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The Collectors Newsletter #266 October 2004

The Collectors Newsletter #266 October 2004

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In this issue.....
1. A Trip From the Past
3. Your Classifieds
4. Managing your Collection (sponsors message)
5. Lost and Found
6. A NEW book from the Kovels
7. Newly listed items
8. Funny Old Stuff
9. Wanted ads. Can you help?
10. A Vintage Recipe
11. A Vintage Recipe Request from a Reader
12. New Online Merchants
13. Helpful Resources For Collectors

Almost Here ! (sponsors message)
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1) After you read these stories, tell us your interesting story. Send your
story to newsletter@tias.com and we may publish it here . We want to
hear any interesting or unusual stories you would like to share with us
that are related to collecting or anything vintage.
Editors Note
We had such a wonderful response to Deborahs' story about the milk bottle
in the last newsletter. Many people found it quite heart warming and wanted
to pass on their good wishes to Deborah for her kind gesture. Here is another
story from one of our special readers. If you have a story, send it to us. We
have over 314,000 subscribers now who are waiting to hear from you.

A Trip From the Past
About eight years ago my husband and I were in an antique mall in
Frederick, Maryland. We found two old scrapbooks belonging to Vic and
Mae Whitesell. Vic had run a Music store in Hagerstown, Maryland
(Whitesell Brothers Music) and one of the scrapbooks was about music.
The other scrapbook was a travelog of a trip they had taken to California in
1957. Mae had kept immaculate records of everything they spent,
everywhere they went, and everywhere they stayed. Everything was
handwritten, and supplemented with pictures of them along the way. The
last pictures in the album were a large picture of them on one page and a
picture of their home on the other. My husband and I were about to
undertake such a trip ourselves and bought the scrapbook. We visited a
number of the same places and thought of the Whitesells. We stood in
Bright Angel Lodge at the Grand Canyon and imagined we were standing
in the same spot and seeing the same things as they. I was so blessed
by the scrapbook that I tried to find relatives to thank, but did not have any
luck. About five years later my husband and I moved from Northern
Virginia to the Shenandoah Valley. I had occasion to visit the downtown
area of Harrisonburg, Va. and there on the main street was Whitesell
Music. I was able to contact Mr. Whitesell and found that Vic was his
brother. I told him of the album and met him to show it to him. He told
me that both Vic and Mae had died. I asked him if he would like to have
the album. He told me he would, but that it would mean more to Mae's
sisters in Florida and that he would send it on to them. Several months
later I received a call from Mae's youngest sister. None of the family
had been able to attend the auction when Vic and Mae had entered a
retirement home and she was pleased to have the album. She was
going to be attending a family reunion and would take the album to
share with the rest of the family. I have spoken with her since and she
takes the album to the reunion each year so that all the remaining
family will have a chance to share it. I think of Vic and Mae and their
trip often...Thank you, Betty G
Comments, thoughts? Post them online at:
We collect interesting stories about collecting. Things like your best find,
unusual collections, bizarre collectibles. Anything and everything that is
interesting that has to do with collecting. We may publish it here. Send
your story to newsletter@tias.com .

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3) Your Classifieds...
Are you looking for a special collectible for your collection? Do you
have antiques or collectibles you are just itching to sell? A simple
classified ad in this newsletter might just be your answer. Over 300,000
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4) Managing your Collection (sponsors message)
Do you have a record of everything in your collection? Have you written
down all the stories about how you found each piece? It can actually be fun
to put an inventory list together if you have the right software. Don't put it off
anymore. Do it now....

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5) Lost and Found
We accept two types of Lost and found submissions for publication in this

1. You have a vintage item in hand and you are trying to find relatives of
the original owner(s). This could be an old photo album, baby book, diploma,
Family Bible, or other vintage items that can be linked to a specific person
or family.

2. You are looking for a fairly common vintage item that has deep personal
meaning for you or someone you know. I'm sorry, but we do not post
requests for "one of a kind items" that have been lost or stolen.

Remember to include as many details about the item(s) as you can. For
your story to run in this section, you must include your email address and
allow us to publish it. If this service helps you eventually track down the
relatives or find an item, please tell us about it in a follow-up story.
Looking for a person
Hi. I know this is a total long-shot but I’m going to try anyway. I’m a 49
year old woman who is looking for my girlfriend that I went to school with
in junior high in Portsmouth NH in the late 1960s. Her father was in the Air
Force and they moved to England. We corresponded for years and years,
through our marriages and the births of our children, sending photos and
letters. We’ve never seen each other again since junior high. This is the
problem: I had recently moved when I received a forwarded letter from her
where her Air Force husband was stationed in Japan saying that he had
died suddenly of a heart attack. I don’t know what happened to her or her
children. I sent my new address but she might have moved by then. I know
at some point she had an aunt in Arizona. My friend’s name was Dolores K.
Fair, and her husband’s name was Michael. I don’t remember the children’s
names or how many she had – two, I think - it’s been a long time. I do
remember that her birthday is in March. She’d be about my age now –
around 49. If anyone could help me get in touch with her again, I’d be so
grateful. Thanks for any help. ~Susan Lee (maiden name Holland)
Houlton ME -- jcsmlee@gwi.net
How about you? Do you have some special vintage item that is in need of
its owner or are you looking for a special item? Maybe we can help. Send
us info at newsletter@tias.com

Pink is "in" this season-in clothing, in home decorating, and in antiques.
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7) Newly listed items for your online shopping pleasure for Friday
October 1, 2004 Stop by and check out today's fresh inventory at:
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AntiqueArts - http://cgi.tias.com/showcase/?groupKey=3
Earthling - http://cgi.tias.com/showcase/?groupKey=6

8) Funny Old Stuff
This is our humor section. These are humorous stories and jokes that
are sent in by readers. If you have a submission you would like to share,
please send it to newsletter@tias.com and we may run it in the next issue.
After reading Barbara in Florida’s scalloped potato story, I thought I would
share this one. It wasn’t all that long ago, maybe a year or so, my wife had
just finished up making one of the prettiest apple pies I had ever seen. It
was sitting on the counter, cooling. Our oldest daughter, 25 at the time,
stopped by for some now-forgotten reason, and was offered a piece of
this trophy pie. After getting the first bite in her mouth, she jumped up
grabbing for a glass of water any gasping that it was to hot to eat. My wife
assured her that it had been cooling long enough that the temperature
should not have been a problem. After further inspection, my wife had
accidentally sprinkled cayenne pepper on top of the pie instead of
cinnamon powder. My wife still gets a hard time about her “hot apple pies”.
Steve in Arkansas
Do you have a funny story or joke you would like to share? Make someone
feel good by sharing it with us. Send it to newsletter@tias.com and we may
publish it here.

9) Wanted ads. Can you help?
Here are the latest wanted ads from the TIAS Exchange. Can
you help someone out? To place an ad of your own take a look at:

Wanted: Old Guitars and Amplifiers

WANTED: Spencer Gift catalog items

WANTED: Scammell's Trenton China


WANTED: Lids to Franciscan Apple and Desert Rose
Looking for something? Place a "Wanted" ad in this newsletter. Over
290,000 subscribers. It's easy, go to: http://www.tiasExchange.com

10) A Vintage Recipe
In the last issue Margaret requested a recipe for "Padohe"
Here is one of the responses. If you have a variation of this
recipe that you would like to share with our readers, please post it to:
Be sure to check out this weeks recipe request, below.
This sounds like it's a Russian/Ukranian/Polish desert dish Perohe
probably traveled to Chekoslovakia with the Russian occupation.
It's filled with cottage cheese and served with a fruit compote (jam
with chunks of fruit) on top. Not so different from a cheese blintz.
Any library should have a Russian cookbook that will have a recipe,
but as a third of Europe enjoyed them there are many variations on
the pastry and filling parts. There are also a few different ways of
spelling Perohe. Of course the Russians may have just taken a
good thing for their own. Hope that helps....Les
Did you know TIAS merchants have over 1000 vintage
cookbooks for sale online? They make great gifts. Take a
look at: http://www.tias.com/cookbooks

11) A vintage recipe request from a reader
As with collectibles, people also have very strong feelings about foods
from their past. Sometimes these special recipes get lost. This section
is to help people who are looking for lost recipes from their past. If you
submit a request, please include the the geographical region where
you had this recipe.
I am looking for a dessert that an elderly relative claimed was a family
secret recipe. She refused to share it with anyone not of her own
blood. She called it "cooga". That is how it was pronounced, no clue
on the spelling. I know it was like a cake but before baking you poured
boiling water over it. I sorta remember that it had a pudding like quality
to it. It was so good and she was proud of having made it, but we sure
would like to taste it again. Thanks..... Jo
If you can help this reader with this recipe, please forward it to
recipes@tias.com . If you have a vintage recipe request send it to
recipes@tias.com and we might just publish it here.
Be sure to check out our vintage kitchen collectibles section online at:

12) New Online Merchants
These merchants just opened shop online. Stop by and check out their
fresh inventory.

Browse our store we have some lovely collector pieces: Trio's, jugs
decorative plates, from "Shelley" "Burleigh" "Crown Ducal" "Carlton Ware"
to name a few. "Royal Books" too. We would love to have you.

Two Sisters Too
A vintage and collectibles store with emphasis on Porcelain, Dinnerware,
Pottery and Jewelry. A broad range of collectibles also available. On request
we will add your unfound treasures to our shopping list and let you know if it
is found.

Sunshine Antiques
My Sunny shop carries a wide selection of quality estate items. You can find
everything from elegant glassware to collectible figurines. Check back
regularly as we continue to add new items.

My inventory will be postcards, ephemera, breweriana and other small items.
I will be adding new stock often, so drop back soon!
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13) Helpful Resources:
1. What's it worth? Try Kovels' free online price guide to over 300,000
antiques and collectibles. It can be found online at http://www.kovels.com

2. Looking for an expert to help you with repairs, or an appraisal?
Or just some help finding an auction house or a collectors club? Try this
free service at http://www.tias.com/stores/kovelsyellow/

3. Get an online appraisal
For just $9.95 from "What's It Worth To You?"
http://www.whatsitworthtoyou.com/tias.htm (Not affiliated with Kovels.com)

Thanks for reading. Feel free to forward this to a friend. To subscribe to this
newsletter go to: http://www.tias.com/subscribe Please note that stories and
recipes from readers are not checked for accuracy. They may be edited
prior to publication. For questions or comments, you can reach us at
newsletter@TIAS.com ©1995-2004 TIAS.com Inc.

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