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If you are doing business from a country other than the U.S., you must be able to accept U.S. credit cards. You can do this by using a local merchant bank or a service like PayPal. If you have any questions about this requirement, please contact our Sales Department at sales@tias.com.

TIAS.com provides you with the fastest and easiest way to build a profitable shop for selling antique or collectible merchandise on the Internet. You build your TIAS.com store by simply filling out online forms using your Web browser. The MakeAShop system guides you through the process. There is no start-up fee.

Our most popular package is our automated Web catalog.  You pay us a 10% commission on the merchandise you sell at fixed price on TIAS.com or a 2% commission on the merchandise you sell at online auctions through TIAS.com's auction loading/management system. There are two simple payment plans.

  • If you're not quite certain certain of your commitment to keeping an online store, you'll want to try our month-to-month plan for $39.95 per month minimum fee.  If your total sales for one month on TIAS.com result in a monthly commission fee paid to TIAS.com that is greater than $39.95, you pay just the commission that is due.  No other additional fees will apply.       

  • If you are confident that you want a web store, we  offer an economical one-year contract.  If your total sales for one month on TIAS.com result in a monthly commission fee paid to TIAS.com that is less than $34.95, you will be required to pay TIAS.com a minimum monthly fee of $34.95.  If your total sales for one month on TIAS.com result in a monthly commission fee paid to TIAS.com that is greater than $34.95, you pay just the commission that is due.  No other additional fees will apply.   

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Note that you are required to pay commission on ALL orders that originate through TIAS.com, whether the final version comes through our automated shopping cart system, by phone, email, regular mail or by any other means.   At the end of each month, your online reporting will be updated to show the sales as recorded by our shopping cart system. This report has instructions for adding and deleting items if you are recognizing any sales that started from the website, but that were completed by other means.

Please note that random test purchases and other monitoring techniques are used to check dealer compliance. Sites that do not properly report all sales are removed from our system.

If you are selling your merchandise through auctions, there is no minimum inventory stocking requirement.  If you wish to maintain a fixed price store, you must maintain a minimum of 25 items for sale on our service with pictures and those items must have a retail value of at least $1,200. Our staff must review and approve the type of inventory you carry. Although phone support is not included with MakeAShop, email support is available.

If you don't already have a merchant account to accept credit cards, you can apply for one online.   It takes just a few minutes to register and get started. Thank you for choosing TIAS.com. We look forward to serving you. If you have any questions before starting, please click here.

Do you prefer the certainty of a fixed monthly charge?

If you prefer to have a fixed monthly charge and your merchandise meets the mall guidelines, you may be eligible for the Antique Arts Mall our premiere on-line source for fine Art and Antiques. Click here to find out more about this high-end virtual mall!

If you need more customer support, we offer plans to meet your needs

For a one-time payment, you can have a custom site designed for you.  The modest setup fee covers 10 hours of design work and phone support for training and the unlimited use of the TIAS.com automated database system. You use the database system to update and maintain your inventory on our Internet server. For a modest extra fee, you also get a spam-filtered email alias on TIAS.com, i.e. "YourCompany@tias.com".   Having a TIAS.com email address means that you can change your service provider while still receiving email from your customers.

Unlike other systems, at TIAS.com you may have as much inventory as you wish and you may update your store as often as you want.  In fact, we recommend that you update your site as frequently as possible and we give you the tools to do so.  Updates keep the list of your items online accurate and encourage frequent visits from your customers.  We have found that the more traffic a site has, the greater the chances are of a sale.

Billing rates are identical to the MakeAShop plan -- all sales are subject to a 10% commission.  You can select either the $34.95 minimum payment per month on an annual contract basis or $39.95 minimum payment per month for a month-to-month contract; in both cases, if the commission amount exceeds the minimum, you pay only the commission amount.

Domain Names

TIAS.com can register a domain name for you, or we can transfer an existing domain name and host it on our server. Your domain name will point directly to your TIAS.com shop. The Network Solutions (Internic) fee to register your domain name is $70 for the first 2 years, and $35 for each year after that. In addition to the Internic fee, TIAS.com charges a fee of $75 per year to host the domain name on our servers. You "own" your domain name, TIAS.com only hosts it.

Design Services 

TIAS.com also offers artistic and technical Web consulting. Our artistic consultants are experienced in designing web pages, and our technical consultants can help with conversion problems. For example, we wrote a program for one dealer to take the output of his PC database and generate web pages from it. Each time he updates his database, he uploads a new copy, runs the custom program and his web pages are updated.  Because of the widely varying nature of the requirements, design services are individually quoted.  The TIAS software product is extremely powerful and it is unlikely that you will find there is functionality that you need that is not already present, but if you need more information about custom requirements, please contact support@tias.com



 Setup/Design Fee


MakeAShop/Commission Only


10% of sales.

Antique Arts Site


$99/ month flat rate

Auction Sales Commission


2% of sale

Internic Fees

$70/2 years
$35/year after that


TIAS.com hosting fees



 We understand that every business is different. If there are services TIAS.com doesn't currently offer what you would like to see, please email us (sales@tias.com) with your suggestions or proposals.

Have you ever wanted to sell your merchandise on the Internet but worried about the cost and complication?  Our system is designed for people like you!  And when you succeed, we succeed.  Together.  It's that simple.

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