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We Can Design Your Store

If we are supporting your site, we will work with you to design your site, to train you and help you build a web store that meets the unique needs of your business. 

Our Customer Service Department will work with you to customize your site with graphics.  We will work with you step-by-step while you build  your site. In addition to training you how to use our system we will help you optimize the look of your store to increase your sales.

If you have your own domain name (such as, we will host it for you and direct it to your Collector Online site.

Our artistic consultants are experienced in designing web pages and our technical consultants can help with conversion problems.  For example, we wrote a program for one dealer to take the output of his PC database and generate web pages from it.  Each time he updates his database, he uploads a new copy, runs the custom program and automatically updates his web pages!

We will charge a modest set up fee to that covers 10 hours of design time and training to use the Collector Online automated database system plus an email alias on Collector Online, i.e. "YourCompany@Collector". The last will allow you to change your service provider but still receive email from your customers.

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Come Buy and Sell with us

At Collector Online, you can
   •  build your own store
    or let us design one for you
       - 10 hours of design time and training
       - free email
       - all for one low setup fee!

   •  easily move product to major auctions
   •  advertise free all over the web
   •  have us promote your store

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