass) or items with a purchase value of $15-20 dollars and higher. The postal insurance cost being provided here is calculated by the U.S.P.S. based on the purchase price of the item.

SHIPPING TIMING: The payment method you choose will effect how quickly we can ship to you. We accept payment via PayPal online (our credit card method) or personal checks and money orders mailed to us. We ship only on weekdays and try to provide next day shipping for items paid via PayPal or money order, once we have received the cleared PayPal notice of payment or received the money order. Items paid for via personal check will ship once the check has cleared. Every attempt will be made to provide next day shipping on weekdays and 95%+ of the time we do next day shipping...but sometimes that is not possible. So we guarantee to ship your order on weekdays within 3-5 days after receipt of your money order or the cleared PayPal payment notification. Please note that PayPal payments processed via credit card (we don't see the numbers) or via withdrawals from your PayPal account (should you have funds there) process & clear immediately allowing the quickest shipping. PayPal payments via e-check or withdrawals from a linked bank account take a few days to clear and will therefore delay shipping until we have received PayPal's clearance notice.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: International shipments are welcome and will be made via the U.S. Postal Service, with cost options individually provided after your order has been received. We are a small business and can not accurately automate the calculation of the shipping cost due to the varying rules for international shipping. Your exact item(s) ordered will be packed, with the package taken to our local U.S. Post Office for determination of exact fees and shipping options.


SALES TAX: Sales tax will be charged for items shipped to Pennsylvania addresses unless a valid dealer resale number is provided and the appropriate state form is signed. The 6% PA state sales tax is calculated on the total of the purchase price plus all shipping costs (postage, insurance if taken & packing materials), as per Pennsylvania law.


OUR SHIPPING POLICY: Most items will be shipped by USPS-FirstClassParcel. We may elect to ship by some other carrier and will notify you if that is the case. All orders shipped to addresses outside of the U.S. will be shipped by U.S. Postal Service or UPS.


OUR RETURN POLICY: We're certain you'll be happy with your merchandise. We take extra care to fully describe our items, including any flaws. If you have any questions about the item(s) you are ordering, please use our question form to ask us about the item before placing your order.

If that rare occasion arises where you feel you must return an item, please contact us for return instructions within three (3) days (by phone or email) of receipt of your item(s). Upon our receipt and inspection of the returned item(s), we will issue a refund for your item(s) if returned in the same condition as it was when it was sent to you excluding any shipping/insurance costs for which you were responsible. Buyer is responsible for return shipping/insurance costs, which will not be reimbursed for any reason. Returned merchandise must be received by us within seven (7) days of the date from which you contact us regarding the return.


OUR RESTOCKING POLICY: We do not charge restocking fees.


OUR DAMAGE POLICY: We take extra precautions to pack our orders to prevent damage and breakage. If, despite our efforts, your order does arrive damaged, you must work with the carrier (UPS, Postal Service, etc) to file the claim. They will normally want to see the entire order (all contents and all original packing material). They will send the claim to us for processing. Do not repack and do not return the damaged items to us unless you are instructed to do so. This will void the insurance and we will not be able to give you a refund.


General Information All items in very good to excellent condition unless noted otherwise. Priced "each" unless noted as a set or pair. Items subject to prior sale. Posted purchase price does not include postage/shipping, insurance (optional, minimal level included automatically with U.S.P.S. Priority Mail) & packing materials costs. We would be pleased to combine purchases of multiple items to save you money on shipping if possible, with combined postage quotes provided on an individual basis, please contact us prior to inputting order. Since we buy our bubble wrap and plastic peanuts new, there may be a small packing materials fee depending on the amount used and size of package (fee is larger for very large packages, or large packages with multiple items). If you wish to e-mail with a purchase inquiry, please use the 'question' button to e-mail us. Once an order is placed, item(s) are put on hold awaiting payment. Items will be held for 7 days unless other arrangements have been made. If payment not received by that time, items will be returned to inventory.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. Return same items in same condition as shipped. E-mail for prior approval and return item within 7 days of receipt. Refunds will be made for purchase price plus original shipping and handling charges. Shipping & insurance cost to return items is not refundable.

Please Note for International Orders Only: There is a minimum purchase requirement of $10.00 (selling price before shipping) for international orders only. This can be met either through the purchase of one item or by purchasing multiple lower priced items. This minimum has been established due to higher PayPal fees (which add a currency conversion fee for international orders) and extra time spent in handling, shipping and communication. There is no minimum purchase requirement for items shipped to U.S.A. addresses.


Thank you for shopping at Avis Yuni Antiques & Collectibles!


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