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Donna's Korner Kollectibles News
Come visit our site. We have new inventory from Tonner Doll Company, Effanbee Doll Company, and Charisma Brands (new Magic Attic Club doll clothes and doll accessories). The vintage-look Ginny dolls have come in. We also have the 7 inch Just Me trunk set for 2004. The 14 inch jointed knee Betsy McCall and outfits for her and her friends are here. Also a great many accessories for the 10 inch Anne Estelle and friends dolls are here. We have placed our order for the Fall, 2004 Tonner dolls, and some of it is here. See Tiny Kitty Collier and her wardrobe. The Robert Tonner Tiny Betsy McCall Thanksgiving trunk set has just arrived, and it is a must have for Betsy collectors. Also, available is the 29 inch Betsy McCall that is dressed like Alice in Wonderland. We have the Effanbee Patsyette version of Little Orphan Annie as either a doll alone or a wonderful trunk set packed with goodies. We also have some discontinued artist dolls.

We are gradually cataloging and photographing items from a private Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy collection that we purchased earlier. We have also been adding figurines, plush, and bean bag collectibles to our site.

In addition, we have been going through a packed storage building and photographing many things that are on the list of our old site, but without photos. Those descriptions and photos are gradually being added to our Donna's Korner Kollectibles store.

When ordering from the Donna's Korner Kollectibles at division, if your order is $250.00 or more be sure to put DKK5 in the coupon box for a 5 percent discount. Our site is secure for credit card orders.

Thank you for your business.

Warmest regards,
Donna D. Krug /
Donna's Korner Kollectibles
2689 N. Galley St.
Orange, CA 92865
Phone 714-974-3779
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