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Who is TIAS.com?

Suppose there was an antique and collectible mall on the Web that got over 5,375,000 visits per month. Now suppose they were looking for antique / collectible dealers on the Web to join their site. Interested?

We are TIAS.com, the leading online source for antiques and collectibles on the Web. Unlike other online malls, we only deal in services and merchandise related to antiques and collectibles. 

We have been online since April of 1995 and currently serve thousands of dealers from around the U.S. and Canada, as well as many other countries.  More dealers join us each week. With over a half million items in inventory, we are one of the largest antique and collectible sites on the Web.

TIAS.com serves the Internet community through a variety of Internet properties, including Curioscape.com, TIAS.com, Earthling.com, Collector Online.com and AntiqueArts.com.

We are active within our industry and provide many features and services to the antiques and collectibles community.   For example, we sponsor discussion groups and  mailing lists for people with specialized area of interest such as art glass, fine china, buttons (and more!)   All of this is designed to bring more traffic and sales to TIAS.com dealers.

Because we operate and maintain our own servers, we can offer you more features and services at affordable prices. If we don't have what you are looking for, we can customize our service to meet your needs.

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