The Plaza Antique Mall opened in June of 1997 and has become one of the largest and most modern antique and collectible shopping places in Iowa.

Presently the Plaza is home of over 250 dealer booths and showcases of quality antiques and collectibles throughout our 22,500 sq. ft. of available floor space. There is something of interest to be found by all ages, including a display of vintage and collector autos for sale or viewing pleasure.

The cleverly designed facility boasts spacious aisles, a clean well-lighted interior, neatly organized vendor display areas, and nostalgic decorations from days gone by.

The Plaza Antique Mall has been awarded the 1988 Benchmark Award by the State of Iowa for a major contribution to community and trade development. The Plaza was also awarded the 1997 Sportsmanship Award by the Dyersville Area Chamber Of Commerce for outstanding effort in community beautification.

About our Front. . .

The Plaza front or facade is the actual front of a real theatre which was a Dyersville landmark since 1915.

In February of 1997, the plaza theatre and hotel in downtown Dyersville was slated for demolition. A deal was struck and the marquee, ticket booth, doors, and facade of the 1955 art deco plaza was saved from destruction.

After a purchase was completed the theatre front was removed from downtown, refurbished and re-installed as the new entrance to the Plaza Antique Mall owned and operated by Ron and Margie White.

The front panels are made of porcelainized metal and fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Over half a mile of wiring, 280 light bulbs, and 500 man-hours went into saving this rare art form.

When the marquee is lighted the flashing lights and glowing neon create an effect that overwhelms one with a feeling of nostalgia.

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