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Antique Business News#24 January 2006
Antique Business News#24 January 2006
Online marketing tips for Antique Merchants,
Auctioneers and Antique Show Promoters.

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--In This Issue of ABN--
1. A new year of marketing your site.
2. What antiques and collectibles sold in 2005?
3. Survey of online Payment methods
4. What countries and states bought the most in 2005?
5. What was searched for the most in 2005?
6. Resources
7. Questions? Comments? Ideas?

1. A new year of marketing your Web site.
For the past 10 years, I've been deeply involved with the online
antique and collectible trade. One of the most common mistakes
that I have seen sellers make is the complete lack of any
marketing plan for their Web site.

For our merchants at TIAS.com, we've put together what we feel is
an impressive package of tools that our merchants can use to market
their online store. These include newsletter software, press
release posting systems, coupon services and tutorials. These are
all systems that we know are effective. The weird part is that most
of our merchants don't use them.

The merchants that do use them, consistently have better sales
than those that don't.

This year, put together a plan for your own online marketing. What
plans do you have for bringing in more customers? Consider these..

1. Starting a newsletter
2. Posting INTERESTING (non commercial) press releases about
your business.
3. When attending shows, hand out information about your Web site.
4. Include promotional materials for your Web site with all
orders that you ship.
5. Offer your customers discount coupons for referring others.
6. Is your Web site optimized for search engines? If not, read up
on what is involved to optimize it.
7. Consider opening Web sites in multiple locations. Different
venues offer different customers.
8. Test some online advertising to see if it works for you.

Spend some time now and put together an outline for your
marketing plan. Feel free to change it, but don't forget to use

We wish you good sales for 2006!

2. What antiques and collectibles sold in 2005?
We came out with our annual report of the best selling categories
of antiques and collectibles for 2005. Interesting results and
interesting numbers. The results were based on sales at TIAS.com,
collectoronline.com and antiquearts.com. Take a look at:


3. What payment methods do you use online? AuctionBytes would
like to know! Take their online survey at:
Auctionbytes will share their results with you in a future
issue of the AuctionBytes-Update. http://www.auctionbytes.com


4. What countries and states bought the most in 2005?
This is a new report that Mike Wexler our CTO at TIAS came up
with. More interesting data on where the buyers of antiques and
collectibles are coming from. It breaks them out by country and
also by U.S. state. The report can be viewed online at:


5. What were people searching for in 2005?
We've been putting this report out for quite a few years now.
Keep in mind that these are what people are searching for, not
necessarily what they are buying. In most cases I'd say that
the person is just looking for the value of an item that they
already have in their possession. Take a look at:

Helpful Resource List

1. Bulletin board to discuss online marketing

2. Online archive of past ABN newsletters and the "Subscribe
to ABN" Link. You can also use this links to send a friend a
copy of this newsletter. http://www.tias.com/abn

3. Check the link popularity of your Web site at:

Questions? Comments? Ideas?
We want to hear from you. Send your email to ABN@tias.com
If you have a marketing idea that we publish here, we'll
send you a free nifty, pocket tape measure and magnifier.
Take a look at:
One per customer.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to forward this to a friend. To
subscribe use the link in the "Helpful Resource List" shown
above. Please note that stories and other information from
readers may not be checked for accuracy and may be edited
prior to publication. 1995-2006 TIAS.com Inc.

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