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Antique Business News #22 May 2005
Antique Business News #22 May 2005
Online marketing tips for Antique Merchants,
Auctioneers and Antique Show Promoters.

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--In This Issue of ABN--
1. A New News Service for the Antiques and Collectibles trade
2. PriceMiner.com offers a new tool for finding values
3. Trends in on-line "fixed price" sales of antiques
4. Resources
5. Questions? Comments? Ideas?

1. A New News Service for the Antiques and Collectibles trade
News-Antique.com ( http://www.news-antique.com) today became the first news service online specifically designed to serve the antiques and collectibles trade and related organizations and services. The site will allow businesses, show promoters, auctioneers, appraisers,
publishers, clubs, trade groups, authors and others to publish news stories related to antiques and collectibles. The new system is free of charge and includes premium features such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication), feeds to other Web sites, search engine optimization for each story submitted and a weekly synopsis of featured stories emailed directly to journalists and other subscribers once a week. The site also includes a tracking system that allows authors to see how may times each story they publish is viewed

The new site will help businesses and other organization involved with antiques and collectibles, get their message out to online readers and the media. Journalists covering the trade are encouraged to sign up for the free weekly email summary of submitted stories. As new Featured stories are published they appear "live" on the home page for quick review without having to navigate into the site.

"Our hope is that the new site can help businesses and organizations in the trade, get the word out to the media and the public about what they are doing." said Phillip Davies the editor of the new site "Up until now, it was quite difficult in this business to get information out to the public efficiently. This new site is designed to change that."

To get your news published, or read the latest antiques & collectibles trade news, visit http://www.news-antique.com Registration is free and the system is fast and very easy to use.

2. PriceMiner.com offers a new tool for finding values
Antique buyers, sellers and appraisers now have an online tool to help them accurately price and value items based on consolidated historical data and current asking price.

Called PriceMiner™, ( http://tinyurl.com/c6oqc ) the Internet tool from GoAntiques.com™ is a powerful aggregator of pricing information from a variety of internationally recognized sources. By simply keying in attributes of the item you wish to buy, sell or value, PriceMiner performs a search through millions of prices and presents historical pricing information for the same or similar items. In addition, the service analyzes the data for you so you don’t have to sort through massive amounts of numbers.

“PriceMiner is the first product to combine historical data from multiple external sources with GoAntiques.com’s vast archive of merchandise sales information, perform analysis and then present findings on price averages and ranges,” said Jim Kamnikar, GoAntiques.com president and chief executive officer. “Antiques professionals as well as consumers will find PriceMiner to be an unparalleled pricing knowledge tool for accurately assessing the value of antique and collectible merchandise to buy or sell.”

In addition to GoAntiques.com’s historical price information, PriceMiner includes listing results from the vast eBay® historical database and online storefront sales provided by TIAS.com.

Search and sort criteria include price range, category, sale date, data source and currency, with the later being conveniently converted to dollars.

subscriptions start at $9.95 a month or can be structured at $99 annually, both for unlimited use. In addition, an affiliate referral
program is available that includes providing PriceMiner directly from e-commerce Web sites.

PriceMiner will be demonstrated at the eBay Live! conference and trade show, June 23-25 at the McEnery Conference Center in San Jose, Calif., in the GoAntiques.com booth #532, next to eBay Collectibles.

3. Trends in on-line "fixed price" sales of antiques and collectibles
More and more merchants in the online antiques and collectibles trade are opening multiple stores online. Many merchants who at one time depended on one online "store" for all of their sales, now have multiple sites on different online antique malls as well as opening their own online shop under their own "brand" as well. Antiques and Collectibles merchants who were at one time competely dependant on eBay sales have now branched out into other venues as well.

The reason is that different customers visit different Web sites. So the more locations you can offer your merchandise in, the better the chance is that a buying customer is going to find your inventory.

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