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 To Build A Store Using MakeAShop We Require The Following:

1. You may only sell antiques, collectibles or related merchandise in your TIAS MakeAShop site. Reproduction are allowed, but must contain the word 'reproduction' in the description. New items are also permitted, but must contain the phrase 'new collectible' in the description. Gift collections, contemporary jewelry, contemporary art and craft items should be listed through our Earthling Malls. Anything non-collectible and non-antique, but legal should be sold from a Town Center store (i.e. food baskets, services, candies, vending machines, website design services or animals.) Under no conditions can you sell items that are illegal -- babies, stolen goods, photocopies of copyrighted materials etc. Click here to contact us prior to setting up your store. Collector Online reserves the right to refuse to activate any shop.

2. There is no charge to build the site and images are hosted on Collector Online free of charge. Our fee is based on your sales.  We charge a 10% commission on those items that you do sell through MakeAShop OR 2% on those items sold at auction. To view our commission fees for all types of sites click here

We two billing plans.  

  • If you're not quite certain certain of your commitment to keeping an online store, you'll want to try our month-to-month plan for $39.95 per month minimum fee.  If your total sales for one month on Collector Online result in a monthly commission fee paid to Collector Online that is greater than $39.95, you pay just the commission that is due.  No other additional fees will apply.       

  • If you are confident that you want a web store, we  offer an economical one-year contract with a sharply reduced billing rate but a 12-month term.  Under this plan, if your total sales for one month on Collector Online result in a monthly commission fee paid to Collector Online that is less than $34.95, you will be required to pay Collector Online a minimum monthly fee of $34.95.  If your total sales for one month on Collector Online result in a monthly commission fee paid to Collector Online that is greater than $34.95, you pay just the commission that is due.  No other additional fees will apply.  


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3. You must provide a minimum of a 7-day return policy on all items sold from your store.

4. You must list an address on your site. If you do not have a physical shop and do not want to list your home address, you will need to rent a P.O. Box from your local post office. You must also supply a phone number that will be printed in your invoices (phone numbers are not accessible to customers until they have bought something from you.)

5. If you do not already have a merchant account to accept credit cards and you need one, click here. If you already have a merchant account, you can accept credit cards using our secure server. There is a one time set-up fee of $100, which will be automatically billed after the initial trial period. If you are doing business from a country other than the U.S., you need to be able to accept U.S. credit cards. YOu can do so through your own merchant bank or through a third-party service such as PayPal.

6. If you are establishing a fixed-price store, you must list a minimum of 25 different items with photographs. The total retail value of these items must be at least $1,200. There is no maximum amount of merchandise you can list. We want you to list as much of your merchandise as possible.

7. Your Web browser needs to be either Netscape 6.2 or higher, Firefox 0.9 or higher, Opera 6.0 or higher, AOL version 5.X or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.X or higher.  If you are not sure, click on the HELP button at the top of your browser, then choose the ABOUT button, or contact the Customer Service Dept. of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). WebTV users please note: Although you can use WebTV to add inventory, you will need access to a PC to upload pictures.

8. You will need some way of taking digital images in JPEG format of your merchandise. You are required to provide at least one picture of each item. You can use a digital camera, a video frame grabber, a scanner or a third party that will digitize your photographs for you. Digital cameras make this easy.

9.  Although you are free to host as many domains here as you wish, your MakeAShop site must not reference sites that are not hosted by except through your link exchange page.

10. We do have other options available in addition to our MakeAShop system. Click here to review our other options

11. We offer full user support by email but phone support is not available for MakeAShop sites. If you have any questions during the setup of your site, please use our comment form

12.  Finally, you must review and approve our service contract

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