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The Collectors Newsletter #859 -- July 2011
The Collectors Newsletter #859 -- July 2011

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1. Work from home selling antiques & collectibles
2. This Week's Survey
3. Stories From our readers
4. This Week's Antique News
5. Your Classifieds
6. Newly listed items
7. Funny Old Stuff
8. Wanted ads. Can you help?
9. A Vintage Recipe
10. A Vintage Recipe Request from a Reader
11. New On line Merchants
12. Helpful Resources For Collectors

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1. Work from home selling antiques & collectibles.
In your spare time you can sell antiques and collectibles from home.
Since 1995 TIAS.com has been helping dealers and collectors just like you to sell their antiques and collectibles online. It costs you nothing to kick the tires and see if an online store is right for you. Give TIAS a try today at: http://www.MakeAShop.com

2. This Week's Survey
Every week we post a new survey question and the results from the previous week's survey. Survey questions are about anything related to antiques & collectibles. If you have a suggestion for a survey question, email it to me at phil@tias.com and we might use it in the next newsletter.
Come and visit us on Facebook where you can post comments and photos - see us at http://bit.ly/cguVAo

This weeks survey question is ....
"John finds a vintage child's pedal car in the basement of his uncle's house. His Uncle wants him to find out what it is worth. John calls at least 6 different dealers that specialize in pedal cars to get a retail value for the car. They all tell him that they would be happy to give him an appraisal for a fee. He is annoyed that no one will tell him what it is worth unless he pays them. Should antiques & collectibles dealers charge the public for appraisals or should they give this information for free?"

It takes just a few seconds to give us your answer to this questions at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HWWVNTJ
We'll tabulate the results and comments and publish them in next week's newsletter.

The Last Survey Question Was....

"You inherited a pocket watch from your Grandfather. It has a chime that seems to go off at very odd times and on several occasions the watch seems to have moved around the house without anyone actually moving it. Would owning a 'haunted watch' like this bother you?"

94.6% - said "No, it would not bother me."
5.4% - said "yes, it would bother me."

Here are some written replies that were included with the results from our last survey

a) Nope - since he was the sweetest man in the world, I'd figure he was just trying to hang out with the family!

b) I think I'd be comforted!

c) I would see it as a sign from my grandfather that he was thinking of us!

d) There are strange things that happen in my house. I, don't like it but have learned to live with whatever.

e) Kind of cool to have a "real" haunted watch.

f) First, there is a logical explanation for its moving around. Next, it would always be a reminder of the grandfather I loved.

g) Do not believe in such nonsense.

h) Things happen and there is always some reason though difficult to identify

i) There could be a jokester in the family. If not, I'd wonder what he was trying to tell me.

k) As a Christian I won't allow myself to believe there is such a thing as a "haunted watch." There are some "strange people" around, but not haunted objects.

l) I would chalk it up to my own senior moments when I found it in an unexpected place and to the age of the watch when it chimed at the wrong time.

m) The only questionable thing here is the sanity or memory of the owner of the watch. Do others question your ability to remember where you left things?

n) Not having known either grandpa, (they both passed before I was born), I would cherish anything belonging to him and consider it to be his way of corresponding.

o) I once lived in a haunted house in St. Joseph MO. It wasn't frightening after I figured out what was going on. The more we talked to the spirit (We believed it was a young girl), the more active the house became. It was almost like she wanted to be acknowledged and included. She used to move things all the time, turn lights on and off, and even said my daughter's name one night. She never slept in that room again!

p) Objects don't move by themselves; either someone in the household is playing tricks on you, or they're very forgetful! Ghosts are a figment of the imagination. If anyone wants to part with their "haunted" items, I'll be glad to take them off your hands! :)

q) My bible says "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord". If I had anything that was haunted, I would send the foul spirit away in Jesus name and be done with it. The watch would no longer move on it's own.

r) I have things that are moved or lost and then show up later in my house for several years now..even a pacifier took out of my daughters hand..so wouldn't bother me.

s) I would keep track of the time it goes off to see if I could connect to something in his life that he was doing, Again keeping track of were I found the watch, to see if their might be a connection of where it was found. Very interesting to see if their is a connection.

t) I would cherish it and also talk to it and tell it how much I loved and admired my Grandfather and how happy I am that he left it for me. It needs to be told so it can "settle in"

u) I wouldn't believe the watch was haunted. I would get the watch fixed, since there is something mechanically wrong with it. Someone asked me once if I believed in ghosts, and I replied that I did not, but I would if I ever saw a ghost. He responded by asking, "If you think about it, the only people who see ghosts are the ones who believe in ghosts."

v) No, I would love to have it, treasure it & dream up reasons why this would be happening. Grandpa, what were you doing at this time (at the time when the alarm goes off) that I should remember ? Nostalgic me !

w) I would start to research into exactly what my grandfather had been up to at the various odd hours that the chimes signal. There may be some very interesting stories there.

x) Maybe Grandfather loved the watch so much he didn't want to leave it. You should take it as a sign that your Grandfather is still with you in spirit.

3. Stories from our readers
We collect interesting stories about collecting. Things like your best find, unusual collections, bizarre collectibles even things that bug you. Anything and everything that is interesting that has to do with antiques & collectibles. We may publish it here. Send your story to Phil@tias.com
Our current question is...
What was the best thing you ever found at the curb? We received the following...

My story dates back to mid 70's...I friend of mine phoned me about two old gas pumps left out side a dump he spotted while dirt biking. I and my wife drove up and found them..we loaded the best one into my truck and left the other one there. It was a tall and heavy with the visible 10 gallon glass globe on top, plus the hose and brass nozzle ! I made it into a yard light next to my shop where I kept my antique cars.

--Another Story--

On a crisp Saturday morning, earlier this Spring, I was on my way to a yard sale which I had seen an add for in the paper. Feeling somewhat disappointed with the result, I was considering heading back home. I chose to take an alternate route other than the one that brought me there. In doing so, I drove by an industrial size dumpster setting curbside in one of our older, well to do neighborhoods. In passing, I noticed several people and a sea of boxes on the lawn of a lovely turn of the century home. A block or two past the commotion, the thought popped into my head. "Do you have the intestinal fortitude to approach those people and ask if you can look in their dumpster??!!" After little thought, I turned my car around and headed back. As I was returning, I noticed a pick up truck with attached trailer, had pulled up and the three occupants were walking around the dumpster. I thought to myself, "If they can do it, you can dot it!" I pulled in behind and parked. I left my car and walked up the lawn to a lady standing in the doorway. I asked if they were doing a clean out and if she would mind me peeking in the dumpster. She looked a bit bewildered and said that the home had been her Mother's. Right then, her Husband came along, who must have heard my questions and said "Go ahead an look, just be careful." By this time, the other three were inside the dumpster. At first I just stood alongside peering in. It didn't take but a minute or so before I too was balancing atop mounds of this old house's contents. Honestly, I could not have been more amazed. Everywhere I looked there were collectibles of some nature, many never opened, in their boxes or packaging, all mid century and earlier. What caught my eye more specifically, was the abundance of 1950'-60's Christmas decoratives. To be on the safe side, I asked the gentleman if he would mind if I took the Christmas home. His reply was music to my ears. "Take anything you want. The more stuff you take out, the more stuff I can put in." The owners goal was getting the house emptied and readied for sale. After realizing what my interests were, pretty soon he was building me a huge pile of boxes marked Christmas as he took them out of the basement. It occurred to me after awhile that the other folks were mainly interested in metal for scrap and not the collectibles so much. They did however, pull out a vintage DUKES of HAZZARD lunch box with the thermos in it, never used, with the hang tag still attached. Nice! I quickly called my Husband and told him to meet me with his work van. He arrived and filled it to the roof with box upon box of goodies, left, unloaded it, came back and filled it again. The folks picking the metal informed me that this was the second time that this dumpster had been filled. I can only imagine what I had missed, considering this lot was from the basement and the other had been from the house. Once we had all that we could consider taking, we thanked the owners and headed home. I was truly a kid at Christmastime opening boxes and unwrapping treasures, several of which had been hidden in the unopened boxes marked Christmas, that had kindly been set curbside for me. Many of the items I have kept, many others I have sold for wonderful profits and still more remain. How happy I am to have saved these mementos of years gone by from a sad fate in the local landfill. What an amazing day and unforgettable curbside find.

4. This week's Antique News
TIAS.com ( http://www.tias.com) the Webs largest online antique and collectible mall today released their monthly "Hot List" of Antiques & Collectibles. The TIAS "Hot List" has been published monthly since 2002. These monthly "Hot Lists" are based on hundreds of thousands of searches by people using the online search engines at the indicated Web sites. This month's list includes the top 10 terms for June 2011. The top 10 searches for May 2011 are also included for comparison.

Keep in mind that these searches are what people were looking for, not necessarily what they were buying. In many cases, people will search for items when they are just trying to determine a value of a specific item that they have in their possession.

Here are the top ten search words used at http://www.TIAS.com. This site specializes in offering a broad range of antiques and collectibles:

June 2011

1. Glass
2. China & Dinnerware
3. Porcelain & Pottery
4. Vases
5. Figurines
6. Silver
7. Plates
8. Dolls
9. Antiquities
10. Art

May 2011

1. China & Dinnerware
2. Glass
3. Porcelain & Pottery
4. Vases
5. Figurines
6. Silver
7. Dolls
8. Art
9. Antiquities
10. Stamps

Here are the top ten search words used at http://www.AntiqueArts.com . This site specialized in "high end" Antiques and Art:

June 2011

1. Transferware
2. Staffordshire
3. Mirrors
4. Limoges
5. Chairs
6. Tables
7. Desks
8. CDV (Carte De Vista)
9. Swords
10. Sofas

May 2011

1. Staffordshire
2. Transferware
3. Chairs
4. Tables
5. Mirrors
6. Desks
7. Limoges
8. CDV (Carte De Vista)
9. Sofas
10. Tiffany

Past hot lists can now be viewed online in the TIAS Newsletter archives, just search for "Hot List" at http://www.tias.com/newsletter

If you want to tell the world about your antiques & collectibles business, auction, club or upcoming event related to the antiques and collectibles trade, you can post it for free at http://www.News-Antique.com the #1 listing on Google for "Antique News" Your news release will get published online and will also appear in this newsletter so that 16,000 people can read it. To post a release, go to http://www.News-Antique.com

1. Can Antiques and Vintage Dealers Benefit from the QR Code?
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799176

2. Kovels' Top 10 Collector Searches for June 2011
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799174

3. Masterful Beadwork of the Sioux Indians This Week at LiveAuctionTalk.com
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799173

4. The Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show Reports Its Highest Attendance Ever
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799156

5. Texaco counter-top display rack hits $7,425 at Matthews Auctions
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799155

6. The most famous ancient coin of all – the ‘Ides of March’ coin celebrating Caesar’s assassination
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799153

7. The Haight-Ashbury Collection of original hand-crafted psychedelic art at Heritage Auctions
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799151

8. Colonial Sense: Auction Results: June 2011
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799149

9. Family Jewels
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799148

Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799147

11. Nationwide Estate sale Services
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799130

12. New recruits battled veteran collectors in Old Toy Soldier Auctions’ $254,000 sale
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799129

13. Now Live @ iGavelAuctions.com:Summer American & European Antiques Decorations & Fine Art Sale
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799128

14. Artfact Live! June Auction Results Roundup
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799127

15. Bids Soar for Rare Rolling Stones Poster l Top Selling eBay Auction
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799126

16. Strickler's Celebrity Autographs Celebrates 30 Years Serving Collectors
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799109

17. Wikicollecting: the Top 10 most expensive paintings ever sold
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799107

18. Long Beach Antique Market supports local non profit
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799100

19. Wikicollecting: the Top 10 most expensive paintings ever sold
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799107

20. Long Beach Antique Market supports local non profit
Click here: http://news-antique.com/?id=799100
Check the latest news headlines about antiques and collectibles at http://www.News-Antique.com
MANY more stories are added several times a day. You can read the latest news about antiques & collectibles now at:

5, Your Classifieds...
Time Was Antiques English Royalty Items Specialists

Do you have antiques or collectibles you are just itching to sell? A simple classified ad in this newsletter might just be your answer. Over 15,000 readers subscribe to this newsletter. One of them just might be able to help you out. Place your ad today at: http://tinyurl.com/39eulu

Want to know what our advertisers think? Check out the testimonials at: http://tinyurl.com/8xqyw

6. Newly listed items for your online shopping pleasure for Thursday July 14, 2011 Stop by and check out today's fresh inventory at:
TIAS.com - http://www.tias.com/showcase
CollectorOnline - http://cgi.tias.com/showcase/?groupKey=7
AntiqueArts - http://cgi.tias.com/showcase/?groupKey=3
Earthling - http://cgi.tias.com/showcase/?groupKey=6

7, Funny Old Stuff
This is our humor section. These are humorous family stories and comments that are sent in by readers. If you have a submission you would like to share, please send it to newsletter@tias.com and we may run it in the next issue.
My father ( Artie ), and my Uncle Americo were brothers and as children, were growing up in Bronx, NY in the 1930's. As their parents (my grandparents) immigrated from Italy only 8 years prior, times were hard and funds were low. Everybody was always trying to make a buck. They did not have much in the way of toys, but my Uncle Americo did have a bicycle. One day, he found that his bike was missing. A week later, he saw a strange boy riding the stolen bike down the street. My Uncle chased the boy and finally caught up with him, yelling "hey, that's my bike! You stole my bike!".... which the boy replied "I didn't steal this bike! I bought it from a kid named Arite!"

My dear humble, kind and understanding Uncle said he didn't take the bike from the kid because he said that the boy bought the bike assuming a fair and square deal and it wouldn't have been right to take the bike from him. God rest their souls! I had always asked my Uncle to repeat that story to others and we always got a good laugh.
Nancy in Narrowsburg, NY
Do you have a funny family story you would like to share? Make someone feel good by sharing it with us. Send it to newsletter@tias.com and we may publish it here.

8. Wanted ads. Can you help?
Here are the latest wanted ads from the TIAS Exchange. Can you help someone out?
WANTED: Vintage Medical and dental Items. Especially quackery.
GET YOUR WANTED AD HERE! Just $10 and we'll send it out to 15,000 people who get this newsletter. Go to http://www.tias.com/cgi-bin/submitClassified.cgi
Looking for something? Place a "Wanted" ad in this newsletter. Over 16,000 subscribers will see it. It's easy, go to: http://www.tias.com/cgi-bin/submitClassified.cgi

9. A Vintage Recipe
Be sure to check out our vintage recipe archive online at: http://www.tias.com/newsletter/topics/A%20Vintage%20Recipe.html Over 1200 wonderful vintage recipes are listed.

In the last issueVince requested some recipes for blackberries. We received the following...

Two good uses for blackberries (in England, often picked wild from hedgerows, rather than cultivated, and known as brambles):

Firstly, eat them! Alone or in fruit salad.

Secondly, Blackberry and apple crumble:

Use a deep pie dish, Pyrex or earthenware.
Put a layer of peeled, cored and sliced cooking apples in the bottom, sweeten a little to taste. Then add a layer of blackberries.
For the crumble topping, rub 3 ounces of butter into 6 ounces of plain flour until the mix looks like breadcrumbs (either by hand, with a pastry mixing tool or in a food processor), then stir in 3 ounces of sugar (castor or granulated).
Spread topping on fruit, sprinkle a little brown (demerara) sugar on top and cook in a preheated moderate oven until nicely browned and crisp on top (25 minutes or so). This should leave some texture in the apple - if you prefer, you can pre-cook the apples to get smoother texture. Later in the year, you can make the crumble with frozen cooked apples and brambles, or substitute any fruit you have a glut of for the blackberries and apples (gooseberries are good, but obviously need sweetening, raspberries and apple, pineapple and pear, blackcurrants need some precooking).
The recipe may seem a bit vague on quantities, but it really isn't that critical - I usually use 2 large Bramley apples to about 2 cupfuls of blackberries, and scale the topping quantity up or down depending on the shape of the dish!
Traditionally served with hot custard (only 1 of the household likes it, so he gets a tub of ready-made from the supermarket!)

From Mike, in rural Lincolnshire

--Another Recipe--

Years ago I moved into a house that was surrounded /w blackberries, a great find. I proceeded to make jam, pies,and just plain devour them in a bowl /w sugar and milk.Best ever. But I must have over picked as they never produced as many again, even though I lived there for many years.

--Another Recipe--

Hi--I include them in fruit salads, Bumbleberry pie mixtures, I also make jelly and a lovely sour cream coffee cake.

--Another Recipe--

I wash them, and spread them on clean, greased cookie sheets so the berries don't touch, put them in the freezer until they are hard, then pack them in glass jars or freezer bags. They stay separate and are easy to use.

--Another Recipe--

Blackberry Jam

5 cups crushed blackberries (do not puree, crush with a potato masher)
7 cups sugar
1 (1 3/4 ounce) package fruit jell pectin (I use Sure Jell)
Carefully measure out the berries, put them into a very large pot (8qt).
Carefully measure sugar in a lg bowl.
Add the pectin to the berries a little at a time, stirring constantly.
Heat on hi, stirring constantly until mixture comes to a FULL boil.
Add sugar ALL at once, stirring.
Bring mixture back to a full hard boil, stirring constantly.
Ladle into clean, hot 8oz jars, leaving 1/4 inch space at the top.
Wipe the rim of the jar and put canning lids and rings(that have been in a pan of HOT water) on firmly tight.
Place them upright on a towel to set for 12 hours.
Carol Thomas---Cullman,Al

--Another Recipe--

Oh my Vince! There is nothing better than a nice warm cobbler, fresh out of the oven! Scoop a little vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream on top...Mmmmm, now there's a lip-smackin' dessert. This recipe is very simple and has been in our family for nearly 100 years.

2 ˝ cups fresh or frozen blackberries
1 cup sugar
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1cup milk
˝ cup butter, melted

In medium bowl, stir together blackberries and sugar. Let stand about 20 minutes or until fruit syrup forms. Heat oven to 375°F.
In large bowl, stir together flour, baking powder, salt and then milk. Stir in melted butter until blended. Spread in ungreased 8-inch square glass baking dish.
Spoon blackberry mixture over batter.
Bake 45 to 55 minutes or until dough rises and is golden. Serve warm with ice cream or freshly made whipped cream on top.

Makes 6-8 servings

A little history lesson about the origin of "cobbler".

According to Damon Lee Fowler, in "Classical Southern Cooking", who traces the first printed Southern recipe of the dish to Lettice Bryan's "The Kentucky Housewife" of 1839. Cobblers are a favorite family dessert in most areas of the South. The cobbler-like deep dish pie recipe was called "cut and come again." After the 1860s, "cobbler" was the word used for the dessert and recipes for it became commonplace. Not considered a fancy dessert, the cobbler usually has a thick biscuit-like crust with a filling of fruit. Some versions are enclosed in the crust, while others have a drop-biscuit or crumb topping. Fruit can be fresh, frozen, or canned.

I hope this gives you something to enjoy as a dessert. Patty in Kentucky

NOTE: Blackberries can be frozen for later use. Simply spread in a single layer on a cookie sheet and place in freezer. Once frozen, put in freezer containers or zipper freezer bags. Use right out of the bag for many recipes....Patty
If you enjoy these vintage recipes, you should buy a vintage cookbook from us. They make great gifts too. Take a look at: http://www.tias.com/cookbooks
Buy a Vintage Kitchen collectible from us. We've got lots of them here: http://www.tias.com/kitchen
10. A vintage recipe request from a reader
As with collectibles, people also have very strong feelings about foods from their past. Sometimes these special recipes get lost. This section is to help people who are looking for lost recipes from their past. If you submit a request, please include the geographical region where you had this recipe.
I've had "Italian ices" that were made with milk and ices that had no milk in them. Do any of your readers make the Italian ices with milk and how do they do it?...Becky
If you can help this reader with this recipe, please forward it to recipes@tias.com . If you have a vintage recipe request send it to recipes@tias.com and we might just publish it here.
Be sure to check out our vintage kitchen collectibles section online at: http://www.tias.com/kitchen

11. New Online Merchants
Be sure to check out all of the fresh inventory offered by these new merchants at TIAS.
Old Charm Inn
Welcome to Old Charm Inn. I have been a collector for 30 years. My shop sells, costume jewelry, china, collector's plates, art, books, photos, dolls, gifts. I provide a 7-day money back guarantee. We accept checks and money orders.

COT Gallery
Our store offers antique pictures, chromolithographs, engravings, delightful rarities, botanical and animal prints, artistic sceneries, also miracles of natural history from the 19th-20th century. Please feel free to ask any question if it seems necessary. Don't miss our colletion!

Precious Peddler
Welcome to Precious Peddler! We feature vintage china and glass pieces, as well as many collectible items. New treasures are added daily, so be sure to check our store often. No sale is ever "final" - we guarantee your satisfaction.

Pieces of the Past
Quality collectibles & antiques at fair prices! We pledge customer satisfaction and service for every item that you purchase from our store.

Max's Treasures
Welcome to Max's Treasures of Antiques and Collectibles. Your American and European China, Dinnerware, Porcelain and Pottery Web Store. Thank you for your business and come again!

12. Helpful Resources:
1. Find an antiques or collectibles club. Nearly 2000 different clubs listed. Take a look at: http://www.tias.com/cgi-bin/clubs.cgi
2. What's it worth? Try Kovels' free online price guide to over 600,000 antiques and collectibles. It can be found online at http://www.kovels.com
3. Make money with your Web site. Join the TIAS.com affiliate program today. Go to http://www.tias.com/affiliates/
4. Get an online appraisal. For just $9.95 from "What's It Worth To You?" http://www.whatsitworthtoyou.com/tias.htm (Not affiliated with Kovels.com)

Thanks for reading. Feel free to forward this to a friend. To subscribe to this newsletter go to: http://www.tias.com/subscribe Please note that stories and recipes from readers are not checked for accuracy. They may be edited prior to publication. For questions or comments, you can reach us at newsletter@TIAS.com ©1995-2011 TIAS.com Inc.

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