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After You Build Your Site, We Help You Promote It!

We individually register your new Collector Online site with the top 8 directories/search engines. We also use site submission software to submit your site to an additional 300+ directories.

Collector Online receives over 5,375,000 visits per month and the Collector Online banner exchange program manages the advertising that all  visitors see.  There is no outside advertising in this program; it is strictly for Collector Online dealers and services. Your banner will be included in this high-visibility advertising space.   We will build your ad banner for you or you can do it yourself.  And you can change it any time you want to!

Your store will be listed in the main Collector Online stores directory.  But there's more!  Collector Online is divided into categories just like your store is. Your store will be listed in each of the appropriate categories within the Mall. So, if you sell jewelry, watches and toys, your store will be listed in each of these Collector Online categories. If you specialize in a category we don't have listed in the mall, please contact us.

Your store's advertising banner will be included in the advertising banners that appear on the pages on each section of the Collector Online mall where your store is listed.  This is the same banner that is used in the Collector Online banner exchange program.

Every day we run new "press releases" from our dealers on our home page. If you just updated your inventory, or you have some new and interesting news about your online store, we have an automated press release system that sends your press release to our Customer Service Department to post to our home page and also sends copies of your press release to Collector Online customers on our targeted mailing lists.

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At Collector Online, you can
   •  build your own store
   •  or let us design one for you
   •  easily move product to major auctions
   •  advertise free all over the web
    have us promote your store
       - submitted to top search engines
       - Collector Online banner exchange program
       - Collector Online mall listing
       - promotion on Collector Online home page
       - promotion through Collector Online mailings
       - listed in Collector Online search engines

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Your inventory is also searchable through the Collector Online search engine. The search engine  gives the customer the ability to see pictures of your items and to easily reach your store to place their orders.

Your merchandise will also be listed in the Collectors Showcase, a pictorial catalog of merchandise on the Collector Online systems.  Customers can browse your inventory to find exactly the item that they want.

We've created an on-line tip sheet of ideas on how to promote your web site. As a Collector Online dealer you have access to this site for helpful hints to promote your store and increase your traffic. We are always updating this information.

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