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Found 2742 items that match the term 'animal figurine' (refine your results):
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Dachshund Dog Composite Figurine green felt bottom shows wear 3 inches tall
Dachshund Dog Composite Figurine
Heavy porcelain hen figurine. Unknown maker. Has a short tight hairline at the front base due to<BR>how it curves. Stands 6 7/8" tall by 5 7/8" long. Has a luster sheen to it.<BR>
Vintage Large Hen Figurine
Lovely old rooster figurine from Homco, #1446. He is in excellent condition and looking for the<BR>hen he seems to be without. Maybe you have her?  He stands proudly 6 1/4" tall with his chest<BR...
Homco Large Rooster Figurine
White Porcelain Cat Figurine from Birmingham England. The Cat has the Birminghan City Coat of Arms on his chest. He is 4 1/4 inches tall, and is in very good condition with no chips.
Porcelain Cat Figurine Birmingham England
Small vintage dog with bone figurine. Well made, cute! . Not sure who made it. It is pottery and stands 3.25 tall x 4.25 long. He has all over crazing and some spidering on underside. My guess is eith...
Small Vintage Dog Figurine
For sale is a miniature metal cat figurine. Perfect size for a vintage printer's box! Not sure if he is brass or pot metal, (has a brass finish with some small flakes off finish), but interior looks l...
Miniature Metal Cat Figurine
Artist signed Eagle figurine. Very well made porcelain figurine. Signed: Theo. Bottom has an incised mark but all I can make out is the word: xxxxxx Mold. This looks like studio art; not an amateur ar...
Artist Signed Eagle Figurine
Cool vintage life size Chihuahua dog figurine. Cute as can be! Actually, a bit larger than my real chi-chi dogs, but mine are tiny. This dog is 12 inches tall in the seated position. It is made of som...
Chihuahua Vintage Dog Figurine
Three vintage poodle figurines. First is the black poodle with foil label: Fine Quality 'A' Japan; the A might stand for Ardalt. This poodle is 6.5 long x 4 tall. Very detailed tail, ears, paws, (dres...
Poodle Figurines Vintage Trio
such a cute little kitten! Gray striped tabby cat with brown highlights. Has one paw raised. Next<BR>to a planter of dish it looks so cute! It has all over fine crazing but otherwise excellent conditi...
Adorable Kitten Figurine Paw Raised
Set of 4 lovely porcelain figurines by Lenox China. We have 2 elephants each standing 2 " tall by 2 " wide. A swan that is 2 3/8" tall by 3" long and lastly a jumping dolphin tha...
4 Lenox China Animal Figurines
Cute pottery frog. Has a foil sticker: American Made, Roseville, Ohio. It doesn't look very old, not sure which company made it in Roseville, Ohio. Nicely made, good condition. It is 3.5 tall x 5 long...
Frog Figurine
Set of three ceramic figurines of bears at play. they are<BR>beautifully made, in excellent condition, and measure approximately 2 by<BR>2 inches each, but have no date or manufacturer's markings. Cli...
Three Bears Playing Figurines
Berry Hill figurine of a bear standing by a flowered gate,<BR>beautifully made, in excellent condition, and measures approximately four by<BR>three inches, and dated 1997. Click on the other photos fo...
Berry Hill bear figurine
Cornerstone Creations figurine of a bear sitting on a book,<BR>beautifully made, in excellent condition, and measures approximately three<BR>by three inches, and dated 2000. Click on the other photos ...
Cornerstone Creations bear figurine
Lenox Porcelain Reclining Cat 5 1/4 Inches wide 2 1/2 inches tall Gold Bow painted on his back Green/Turquoise spots in great condition no chips
Lenox Cat Figurine Porcelain 1992 Reclining
Unknown maker of this elephant figurine. Excellent condition. Stands 5 3/4" tall<BR>
Elephant Figurine
Vintage Ceramic Lassie Collie Dog Figurine 60s 70s. No chips, No cracks nor no crazing. Does have tiny dot size paint flicks on ear. This dog was very well made and painted. Beautiful. Length 10 1/2 i...
Vintage Ceramic Lassie Collie Dog Figurine 60s 70s
Unique figurine of a ceramic glazed bear which seems to be a napkin or card holder, beautifully made, in<BR>excellent condition, and measures approximately three by four inches, with no<BR>date or man...
Bear ceramic napkin holder figurine
Elephant Figurines Mother and Child Set, gray/brown color, Glass, Porcelain,  Mother is 5" by 3.5" and baby is 3" by 2.5". Very good condition, very cute. Price is for set.
Elephant Figurines Mother and Baby Set
Large Bulldog figurine. This is an estate sale purchase; I do not know how old it is. It is very unique! It is very heavy and well made. It looks like copper and it has a tiny foil label on the bottom...
Large Bulldog Figurine
Description:- Panther Figurine from Royal Scythian tombs<BR>Item Specifics:  Postcard<BR>Postcard Type: Modern Chrome Postcard (ca. 1939- Present)<BR>Card Dated: -Non-Posted<BR>Postmarked at:--<BR>Ori...
Panther Figurine from Royal Scythian Tombs Postcard cs2968
Vintage Miniture Figurine Big Bad Wolf. good condition. Looks like wolf from Little Red Riding Hood Story, price is for one.
Vintage Miniture Figurine Big Bad Wolf
Can you name the breed of this 1984 Enesco 'Purebred Pets' ceramic dog figurine? It is in excellent near-mint  condition (see other views)and measures 6 1/2 x 4 1/4 x 3 3/4 inches.  It is a beautifull...
Enesco vintage purebred dog figurine 1984
Vintage inquisitive cat figurine. Let this little guy crawl into your heart<BR>Be sure to visit all our cat figurines
Vintage inquisitive cat figurine
Vintage Kay Finch pig. Cute as can be and in good condition. It has an incised K. Finch mark as well as a Kay Finch stamp mark. No chips or cracks. It is a bit over 3.5 tall x 4.5 long. 5/19sc
Kay Finch Vintage Pig Figurine
Lot of 4 miniature hard  plastic animals and one porcelain. The Dalmatian is made of porcelain but unmarked. It stands 1 " tall by 2" long. The others are a hard plastic with all but the ye...
Lot 5 Vintage Miniature Animals
 Vintage Oriental Ceramic Frog Dish/Planter with sitting Frogs, greens and browns with removable  green frog figurine sitting on side.   Good condition, 4" tall and 5.5" wide. Very cute to d...
Vintage Oriental Ceramic Frog Dish/Planter Figurines
This amusing little bird figurine still has the old EW Woolworth co. tag on it. He is in excellent condition. Stands 3 1/8" tall at his upturned beak.
Colorful Bird Figurine
Featured for your enjoyment is this great little duck figurine. It is the female of the Mallard ducks. It is in excellent condition. One tiny glaze nick on her bill. She stands 4 3/4" tall.
Small Mallard Duck Figurine
Wonderful old rooster figurine marked in green in a wreath Japan. Minor wear to his red cold<BR>paint. Highlighted with gold.  Stands 5" tall by 3 5/8" wide.<BR>
Antique Rooster Figurine
Set of two swan or Goose figurines. Not by the same makers but so close in resemblance with the<BR>gold detailing that I thought they should stay together. Tall one is 5 1/2" tall. Both are in<BR...
Mixed Pair Swan Figurines
Very cute set of figurines. Marked in red Japan. Both are in excellent condition. Rooster stands 3<BR>1/2" tall while his mate is 2 1/2" tall.<BR>
Adorable Chicken and Rooster Figurines
Lovely old Scotty Dog figurine with the original tag. I can make out Sabin but not from what<BR>country. Done in white with gold highlights. Excellent condition. Stands 3" tall by 3 3/4" lon...
Sabin Scotty Dog Figurine
Adorable little pig figurine wearing a top hat. Done in a light pink with a black hat he is in excellent condition. Simply marked Japan in black on his back side. He stands 2 " tall by 3" l...
Pig in a Top Hat Figurine
Featured for your enjoyment is this neat little owl figurine. It is covered in thin slices of abalone shell. The face is buttons for the eyes and nose. Not sure what it is all over but it is in excell...
Abalone Covered Owl Figurine
Set of 4 mixed rabbit figurines all made of ceramic. The brown one is the oldest. It used to have that fake fur on its head, this is now missing. All are in excellent condition. Large one stands 5&qu...
4 Ceramic Rabbit Figurine
This precious hand painted cat figurine is signed by the artist 'P. Miller'.  It is about 4 inches tall and unfortunately has a chip on its right ear.
Adorable stride pussycat looking over his shoulder to find a new master<BR>  Please view all of our cats figurines all are adorable
Adorable kitten playing with pink ball of wool between its two paws<BR>You all of our many cat figurines
Featured for your enjoyment is this adorable little black cow and bull figurine. Both are in excellent condition. Cow stands 2 1/8" tall by 2 1/2" long. Bull is 2 1/8" tall by 3 1/4&quo...
Yelloware Cow & Bull Figurine
Lovely old Japanese pheasant figurine. Very brightly colored and standing tall on a branch. It does have the leaves under the flowers broken off and one petal to the flower has been repaired. The tail...
Vintage Japanese Pheasant Figurine
Adorable and almost lie like boxer dog figurine. Made of a dark clay and glazed to an almost<BR>realistic brown coloring. No markings but matches old Japan clay. Excellent condition. Stands 3<BR>1/4&q...
Vintage Boxer Dog Figurine
Adorable porcelain figurine of a robin chick seated on a branch. Looks like it is about to fly off<BR>on its own for the first time. Still has that pudgy baby appearance. Unmarked. Excellent<BR>condi...
Robin Chick Figurine
Featured for your enjoyment is this great art deco zebra figurine. Made of pottery and glazed with white and brown stripes. He is in near mint condition. Stands 4 1/2" tall by 2 1/2" wide.<B...
Vintage Zebra Pottery Figurine
Featured for your enjoyment is a great old Napcoware figurine of an intelligent looking tabby cat.<BR>She seems to be ready to get a mouse. She has a tiny chip on one ear that has been colored over<BR...
Napcoware Tabby Cat Figurine
Lovely set of fawn figurines from the Homco Woodland Babies collection. Both are marked 1473, Made in Taiwan.  Both are in excellent condition. They stand 2 " tall.
Pair Homco Fawn Deer Figurines
What a cute little 60s poodle figurine. Made of an eggshell porcelain. It is in excellent condition and stands 2 " tall by 2" wide.
Vintage Eggshell Porcelain Poodle Figurine
Featured for your enjoyment is a wonderful old ceramic rooster figurine. This is simply stamped<BR>in black Japan up under his tail feather. He is in near mint condition. His coat is an ivory with bla...
Vintage Rooster Ceramic Figurine
Featured for your enjoyment is a great old hen figurine. She is done in a gray with black bands.<BR>She is marked simply Japan in black on the back of her base. She is in excellent condition right<BR>...
Vintage Hen Ceramic Figurine
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