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Automated Auction Interface

If you want to sell your merchandise through eBay, you can use our automated interface to easily and quickly move all or a portion of your inventory to the auction site.

You can:

perform mass uploads of items from your Collector Online store -- no more tiresome entry of individual items.


be assured of the integrity of your data.  If the item does not sell, it is still on your Collector Online database and there is no need to reenter it; simply change its status to return it to fixed price sale.


automatically schedule times when your auctions will begin and end.  This allows you to schedule your auctions at prime selling hours any day of the week -- whether you are present or not.


use our reporting systems to track completed sales and record valuable customer information.


use the Collector Online system to automatically notify your winning bidder


automatically route the winning bidder to your secure order processing system, ensuring the timely recognition of revenue from your store.

All these features combine to give you the most powerful auction management tool on the web!

What does it cost?  It costs you nothing -- unless the item sells.  If it does sell, you pay a modest 2% of the auction price.

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At Collector Online, you can
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       - schedule your auctions' timing
       - use our reporting tools
       - secure ordering for winning bidder

   •  advertise free all over the web
   •  have us promote your store

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