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Search Tips

Check your spelling!
Differences in spelling are the most common cause of failed matches. When in doubt, use part of a word, rather than a plural ('baseball cards' will only match the plural format, whiile 'baseball card' will match both plural and singular. "Bazebal card" will match almost nothing.

Use a plus sign (+) to require a keyword:
When you use several keywords in your search, the search looks for pages containing at least one of these keywords. If you want to be sure that a keyword will appear in the search results, add a plus sign (+) before the keyword, without any space. For example: If you want to search for all Roseville vases, type: +roseville +vase. This will return a list of categories containing both words in the description.

Use a minus sign (-) to exclude a keyword:
Add a minus sign (-) just before the first letter of a keyword, without any space, to exclude a word from your search. For example: If you collect Roseville but do not want the results to include vases, type in: +roseville -vase. This will exclude any Roseville vases from the search results. This is also helpful if you would like to make sure reproduction items are NOT included in your search results. For example, type: "flow blue" -reproduction to view all Flow Blue items excluding reproduction pieces.

Don't use "generic" words
For example, don't use of or and in the search field. If you use the search phrase pair of salt and pepper shakers, the above query might not produce the desired results. Instead try +salt +pepper +shakers.

Use quotes for multi-word phrases:
The search will find your keywords anywhere in the category, title and description. When you put double quotes (" ") around several keywords, the search will retrieve only those pages where your keywords appear next to each other, and in the order typed. You can use the double quotes when searching for a precise set of words that will always be found together. For example: Typing "beanie baby" will retrieve pages where these words appear next to each other.

Use the asterisk as a wild card:
Used at the end of a word, the asterisk (*) is like a wild card and can replace up to 5 characters. It allows you to broaden your search by including plurals, adjectives, adverbs and conjugated words. For example: typing pepsi* will make sure you are able to retrieve items that are listed as pepsi as well as pepsicola. You need to have at least 3 letters before the '*'.

When in doubt, use lowercase text in your searches.
When you use lowercase text, the search service finds both upper and lowercase results--but when you use upper case text, the search service finds only upper case. For example: If you search for jewelry, the search results will include jewelry, Jewelry, and JEWELRY. However, if you search for Jewelry, the search results will only include Jewelry.

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