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The Collectors Newsletter #820 -- July 2010

The Collectors Newsletter #820 -- July 2010

--Here is the newsletter you requested. Thank you for your support!

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2. Stories From our Readers
3. Antique News
4. Your Classifieds
5. Newly listed items
6. Funny Old Stuff
7. Wanted ads. Can you help?
8. A Vintage Recipe
9. A Vintage Recipe Request from a Reader
10. New On line Merchants
11. Helpful Resources For Collectors

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1) Featured Collectors Club
Highlighting clubs of interest to collectors.

Barbie Collector's Club (Official Mattel Site)
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* The Barbie™ Bulletin Board: Connect with fellow collectors and enthusiasts.
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Are you interested in collecting vintage Barbie Dolls? See:

2) We want your stories. Do you have any stories related to your adventures collecting? Share them with us. Put together a few choice words and email them to me at Phil@TIAS.com
Now we can share PHOTOS & VIDEOS!!!
Become a fan of the TIAS.com newsletter on Facebook and we can start sharing photos & videos of some of the more interesting items we come across. I just loaded a small paper needle case from the 1920's. The graphics on the paper are quite amazing. See: http://bit.ly/cguVAo .

What is it, or what is it worth? Post a photo on our facebook page http://bit.ly/cguVAo of something you would like to find the value of and maybe the group can help you out.

--Another Story--

Hi Phil. I have been wondering if any of your readers , remember the parlor sofa, called the duofold. My grandparents had one. It was as short as a love seat, covered in leather with wooden arms at the ends. It was so uncomfortable to sit on. It had a hump in the middle of it , that let you slide off of it if you were too short to get your feet on floor to brace your self. But it was a wonderful hide-i- bed.

when us grandkids would stay over night, Grandpa would , pull on the seat of it and it would slide, out as a bed. Grandma had put a feather bed on it , with lots of blankets and sheets. It always smelled, musty but us grandchildren , just loved to sleep on it. It was one ugly piece of furniture, but wish I knew where it went after , grandparents died. This would of been in the 1930's when we were children.

--Another Story--

More to the No TV stories.-
I got rid of my TV in 1985. It is amazing how much more I can get done. It's also nice when friends call or come by. I can give them my full attention. It doesn't matter when, they aren't interfering with any favorite program and no TV is flickering in the background.

It has been worth it just to hear the gasp of disbelief when I get a TV survey or a marketing call for cable or satellite. Bettie

--Another Story--

Recently, Bev, wrote to the newsletter asking for information about repairing an old family Bible. Bev, if you are still out there, you may email me directly and I think I can help you with your Bible if I can get some further information from you about the exact type of damage.
You may reach me at Jumeaujs1@aol.com - Judy
I would be more than happy to help you with this project if I can. I have been collecting vintage and antique books for most of my 60 (plus) lives and have been restoring them for many years as well. HOWEVER - I know when I am out of my element and would never have you do something that will damage your precious Bible. I'll be more than pleased to help you if you would care to email me. God Bless you, Judy Jacksonville, Fla.
We collect interesting stories about collecting. Things like your best find, unusual collections, bizarre collectibles. Anything and everything that is interesting that has to do with collecting. We may publish it here. Send your story to newsletter@tias.com

3) Antique News
If you want to tell the world about your antiques & collectibles business, auction, club or upcoming event related to the antiques and collectibles trade, you can post it for free at http://www.News-Antique.com the #1 listing on Google for "Antique News" Your news release will get published online and will also appear in this newsletter so that 15,000 people can read it. To post a release, go to http://www.News-Antique.com
Check the latest news headlines about antiques and collectibles at http://www.News-Antique.com
1. Leland Little Auction: July 31, 2010 - Estate
Treasures Auction - 3:00 P.M.
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=793725

2. Best Buys at Bi-monthly Eclectic Auction at
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=793717

3. Theodore Roosevelt as Rough Rider This
Week at LiveAuctionTalk.com
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=793713

4. Artfact Live! Presenting Guyette & Schmidt Inc.
Decoy Auction.
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=793711

5. Grey Flannel announces details of Aug. 13
Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Auction
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=793701

6. Visible and Hidden: Art from the Realms of
Men and Women during Korea's Joseon Dynasty
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=793682

Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=793668

8. Tradewinds Mid-Summer Online Only Auction
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=793666
MANY more stories are added several times a day. You can read the latest news now at:
YES! you can put the latest DAILY news about antiques and collectibles on your Web site.
It's easy to do. Go to: http://javafeed.news-antique.com/ to get the code.

4) Your Classifieds...
Selling Old Cameos

Walnut Bed and dresser, American, Circa 1870's

Time Was Antiques Shelley China Specialists

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5) Newly listed items for your online shopping pleasure for Tuesday July 27, 2010 Stop by and check out today's fresh inventory at:
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AntiqueArts - http://cgi.tias.com/showcase/?groupKey=3
Earthling - http://cgi.tias.com/showcase/?groupKey=6

6) Funny Old Stuff
This is our humor section. These are humorous family stories and comments that are sent in by readers. If you have a submission you would like to share, please send it to newsletter@tias.com and we may run it in the next issue.
My husband & I collected fine, or antique, or rare, other other fine books, over 43 years of marriage. Upon his death, I wanted to be sure my children, then already adults, knew what treasures were in those books. I was my intent then that when I passed on they would be sure to scan those books very carefully to see what they were, and then not to just toss them into a dumpster. So I told them to be sure to check each of the books carefully as " Daddy used to hide money in them". (Which of course he never did). I thought that was a great idea..then 2 years later my son called out of the blue & said: " Mother, if Daddy actually hid money in those book, why haven't you looked through them" ? There went my great idea! ARM in NC
Do you have a funny family story you would like to share? Make someone feel good by sharing it with us. Send it to newsletter@tias.com and we may publish it here.

7) Wanted ads. Can you help?
Here are the latest wanted ads from the TIAS Exchange. Can you help someone out?
GET YOUR WANTED AD HERE! Just $10 and we'll send it out to 15,000 people who get this newsletter. Go to http://www.tias.com/cgi-bin/submitClassified.cgi
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9) A Vintage Recipe
Be sure to check out our vintage recipe archive online at: http://www.tias.com/newsletter/topics/A%20Vintage%20Recipe.html Over 1200 wonderful vintage recipes are listed.

In the last issue a reader requested recipes for " Layered banana cake" we received the following...

It probably was not an icing but a glaze. I would guess lemon juice and powdered sugar. The lemon would help to keep the bananas from turning dark. - Roberta

--Another Recipe--

Banana Layer Cake

For cake layers

2-1/4 cups sifted cake flour (not self-rising; sift before measuring)
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 large banana's
1/4 cup buttermilk (can use yogurt)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted butter, softened
1 cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs

For frosting
1 pound confectioners' sugar (about 3 3/4 cups)
8 ounces cream cheese, softened
1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted butter, softened
2 teaspoons vanilla

2 to 3 large firm bananas

Make cake layers:

Preheat oven to 350 F. Butter and flour three 8-inch round cake pans, knocking out excess flour.

Into a bowl sift together flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. In a small bowl whisk together mashed banana, yogurt or buttermilk, and vanilla. In a large bowl with an electric mixer beat together butter and sugar until light and fluffy and beat in eggs 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. Stir in flour and banana mixtures alternately, beginning and ending with flour mixture and stirring after each addition until just combined. (Do not overmix.)

Divide batter evenly among pans, smoothing tops, and bake in upper and lower thirds of oven, switching position of pans halfway through baking, about 20 minutes total, or until layers are springy to the touch and a tester comes out clean. Cool layers in pans on racks 10 minutes. Run a thin knife around edges of pans and invert layers onto racks to cool completely. (Cake layers may be made 1 day ahead and kept, wrapped well in plastic wrap, at room temperature.)

Make frosting:

Into a large bowl sift confectioners' sugar. In another large bowl with an electric mixer beat together cream cheese and butter until light and fluffy and beat in vanilla and a pinch salt. Beat in confectioners' sugar, a little at a time, and beat frosting until smooth.

Assemble cake:

Cut 2 bananas diagonally into thin slices. Put a cake layer on a serving plate and spread with a thin coating of frosting. Arrange one layer of banana slices on frosting, overlapping them slightly, and top with second cake layer. Spread cake layer with another thin coating of frosting and arrange 1 more layer of banana slices in same manner, cutting and using slices from third banana if necessary. Top bananas with remaining cake layer and spread remaining frosting over top and sides of cake. Then arrange long slices of bananas all around the outside of the cake. (Cake may be made 8 hours ahead and kept in a cake keeper at cool temperature.)
(Alternative toppings)
Whip 1 carton whipping cream, (a pint, ) sweeten very lightly with powdered sugar. Throw in a little vanilla for good measure.
1 large box of cooked banana cream pudding (not the instant)
Make according to directions on box and cool.
3 additional bananas
Split the layers, putting pudding & sliced bananas into 2 layers, and the whipped cream in the others. Frost the whole cake with whip cream & sprinkle chopped walnuts on top.
Carol Thomas--Cullman,AL
If you enjoy these vintage recipes, you should buy a vintage cookbook from us. They make great gifts too. Take a look at: http://www.tias.com/cookbooks
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10) A vintage recipe request from a reader
As with collectibles, people also have very strong feelings about foods from their past. Sometimes these special recipes get lost. This section is to help people who are looking for lost recipes from their past. If you submit a request, please include the geographical region where you had this recipe.
In the mid 60's Krystal (restaurant in East Point, Ga.) had a pie that was so delicious. I believe it was a cream bottom and strawberry filling like on the top. Would love to have that again if anyone has the recipe. - the lakehouse -
If you can help this reader with this recipe, please forward it to recipes@tias.com . If you have a vintage recipe request send it to recipes@tias.com and we might just publish it here.
Be sure to check out our vintage kitchen collectibles section online at: http://www.tias.com/kitchen

11) New Online Merchants
Be sure to check out all of the fresh inventory offered by these new merchants at TIAS.
Rare Antiques and Vintage Collectables
Rare Antiques and Vintage Collectibles is an Antiques showroom with Collectibles and Antiques including Porcelain, Glass, Furniture, Hand Carved Marble and Granite, Art Glass, Sevres, Dresden, Samson and Oriental Antiques including Chinese and Japanese Antiques

Therese's Antique Boutique
My inventory ranges from Depression Glass, Porcelain, Jewelry, Tableware, and Teacups. All items are described with the greatest detail. I am passionate about preserving and sharing a part of history and craftsmanship with anyone who is interested.

Jewels And My Girls
Welcome to our store! My girls and I love to collect vintage jewelry and antique items. Our inventory includes glassware, sterling silver and gold, wooden boxes, and our fabulous vintage jewelry! Our inventory changes weekly so please check back.

Rainbow Gifts and Collectibles
My inventory includes, but is not limited too, glass, china, pottery, and costume/estate jewelry. Come in and browse around. Thanks for coming!!

Midwest Pickers
Vintage Cameras, Typewriters, Office Machines and Fans are just some of the fantastic items you will find here. We feature vintage and antique finds from barns, sheds, attics and sales from the Heartland of America.
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12) Helpful Resources:
1. Find an antiques or collectibles club. Nearly 2000 different clubs listed. Take a look at: http://www.tias.com/cgi-bin/clubs.cgi
2. What's it worth? Try Kovels' free online price guide to over 600,000 antiques and collectibles. It can be found online at http://www.kovels.com
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4. Get an online appraisal. For just $9.95 from "What's It Worth To You?" http://www.whatsitworthtoyou.com/tias.htm (Not affiliated with Kovels.com)

Thanks for reading. Feel free to forward this to a friend. To subscribe to this newsletter go to: http://www.tias.com/subscribe Please note that stories and recipes from readers are not checked for accuracy. They may be edited prior to publication. For questions or comments, you can reach us at newsletter@TIAS.com ©1995-2010 TIAS.com Inc.

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