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Story from a reader
From The Collectors Newsletter #472 November 2006 (06-29-2007)

I thought I would add to the collection page with my stories. As a young adult, I had received a pair of salt and pepper shakers for a gift and that gesture started my collection of some wonderful and rare sets. I collected them for approximately twenty years. I had them carefully wrapped in this big, old cardboard box and I can't even guess how many times that box moved with me. It finally came to rest in a storage unit for a few years. Periodically, I would bring the box home with me, sit on the floor, and go through each and every one of the salt and pepper sets with nostalgia. About a year ago, I again was in a salt and pepper mood and I had planned on going to my storage and rescuing the box to savor the contents. But something came up that day and I thought I would just do it the next day. Well, I should have listened to my heart because during that night, someone broke into the storage unit and one of the items they took was that big, old cardboard box with all of my lovely treasures. I never did find any evidence of what happened to the collection. I have never gotten over it but I do hope that someone is enjoying them as much as I did. My present collection started with a bottle of Marilyn Merlot wine and you can guess the rest of the story. I now have a very large collection of Marilyn Monroe and I keep it close. Diane


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