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-- HOLIDAY EDITION -- The Collectors Newsletter #666 -- December 2008

The Collectors Newsletter #666 -- December 2008

--Here is the newsletter you requested. Thank you for your support!

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4. Your Classifieds
5. Newly listed items
6. Funny Old Stuff
7. Wanted ads. Can you help?
8. A Vintage Recipe
9. A Vintage Recipe Request from a Reader
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11. Helpful Resources For Collectors

On Monday December 29th we are going to list a special $9 off coupon code in this newsletter that will allow you to post one FOR SALE classified ad on TIAS for just $1. You can list any antiques or collectibles you would like to sell. Your ad will appear in our online classifieds, on the TIAS Web site and on Google shopping for 1 month. This is a great opportunity for you to clear out your old stuff and bring in some cash as well. So check out your basement and your attic and lets have some fun. We'll feature some of the goodies that are posted in this newsletter as well.

1) 1) Featured Collectors Club
Highlighting clubs of interest to collectors.

International Nippon Collector's Club (INCC)

INCC Journal (MAG), INCC News (NL)International Nippon Collector's Club (INCC) are bimonthly publications devoted to the education, research, and sharing of information about Nippon-era (1891-1921) porcelain.. click here for more info: http://www.tias.com/cgi-bin/clubs.cgi?OIKey=2326&listByKey=2326&groupKey=1

Are you interested in Nippon porcelain? Take a look at: http://www.tias.com/showcase/1/Porcelain_and_Pottery/Nippon/1.html

2) After you read these stories, tell us your interesting story. Send your story to newsletter@tias.com and we may publish it here . We want to hear any interesting or unusual stories you would like to share with us
that are related to collecting or anything vintage.
Editors Note:
We are still looking for Holiday related "vintage stories" from when you were a child. Send them to me and we'll publish them in the next newsletter. Email phil@tias.com

I love the TIAS newsletter and keep them for some time and reread them. I love the stories sent in by the readers! Well I am going to ask for some help from them. My grandmother was named Adelcia which she got so many comments on all through her life. She told me her Mother was reading a book that was popular at the time (1920's) and the main character was named Adelcia. I tried so hard to find that book when she was alive as she so wanted it! I still would like to find out at least the title so I could still get it to remember her by.

Also her 2nd husband, my step-grandfather, made wonderful wood pieces of furniture. His craftsmanship was museum quality. People would bring over friends and family from out of town to see his work and tour their "antique museum". As they were avid collectors and the entirety of their house was filled with lovely pieces. He always signed "Happ" or "Frank Happ" and the year on his pieces. I would love to have a few of them. If anyone ever runs across some. They lived in KY but I know his furniture went out around the world! Thank you, Raven - wing2sky@gmail.com

--Another Story--

My sister was 8 years older than I am, and back in the sixties, she was always absolutely crazy over Christmas. On Christmas Eve she could hardly sleep with excitement wondering what Santa would bring. The Christmas Eve when I was about three, she came creeping into my room at about (I'm guessing) 3 a.m. and woke me up, telling me that I needed to go and ask mom and dad if we could get up and see if Santa had come. I protested, but she kept at me until she finally convinced me to do it. Her idea was that since I was little, I wouldn't get in trouble over it.
I crept into mom and dad's room and poked and prodded my dad until I woke him up. "Can we get up?"
"No," he said. "It's too early, go back to bed."
Back to my room I went, and told her to go back to bed. An hour later, she crept back into my room and woke me up and we did it all over again, with the same response. The third time my dad had no doubt had enough, and that time as I crept into their bedroom, he said "tell your sister to go back to bed, NOW." I learned later that they had heard her sneak from her room to my room each and every time, our whispered arguments and knew for sure who was really behind the requests.
They finally gave in about 6 a.m., which actually was pretty close to chore time, anyway. They laughed for years about her thinking she was so clever and getting me to do her "dirty work." Rhonda

--Another Story--

It was 1966, and I was working for the Newport, Rhode Island Armed Services YMCA., which served the Navy population in our area. We sponsored a Navy Wives Club and I had become friendly with the President of the club, named Pat. She was married and she and her husband Van had four children. At the club's Christmas Luncheon just before the holidays, Pat took me aside and said that she was very concerned that her youngest child, Tinker, who was five, wouldn't get the yellow bicycle he wanted for Christmas because they just couldn't afford it on Van's Navy salary. The older children understood, she said, but Tinker was too small. To make matters worse, Pat's divorced sister was living with them with her child Tommy, who was also five and Tinker's best friend, and her sister's fiance had already bought Tommy the bright red bicycle he wanted. Both boys, she said, were convinced Santa would bring them the bicycles of their dreams. "I don't know what we'll do," she said, "when they both run downstairs on Christmas morning and there's just one bike." I felt so badly, but I couldn't afford a bicycle, either. There seemed to be no solution.

The afternoon of Christmas Eve my mother arrived from Boston to spend Christmas with me. Over tea I told her the story of Tinker and the yellow bicycle he wouldn't be receiving. She set her teacup down and cried, "Carole, you can't let that happen! That little boy will think the red bike is for him, and when he finds out it isn't he won't understand. He will wonder why Santa didn't bring him one, too, and what he did wrong! Oh, this is awful. You have to go get him a bike and I'll pay for it." I said, "Mama, it's Christmas Eve - the stores are closing." She said, "Then GO! Call his father and have him meet you at the store!" I said, "Well, first I'll have to see if there are any stores still open that have a bike." I called W.T. Grant, which was close to where Pat and Van lived, and spoke to the Toy Department Manager. Not hopefully, I asked, "Do you by any chance have a boy's bike left?" "Yes, I have only one," he replied, "but it's $35.00 and it's yellow." I nearly shouted in my delight, "Hold it for me. I'm coming right out!" "O.K.," he said, "But we close in 40 minutes."

I called Pat and Van and told them what my mother wanted to do. They graciously accepted her offer, and Van met me at Grant's to take home the yellow bike. I drove home marveling that it had all worked out and Tinker would have his yellow bike for Christmas. When I reported to my mother that all had gone well, she said, "Good. Now I can enjoy Christmas."

I remained friends with Pat for many years, and much later she told Tinker the story of the yellow bike. My mother passed away in 1995, and every Christmas I remember the year she saved Santa for a five-year-old boy. That was typical of the way she lived her life - always doing for others. I still miss her. Thank you for the opportunity to tell her story.- Carole in New Orleans

--Another Story--

Thanks to all the TIAS readers who responded to my request for info on Depression Glass Clubs. The new edition of Warman's Depression Glass will be better because of all of you.

May I offer my best wishes to all the TIAS readers and staff for a happy holiday season. It's gently snowing in PA today, the ground is covered in white, so pretty.

Took our two year old grand daughter to see Santa in a lovely restored train station this Saturday. She wanted nothing to do with the jolly old elf, which caused my sister to laugh as she's married to him and she never would get near a Santa when she was little! Ellen

--Another Story--

As a young child in the 1950’s I begged to have a “Wettums” doll for Christmas, the kind that when given her bottle of water would promptly wet her diaper. I was delighted with this doll, but my Dad, always the jokester, would say, “You better check that doll because she’s going to have a BM”. I was just as adamant that she would not do this, but always checked just in case. This went on for days. Then during a holiday meal with numerous family members seated around my Grandmother’s huge kitchen table, my father repeated his claim about my doll. I promptly left the table and retrieved my doll. As always, I checked her diaper to prove him wrong. All eyes were upon me. The room erupted in laughter as my own eyes grew wide and I shouted in astonishment, “She did it!” My Grandmother laughed on and off for the next hour. I was much older when I realized how I had been duped by peanut butter. Thereafter, “She did it” became permanently attached to me and my own antics. I lost that doll somewhere down the line, but never the memory of my trickster Dad and the hilarity of that holiday meal. Linda from Ontario

--Another Story--

Years ago I heard this story from a friend who was a teacher. Seems it was the Christmas season and they talked about the baby Jesus, the Shepard's and the wise men. She asked if anyone knew what gifts the three wise met brought for the baby. One youngster raised his hand and proudly proclaimed that it was gold, frankincense and manure! Rose Marie in Wyoming

--Another Story--

What fun to read all the wonderful, fun and poignant Christmas stories! My story happened in 1948, when I was 6 years old. I played a trick on all the grownups that they never figured out and I never told. We were at my Grandmother's house, 'way out in the mountains of Northern California, on Christmas. The house only had outdoor plumbing, so the nightly ritual was a walk "down the path" before we all went to bed. Everyone would take their turn in the outhouse, while the others stood a discreet distance away and chatted quietly. Everyone smoked in those days, so the smell of cigarette smoke was in the air. No street lights, no other houses nearby, so no artificial light of any kind, no traffic noises, no airplanes, just the peaceful, cold night.

Christmas Eve that year, the sky was brilliantly clear and filled with stars. Everyone talked about how beautiful the night was. One of the grownups, I think one of my uncles, suddenly said "I thought I just saw Santa's sleigh - look, right there!" Others chimed in "Yeah, I see it - look, kids! We'd better get back up to the house so you can jump into bed - he'll be here soon!" We all started back up the path to the house, with all the grownups insisting they saw Santa.

At that moment, I realized I had some jingle bells in my jacket pocket. I put my hand in my pocket, jingled the bells, and excitedly said "I hear him, I hear Santa" all the while continuing to jingle the bells for all I was worth. We all ran inside and we kids jumped into bed.

The last thing I heard as I snuggled down to sleep with a Cheshire Cat grin on my face was my mother saying to my uncle "Those jingle bells were a nice touch!" and his reply "I didn't have any bells, I thought you were doing that!" My grandmother, my aunt and all the others all swore they hadn't done it - and they never figured it out. They are all gone now, but I'm glad I kept my secret so they could perhaps believe - or at least wonder about - the delightful little mysteries of Christmas. Linda, snowed in, in the sticks of Washington State.

--Another Story--

It was a few days before Christmas and I was on the way driving to the shopping mall with my 4 year old Grandson by my side. There were Christmas carols on the radio and one came on that I had learned to sing in French in junior high school . Hoping to impress my Grandson I sang along with the English version and then sang it in French. I looked at my Grandson, Brian and pointed out my accomplishment hoping I had impressed him . I evidently didn't . He looked at me and said '"Now sing it in Chinese " . I'm 81 yrs old now and Brian is out in the working world . My life has changed but I still enjoy my memories of the happy days with my family & friends..Dorothy

--Another Story--

It was 1930 and I was 12 and my sister was 10. We had just moved from a large city to my father's "ancestral" home, a farm in the Valley of Virginia. It was during the depression, but my father had a good safe job and my mother was most unhappy that he felt he had to save the farm from "rack and ruin" as he put it after the death of his father.

It was soon Christmastime and my sister and I who weren't too happy about the whole thing either were not looking forward to the Holidays as our mother had told us there would be no tree for the first time ever.

So one snowy afternoon we told her we were going to go up in the woods and get a tree. We trudged up there, the snow wasn't too deep, and soon found a pine tree about two and a half feet tall. But how do we get it out of the earth? We had no tools. But we started digging with our hands and twigs and pulled at the roots and FINALLY we got our prize and carried it triumphantly home. When Mother saw it she realized how much it meant to us.

She got in the car and drove to the nearest village with us and we went to Spitler's Store. Amazingly there was one small box of ornaments left. There were only nine of them, but we decorated the tree and put it on the piano.

I don't remember what presents we got that year (if any), but I do remember our precious tree. Shirley in California
We collect interesting stories about collecting. Things like your best find, unusual collections, bizarre collectibles. Anything and everything that is interesting that has to do with collecting. We may publish it here. Send your story to newsletter@tias.com

3) Antique News
News-Antique.com is now the #1 search result on Google for antique news. If you want to tell the world
about your antiques & collectibles business, auction, club or upcoming event related to the antiques and
collectibles trade, you can post it for free at http://www.News-Antique.com and we may post it here.
Here are the latest news headlines about antiques and collectibles from http://www.News-Antique.com

1. LiveAuctionTalk.com Looks at Christmas Ornaments of Old
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785880&keys=Christmas-antiques-collectibles-ornaments

2. Vangoghstudio.com adds new paintings to their existing collection
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785878&keys=VanGogh-Paintings-Gogh-Gogh

3. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Debuts Lucky 13th Season on January 5th 2009
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785874&keys=Antiques-Roadshow-Schedule-PBS

4. Fine art, furnishings of Hungarian nobility in Quinn's Feb. 7 auction
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785872&keys=antique-auction-Taos-Osterreicher

5. LiveAuctioneers.com Debuts Independent Live Online Auction Platform
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785869&keys=art-antiques-collectibles-auctions

6. "Make the Market" Doorknob Auction Set for New Years Day
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785868&keys=antique-hardware-doorknobs-restoration

7. Yes, It's a Wonderful Life
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785864&keys=autographs-movie-posters-memorabilia

8. “Legendary” Mastro Auctions Live Sports Auction Generates $2.7 Million
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785863&keys=Baseball-memorabilia-sports-auction

9. Mastro Connoisseur Auction Shines Despite Economy
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785862&keys=Lalique-Mastro-decorative-auction

10. 1930-40s Vintage Hollywood Movie Star Sewing Patterns
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785861&keys=patterns-hollywood-sewing-vintage

11. York Antique Toy, Doll, Holiday & Advertising Show slated for Feb. 7
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785860&keys=antique-toy-auction-Morphy

12. Huntley Jewelry and Antique Mall Christmas Sale
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785859&keys=Filigree-Memorabilia-Stamps-Antiques

13. Federal Georgian Lovebirds Depression Glass at Cat Lady Kate's Elegant and Depression Glass
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785858&keys=Depression-Glass-Georgian-Federal

14. After Holiday Sale at Dinnerware Replacements
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785857&keys=Dinnerware-Replacements-Collectibles-Sale

15. Holiday Happenings with Tony Bennett at Imagemakers Art Gallery
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785855&keys=Bennett-Benedetto-Tony-Christmas

16. Original ‘Superduperman’ art leads Comics and Comic Art auction, Feb. > 26-27/
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785854&keys=Superduperman-Superman-Art-Comic

17. Portions of the Cleveland Collection
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785853&keys=Christmas-Cleveland-photography-Galleries

18. A gathering of very rare and extremely valuable collectibles from Dallas-based auctioneer
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785852&keys=baseball-artwork-amazingly-rocket

Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785851&keys=Sotheby-Molded-HIGHLIGHTS-Edward

20. Australian Art Sacrificed for Cezanne - artmarketblog.com
Click here: http://www.news-antique.com/?id=785850&keys=art-artist-market-investment
MANY more stories are added several times a day. You can read the latest news now at:
YES! you can put the latest DAILY news about antiques and collectibles on your Web site.
It's easy to do. Go to: http://javafeed.news-antique.com/ to get the code.

4) Your Classifieds...
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Do you have antiques or collectibles you are just itching to sell? A simple classified ad in this newsletter might just be your answer. Over 15,000 readers subscribe to this newsletter. One of them just might be able
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5) Newly listed items for your online shopping pleasure for Friday December 23, 2008 Stop by and check out today's fresh inventory at:
TIAS - http://www.tias.com/showcase
CollectorOnline - http://cgi.tias.com/showcase/?groupKey=7
AntiqueArts - http://cgi.tias.com/showcase/?groupKey=3
Earthling - http://cgi.tias.com/showcase/?groupKey=6

6) Funny Old Stuff
This is our humor section. These are humorous family stories and comments that are sent in by readers. If you have a submission you would like to share, please send it to newsletter@tias.com and we may run it in the next issue.
Hello, I love reading your 'stories'.

I have one but I am not so sure you will be able to post it due to the contents. At the time, my son was quite young and blurted things out without thinking as only a mother knows all too well. We've all been 'victims' of our children's innocence at one time or another.

Taking my young son to lunch one day, I purchased a Derwienerschnitzel wiener dog to hang on my car antennae. These little hot dogs were made to cling on to the antennae with their little hands and feet. My son used to really get a kick out of it. I used to park my car in front of my house right
at the edge of my neighbors driveway. One day as I was opening my back door of my car to let
my son in, my neighbor 'Andy' was backing out of his driveway. He stopped to say hello to my son and it was then that my son spotted that he too had a wiener dog hanging on his car antennae too. My son got so excited and told my neighbor: "Andy, you got a wienie just like my mom!!"
I just about died a thousand deaths. All I could do in my defense was tell my neighbor : " I really don't!" My neighbor went into hysterical laughter. I too laughed so hard till I was crying. My son had no idea why we were laughing so hard and kept asking what was so funny. The more he asked, the more we laughed. After that day I couldn't get into my car without a little chuckle. Needless to say, that little hot dog hung on my antennae until it was so faded and almost bleached tan from the sun. I hope to be able to find one of those little hot dogs (they were sold back in the early '90's) and give it to my son to put on his first car. He will be driving soon. Thank you so much for allowing me the time to reminisce and be able to write about it as most of my memories are in my head and not on paper. Corina

--Another Story--

I belong to an on-line crafting group, and the subject came up of the best way to dispose of old sharp X-Acto and/or razor blades. This subject reminded me of a funny discovery I made when I was remodeling an old bathroom in a house I once owned. It was time to take out the old metal medicine cabinet (the kind that mounts on the wall) and put in a new one. Imagine my surprise when I discovered scores of old, used razor blades buried in between the studs of the wall! There was a small slot at the back of the metal medicine cabinet which apparently was designed to be used for disposing of old blades. I never knew any such thing existed until I took out the old cabinet and then went back and looked at it again. A previous owner or owners had deposited their old razor blades through the slot, and there were scores of them now buried behind the wall of the bathroom! So if any of you still have the old metal medicine cabinets, check to see if there is a slot in the back... and now you'll know what it's for! Guess you learn something new every day!
~Anita in Maryland
We need stories for our humor section. Tell us some funny, family related stories and we'll share them with our readers. Send them to newsletter@tias.com
Do you have a funny family story you would like to share? Make someone feel good by sharing it with us. Send it to newsletter@tias.com and we may publish it here.

7) Wanted ads. Can you help?
Here are the latest wanted ads from the TIAS Exchange. Can you help someone out?
GET YOUR WANTED AD HERE! Just $10 and we'll send it out to 15,000 people who get this newsletter. Go to http://www.tias.com/cgi-bin/submitClassified.cgi
Looking for something? Place a "Wanted" ad in this newsletter. Over 16,000 subscribers will see it. It's easy, go to: http://www.tias.com/cgi-bin/submitClassified.cgi

9) A Vintage Recipe
Be sure to check out our vintage recipe archive online at: http://www.tias.com/newsletter/topics/A%20Vintage%20Recipe.html Over 1200 wonderful vintage recipes are listed.

In our last issue Ruth requested a recipe for "Golden Fruitcake" . We had one reply.
Ruth's request sounds like a pineapple upside down cake. Here is a great recipe I have made...

2 tablespoons butter, melted
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)
8 maraschino cherries
1 (16 oz.) can pineapple slices
1/2 teaspoon ginger

Heat butter, sugar, nuts, and ginger until a paste is formed. Place pineapple slices in 9 x 13 inch pan on top of brown sugar mixture; put cherry inside each of the pineapple centers. Set aside.

1/4 cup butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs, separated
1 1/2 cup flour, sifted
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon desired flavoring: lemon, almond, orange, pineapple
1/2 cup milk

Cream butter with sugar. Add 2 egg yolks, beaten. Sift flour, baking powder, and salt together. Add alternately with milk to the sugar- butter mixture.
Beat egg whites until stiff (but not dry) and fold into batter gently. Pour over pineapple-brown sugar icing.
Bake at 350°F for 45 minutes or until done.
Cool 5 minutes.
Turn upside-down onto a serving plate or tray.
If you enjoy these vintage recipes, you should buy a vintage cookbook from us. They make great gifts too. Take a look at: http://www.tias.com/cookbooks
Buy a Vintage Kitchen collectible from us. We've got lots of them here: http://www.tias.com/kitchen

10) A vintage recipe request from a reader
As with collectibles, people also have very strong feelings about foods from their past. Sometimes these special recipes get lost. This section is to help people who are looking for lost recipes from their past. If you
submit a request, please include the geographical region where you had this recipe.
Can anyone help me out with a recipe for "potato candy"? Thanks Ann
If you can help this reader with this recipe, please forward it to recipes@tias.com . If you have a vintage recipe request send it to recipes@tias.com and we might just publish it here.
Be sure to check out our vintage kitchen collectibles section online at: http://www.tias.com/kitchen

11) New Online Merchants
Be sure to check out all of the fresh inventory offered by these new merchants at TIAS.
Dersu Collectibles & Antiques
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Cleopatra Giftshop
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12) Helpful Resources:
1. Find an antiques or collectibles club. Nearly 2000 different clubs listed. Take a look at: http://www.tias.com/cgi-bin/clubs.cgi

2. What's it worth? Try Kovels' free online price guide to over 600,000 antiques and collectibles. It can be found online at http://www.kovels.com

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5. Get an online appraisal. For just $9.95 from "What's It Worth To You?" http://www.whatsitworthtoyou.com/tias.htm (Not affiliated with Kovels.com)

6. The Latest News regarding Antiques & Collectibles Take a look at http://www.news-antique.com

Thanks for reading. Feel free to forward this to a friend. To subscribe to this newsletter go to: http://www.tias.com/subscribe Please note that stories and recipes from readers are not checked for accuracy. They may be edited prior to publication. For questions or comments, you can reach us at newsletter@TIAS.com ©1995-2008 TIAS.com Inc.

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