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Story from a reader
From The Collectors Newsletter #512 -- April 2007 (04-05-2007)

I have a story to tell. I remember my Grandparents who lived in the Country, and were very country type people. My grandfather was a Junk Man, just like the TV Comedy Sanford and Son. Honestly, I remember having to go there and visit with my mother. My grandparents lived in a house that my grandfather built. The house was surrounded by many acres of land, and it did have a paved road going by the house.

The good times I remember were, when I could go out and play with all that Stuff. By today's standards it was good stuff, but back then to a small girl, it was just Junk. I remember my mother having these secret talks with my grandmother, then she would grab a shovel and we would head to the barn. These were the days when my mother told me she was going to take me shopping. She would appear with these glass jars filled my paper money. My mother was not to tell, even her brothers, my mother was the only girl in the family. Eventually I realized the money was buried in different places on the property and especially in the barns. Even today, when I see a Barn I think of going shopping.

My grandfather had his home brewed spirits and he would make deals on his Junk and decide that since he did not like Banks he would just safely bury the money. The house did not have indoor plumbing and they used these old pots inside. I also remember that one day we went to visit and found out that there had been a fire in the Chimney, and my Grandfather put it out by throwing the contents of one of the pots up the Chimney. At least the house did not burn down. Just left these huge stains on the walls.

I also realized that I wanted to be like other kids and go to department stores and buy furniture, no way, we went to the Barn. Packed from floor to ceiling with some of the biggest bedding, posts ,dressers, you name it. But you see I wanted new stuff. Boy what I would give to see some of that stuff today. Of course the Grandparents have been gone for a long time. Would you believe that I fell in love with old stuff, and Antiques and Collectable's, and for awhile I had my own business. I guess it was in my blood.

Through the years the property was held by a cousin who was of the farming type. I do not know what happened to him, but the county township now owns the property. Just last week my older sister who lives near this country town, emailed me a funny story. She said she saw a news article in the local paper , about a piece of property which had been now owned by the county. Evidently the previous owner had allowed the collection of Stuff, junk debris whatever, and it now became an eyesore. My sister gasped with almost disbelief and said, oh my goodness that is my Grand pop's property. She immediately showed her husband and told him to hush and to not dare tell anyone that this was her Grand pop's property. She did not want anyone to think that her family could have ever left such a heap of junk or clutter on the property. I laughed so hard because I could just picture my sister feeling so embarrassed, and denying that property was ever part of our family history. Some day I will go back and visit my sister and I will drive out to that site and if by then it is all cleaned up, I will close my eyes and remember what it looked like when I was 8. Judi C. from Florida.


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