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Since 1995, we've been a leading provider of e-commerce shopping solutions. Over 110,000 customers visit online stores operated by our clients each and every day. Our e-commerce solutions provide you with options to build your own web store using our high-quality templates, or you can work with one of authorized designers who can customize a web store for you that seamlessly matches your existing marketing literature and corporate branding.

Example of a Customized
Web Store

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Prices Starting From $85 per month!

 Integrated Shopping Cart Solution
 Easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank store building and
    inventory management process
 Many store customization options
 Highly Automated Store Management System
 Realtime store performance reporting including
     sales, inventory and cost performance analysis
 Automated inventory image processing
 Integrated Shipping Module that works with UPS
     and USPS
 Seamless interface with eBay & Yahoo Auctions
 Secure Online Credit Transactions
 Access to aggressively priced merchant banking
 Built-in site search capabilities
 Email-This-Page-To-A-Friend feature
 Unlimited product categories including support
     for all eBay product categories
 Advanced Order Acknowlegement & Verification
 Optional Mailing List Management Interface

$1,500 Provides You With Completely
Customized Online Store ready to add you inventory!

 We will create a custom set of e-commerce templates that match your existing marketing literature and corporate branding.
 Once constructed, these customized web stores provide all the features of the Build-it-Yourself stores so that you can add, update and manage your site's inventory without the need for a web designer's help!
 Customized Rollover Button Sets, Header Layouts, and site color selections based on existing RGB, CMYK, or Pantone colors used within your organization's existing marketing materials.

With prices starting at $4,000 you can start
your own Online Mall that caters to a
specific vertical market niche!

If you are an ISP or business interested in starting your own e-commerce shopping mall, Digital Miracles has the perfect e-Mall building platform. We can help you customize an online shopping mall with your own layout and branding. More than 15,000 online stores are utilizing the Digital Miracles e-commerce platform.

 We will create a custom online mall interface which visually appeals to the vertical market segment that you are targeting. From automobile parts to collectables we can help you aggregate online product providers that match your interests.
 We will help you design a set of web store templates that can be offered to your web store customers that will accurately reflect their business tastes and make selling and setting up web stores in your online mall a breeze.
 Start an e-Mall mailing list using our List Management system and Lead Capture capabilities to grow a list of prospects and customers that you can continue to market to over time.

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