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Found 2848 items that match the term 'die cuts' (refine your results):
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Set of 3 embossed hands and dove cards. The die-cuts open on the right to reveal a name- Hannah M. Bachman. One of the cards has no name. 3 7/8" l x 2 7/16" w. Slightly yellowed cards stock....
Victorian Die-Cut Calling Cards
This original & vintage Prayer Die Cut card is in excellent condition. The front of the card features "Saint Alphius & His Martyred Brothers Philadelphus & Cyrinus" & along the bottom of the...
St Alphius Society Prayer Die Cut Card
Assorted embossed birds (5), each about 2" long. Birds are from a scrapbook. Shipping in padded envelope $2.25  (DC16)<BR><BR>Keywords: scrapbook paper scraps plants vintage lithography<BR>
Victorian Die-Cut Birds
Assorted embossed flowers (5 pieces). Three have scrapbook paper attached to back. About 1 " x 1 ", smallest rose is about 1" x 1". Shipping in padded envelope $2.25 (DC15)<BR><B...
Victorian Die-Cut Flowers
Set of 3 calling cards, 2 of the 3 are embossed. Slightly yellowed card stock. 3 7/8" l x 2 1/8" w. Shipping in padded envelope $2.25.  (DC12)<BR><BR>Keywords: scrapbook paper scraps plants ...
Victorian Die-Cut Cards
Assorted embossed nests with eggs (4), each approximately 2" x 1 ". Clean backs with a hint of glue in spots. Bent narrow leaf on one nest. Shipping in padded envelope $2.25   DC18)<BR><BR>...
Victorian Die-Cut Bird Nests
Set of 3 3mbossed yellow flowers from a scrapbook. Large rose 3 " high x 2 " w. Glue and paper on back. Bottom stem incomplete on large rose, fragile and folded on the other 2. Shipping in...
Victorian Die-Cut Yellow Flowers
Two assorted embossed characters range from 1 1/2"  2" high x 1"wide. The dog is 1 " long x 1" high. The dog has paper from the scrapbook on the back  backs of characters a...
Victorian Die-Cut Characters and Dog
Three embossed nests with eggs and/or hatchlings. Large nests 2 " high x 2" wide, small nest  1 " x 2". Small nest has fold on right edge. Backs are yellowed.  Shipping in padde...
Victorian Die-Cut Nests with Birds
Assorted embossed nests and bird (4) from a scrapbook. Large nest  1 " long, small nest  1". Shipping in padded envelope $2.25  (DC17)<BR><BR>Keywords: scrapbook paper scraps plants vinta...
Victorian Die-Cut Nests and Bird
Assorted embossed baskets and roses (4). Largest basket is 3 " l x 2" high, others range between 2-3" long x 11 " wide. Scrapbook paper attached to back of small basket. Shippin...
Victorian Die-Cuts Roses and Baskets
Two embossed roses. Pink rose measures 4 " l x 3 1/8" high. The red rose is 2 " wide x 3 1/8" high. Trace of glue on backs, red rose has 3 areas on back where scrapbook paper is ...
Victorian Die-Cut Large Roses
American Brilliant Period cut glasss nappy that is 6" in diameter (without the handle) with the signature "Clark" acid etched on the inside of the bowl.  Along the handle are three sets...
Cut Glass nappy, signed
An extremely attractive cut glass punch bowl with matching cut glass stand.   Both the bowl and stand are intricately cut and also have a cut floral design.  The rim of the bowl has a distinct border ...
Cut Glass Punch bowl and stand
A beautiful American Brilliant Period cut glass sugar and creamer set in the "Strawberry" pattern , which is sometimes referred to as the "Heart" pattern..  All surfaces are intric...
ABP Cut glass sugar and creamer (signed Clark)
This beautiful creamer & sugar set have a unique shape and heavy geometric cut pattern.  There is no mark and I was unable to positively identify the pattern or maker.  The creamer measures 3 1/4"...
Brilliant Cut Glass Creamer & Sugar
This item is a large Brilliant Cut Glass Creamer and Sugar. They were made during the Brilliant" period, sometime between 1876 and 1916. The Creamer is about 2 and 1/2 inches high and 5 inches wi...
Brilliant Cut Glass Creamer and Sugar . . .
American Brilliant Cut Crystal bon bon dish with a lovely handle and piques rim. It has pretty designs of nice deep cuts with Star, pinwheels and hob stars.<BR><BR>3 inches high and 7 1/2 inches wide....
American Brilliant Cut Crystal Nappy Bon Bon
Beautiful American Brilliant cut glass oval dish with a sawtooth edge in a fan, diamond and pinwheel starburst pattern.  Approximately 7 inches long x 4 1/4 inches wide x 1 1/2 inches tall.  <BR><BR>C...
Glass Brilliant Cut Crystal dish
This deep cut crystal bowl has a nice clear ring to it.  The bowl stand 4 1/2 inches tall and is 9 inches across at the widest.  There are no chips or cracks and very light wear.  It weighs 5 lbs.<BR>...
CrystalCut Glass Bowl heavy deep cut . . .
Sterling Silver cut glass 'Smelling Salts' bottle hallmarked silver and green/blue enamel (the enamel has some wear) rim bottle was purchased in England and still has the original 'smelling salts' in ...
Cut Glass Hallmarked Silver & Enamel Bottle
Antique Framed Game Board or book type cut out Military Full Dress Uniforms Horse Drawn. <BR><BR>This is so unique. I believe part is missing as it seems jagged in front of horse. So colorful and uniq...
Game Board or book type cut out Military Full Dress Uniforms
Card is 5 " w x 4" high. "Mrs. Lehmann, Steam Cleaning & Dye Works, 398 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn."  Item is from a scrapbook. Top stem bent, left side, " area color layer is go...
Victorian Trade Card Brooklyn
This Original Die Cut Cabinet Photo features a business man. This photograph measures approx. 4 1/4" X 6 1/2", is suitable for framing and is in Good+ condition. This photo was produced by G...
Business Is Business - Die Cut Cabinet Photo of a Man
This Original Die Cut Cabinet Photo features a baby peeking out of a blanket. This photograph measures approx. 4 1/4" X 6 1/2", is suitable for framing and is in Good condition. This photo w...
Peek A Boo - Die Cut Cabinet Photo of a Baby
Very nice serving tray in excellent condition.
Glass bread serving tray clear, cut
Cut glass biscuit jar with silver plated lid and attractive finial. The lid is marked "HC&CoS" on the underside. Star-cut base. Height is 6" to top of lid.
Glass Biscuit Jar with Silver Lid
Now this is a cool old die cast toy. This is from Midge Toys. I believe it is an armored personnel<BR>carrier. AKA 6X6. It has 4 wheels but the back is formed to look like it is on tracks. Needs new<B...
Die Cast Midge Toy Armored Personal Carrier 6X6
10K Gold Ball Earrings Shepherd hook earrings diamond cut pattern 1 inch long.
10K Gold Bauble Ball Diamond Cut Hook Earrings
This Original Die Cut Cabinet Photo features a cute little boy with a huge ruffled collar who looks a bit sleepy. It is in Good condition. This photograph measures approx. 4 1/4"  X 6 1/2" a...
I Feel Ridiculous! - Die Cut Cabinet Photo - Little Boy
This Original Die Cut Cabinet Photo features a sad looking woman. This photograph measures approx. 4 1/4" X 6 1/2", is suitable for framing and is in Good condition. This photo was produced ...
Blue Mourning - Die Cut Cabinet Photo of a Sad Woman
This Original Die Cut Cabinet Photo features a sad looking woman. This photograph measures approx. 4 1/4" X 6 1/2", is suitable for framing and is in Good condition. This photo was produced ...
Germany Antique Die Cut Stand Up Valentine - Boy Cat
Vintage Plymouth Prowler American muscle two door convertible die-cast metal 1/18 scale model car by Ertl, made in China in 1995, in excellent Mint condition with original box, measuring approximately...
Plymouth Prowler vintage die cast model car
ELegant cut crystal Posy vase. This is a very pretty cut crystal vase. It looks like a Waterford piece, but is not marked. It has no chips or cracks. It is not cloudy; for some reason all my cut glass...
Cut Crystal Posy Vase
This beautiful cut glass toothpick holder would make any table look elegant.  Holder is 2 1/2" tall and in excellent condition.  Have 3 of these, price is for one.
Cut Glass Toothpick Holder
Vintage Lead Crystal Candlesticks hexagon column diamond cut Pillar Candlesticks. These are lovely. Maker unknown. Vintage estate find. Height 8 2/16 inch. 3 1/2 inch across bottom. No chips No cracks...
Vintage Lead Crystal Candlesticks hexagon diamond cut
This cut glass vase measures 8 inches tall and is 3 3/8 inches wide.  There are some flea bites on the rim and side along with a chip (see photo - priced accordingly) This is a deep cut and very heavy...
This cut glass vase measures 8 3/8 inches tall by 1 1/4 inches across at the rim.  There is a small 1/4 inch chip on the rim which is hardly noticable especially when it has a flower in it.
Campbell Soup Kids Easter cardboard sign litho die cut 02 1990. Awesome advertisement. This is marked at the bottom, TM S12342 Litho in USA 2/90 GA. Guessing means made in February 1990.  <BR><BR>Colo...
Campbell Soup Kids Easter cardboard sign litho die cut
Cut crystal glass bell. Very fine elegant thin glass. It has no chips or cracks and is 5.25 tall x 2.5 wide. The clapper ball inside is also cut crystal. Very pretty for your dining table, or to give ...
Cut Crystal Bell
Three pairs of vintage glass shakers for one price. Two of these pairs are likely antique. First is the cut glass small pair with sterling lids. One of the lids is quite dark. This pair is 3 inches ta...
Vintage Cut Glass Shakers
Vintage cut glass shakers. Very pretty shakers; they glow a bit yellow under a black light, but not a strong yellow. Age est: 1920's-30's. Tops are tarnished. They stand 3.75 tall. One has a small chi...
Vintage Cut Glass Shakers
Lovely cut glass bowl that measures approximately 3 3/4 X 2 3/4 inches tall.  There are a few minor chips less than 1/16th  of an inch size on the face of the bowl.  The rim has no chips, and I think ...
Cut Glass Powder Bowl
Vintage Cut Glass Egg Red and Crystal clear Swirl Cut hollow inside thick glass height 4 3/4 inches. No chips No cracks. Absolutely beautiful. Maker unknown.<BR><BR>Height 4 3/4 inches;<BR>Length at w...
Cut Glass Egg Red and Crystal clear Swirl Cut hollow inside thick
Cut crystal vanity jar. Beautiful jar. Not sure if this was a cologne jar or for something else, but it is not a perfume bottle. No chips or cracks. It is very clear except for the bottom interior whi...
Cut Crystal Vanity Jar
Magnificent cut crystal vase with applied handles. This vase has it all! It has etched circles and cut geometric shapes and it looks somewhat art deco in style. It has very little wear on it; some min...
Cut Crystal Vase
Antique cut glass vase. This item is 8 inches tall; no chips or cracks. Heavy; a lot of wear on bottom rim. It looks fine and clear when filled with water, but when dry it has a lot of little flecks o...
Antique Cut Glass Vase
Such a great design for champagne glasses.  Glasses are cut with a cattail looking plant.  Glasses are 4 1/4" tall and 4" tall and all are in excellent condition.
Seven Cut Glass Champagne Glasses
Elegant cut crystal bowl. The metal plateau it is shown on is for sale separately. This is a good sized, fine cut crystal bowl. Estate sale item; no maker's marks on it. It is 8.5 wide x  5 tall. This...
Cut Crystal Bowl
Result Page:        1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13    14    15    16    17    18    19    20    More

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