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Civil War patriotic imprint with full color vignette of a Union sailor in uniform standing on a rope ladder and waving his cap. A large American flag is seen behind him. Motto below, "Three Cheers for the Red, White & Blue." 5 3/8 x 3. 

***See our Patriotic Imprints section to read more information about this item.   

Civil War patriotic imprint with full color vignette of a soldier standing at attention wearing a shako with plume, crossed belts, and holding his musket with fixed bayonet. Behind him is a flag pole with waving American flags, tents and the U.S. Capitol building flying American flags in the background. Motto: "Our Flag Is Still There." 5 1/4 x 3.

***See our Patriotic Imprints section to read more information about this item.  H 30in. x W 32in. x D 10in.  H 48in. x D 14in

Sold as a pair

Three Cheers for the Red, White & Blue $5.00


Our Flag is Still There $5.00





H 40in. x D 21in.

TWO AVAILABLE  An outstanding companion item for the righting instrument enthusiast, this wonderful old <B>American Lead Pencil Co.</B> measures a full 12 15/16 inches in length with the nib in place and sports 99% of its original marbled enamel finish in the shaft.  All in nice original condition with an age patina on the nib and metal components.   One of the first pencil factories in this country, the American Lead Pencil Co. was founded by Edward Weissenborn who immigrated to America in 1854. In 1860 after <U>assisting in the design and construction of the Civil War battleship, </U> the <B> USS Monitor</B>, Edward set up his pencil factory.  His American Pencil Company quickly earned a reputation for producing quality writing instruments and utilized complimentary letters from four members of President Lincoln's cabinet in their advertisements.  Nicely maker marked from the American Lead Pencil Co. this unusual oversize ink pen will clean nicely if you wish but wed leave it as is with the nice natural age coloring.  Will  display nicely with any writing instrument or antique store display. As with <U>all direct sales</U>, we are pleased to offer a <B>no questions asked three day inspection with refund of the purchase price upon return as purchased!</B> Thanks for visiting Gunsight Antiques !


By Lloyd Ostendorf. Published by The Illinois Historical Society, Springfield, Illinois, 1969. Hard cover, illustrated front cover, 64 pages. This compilation of twenty six photographs is believed to be the first attempt to enumerate and catalog all the photographic likenesses of Mary Todd Lincoln. At least four of these photographs are virtually unknown to historians and Lincoln students and are published here for the first time. Excellent reference book. Rare and extremely desirable.  

<b>Killed near Bethesda Church by a Yankee Sharpshooter in 1864</b>

(1830-64) Born at Milledgeville, Georgia, he was the captain of a militia company known as the "Baldwin Blues" and the company entered Confederate service in 1861 when they joined the 4th Georgia Infantry. He was elected colonel of the regiment in May 1862 and saw action with the Army of Northern Virginia at South Mountain, and Sharpsburg and was promoted to the rank of brigadier general on November 1, 1862. He went on to fight at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness and Spotsylvania. Considered one of the premier brigadiers in the Confederate army, he was instantly killed by a Yankee sharpshooter on June 2, 1864, near Bethesda Church, while supervising the entrenchments of his line. 

Antique photograph, 2 1/2 x 3 1/2, in Confederate uniform. No imprint. Circa early 1900's print.



rare oversize American Lead Pencil Co. $125.00


The Photographs of Mary Todd Lincoln $75.00


Photograph, General George P. Doles $25.00

<b>United States Congressman from Alabama

Confederate Senator</b>

(1814-63) He practiced law in Alabama, and served in the U.S. Congress, 1844-46, where he became a leader of the Southern "Fire-eaters." He drafted the Alabama Platform in 1848, which asserted that slaveholders had the right to take their slaves with them to the new territories, and later advocated secession. He supported the Southern Democrats in their nomination of John C. Breckinridge for president in 1860, and drafted Alabama's secession ordinance and served in the Confederate Senate from 1861 until his death in 1863.

Antique photograph, 3 3/4 x 5 3/4, chest up view portrait. No imprint. Circa 1800's post Civil War print. Light wear.  

<b>Commander of Waul's Texas Legion</b>

(1813-1903) Born in Sumter District, South Carolina, he studied law in Vicksburg, Mississippi and was admitted to the bar in 1835. He afterwards moved to Gonzales County, Texas where he became a plantation owner and continued to practice law. He was elected to the Provisional Confederate Congress in 1861 and served until the establishment of the permanent government. At that time he recruited what became known as Waul's Texas Legion and was commissioned their colonel on May 17, 1862. He surrendered with his command at the fall of Vicksburg on July 4, 1863, and after his exchange he was promoted to brigadier general. He commanded a brigade during the 1864 Red River Campaign, fighting in the battles of Mansfield and Pleasant Hill. Later transferred to Arkansas, he fought at the battle of Jenkins' Ferry. After the close of the war he was elected to the first Texas reconstruction convention and thereafter he practiced law in Galveston.

Antique photograph, 4 1/4 x 6 1/4. Bust view portrait in Confederate uniform. No imprint. Circa 1800's, post Civil War print. Scarce.    Standing approximately 6  inches high this wonderful old country tinsmith fashioned oil lamp remains in pure as found condition with lots of pleasing evidence of age and period use but with no damage or other condition issues.  This attractive old lamp retains its original tin <I>tube wick</>.  This attractive old lighting device will set nicely just out on a counter, writing desk or shelf or, for the early American lighting collector, will offer a difficult to find original example of the type.   <B>Buy with confidence! </B><I> All direct sales are backed by </I> <B><U>no questions asked</U> three day inspection with return as purchased !</B> <I>Just send us a courtesy  e-mail to let us know your item is being returned per these previsions and your purchase price will be refunded accordingly.</I> Thanks for visiting Gunsight Antiques !

 H 10in. x D 18in.

Photograph, William L. Yancey $10.00


Photograph, General Thomas N. Waul $25.00


earlier to mid 1800s tinned sheet-iron O $125.00



H 14in. x W 4in .x D 6in.  

4 1/8 x 6 1/2, imprint.

War Department

Adjutant General's Office

Washington, July 16, 1863

General Orders

No. 218

By direction of the President of the United States, Brigadier General Quincy A. Gillmore is appointed to the command of the Tenth Army Corps, in place of Major General David Hunter, relieved, to date from June 12, 1863.

By Order Of The Secretary Of War:


Assistant Adjutant General

Very fine.  

<b>Served as Lieutenant Colonel of the 10th Pennsylvania Infantry and Colonel of the 12th Pennsylvania Infantry during the Civil War

U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania

Member of the President Andrew Johnson Impeachment Congress</b>

(1823-76) Born in Old Brighton, Beaver County, Pa., he attended Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1844, and commenced practice in Lancaster. Served as the district attorney of Lancaster County, 1856-59. During the Civil War he was lieutenant colonel of the 10th Pennsylvania Infantry, and colonel of the 12th Pennsylvania Infantry. Served as United States Congressman, 1868-73, which included the President Andrew Johnson Impeachment Congress. Was a delegate to the Pennsylvania State Constitutional Convention of 1873. 

<u>Signature With Place</u>: 4 1/4 x 3 1/4, in ink, O.J. Dickey, Lancaster, Penna. Very fine.  <b>of Virginia and North Carolina

General Dix to Command the Department of the East</b>

4 1/8 x 6 3/4, imprint.

War Department

Adjutant General's Office

Washington, July 15, 1863

General Orders

No. 217

I..By direction of the President of the United States, the Departments of Virginia and North Carolina are united into one, and Major General J.G. Foster assigned to the command.

II..Major General John A. Dix will immediately repair to New York city, and relieve Major General Wool from the command of the Department of the East.

By Order Of The Secretary Of War:


Assistant Adjutant General

Very fine.

Classic wall sconces $0.00


General Gillmore Appointed Commander of $15.00


Autograph, Oliver J. Dickey $25.00


General Foster Named Commander Departmen $20.00

<b>Document signed by soldier wounded at Port Hudson, La.</b>

7 1/2 x 3, imprinted form, filled out in ink.

Head-Quarters of U.S. Greenleaf Post No. 20, G.A.R.

Coleraine, Feby. 18th, 1879

To J.M. Scott, Quarter Master: Pay to the order of A.A. Smith the sum of Four Dollars. L.E. Call, Commander. A.A. Smith, Adjutant. Endorsements on the reverse. Excellent.

Levi E. Call, was an 18 year old mechanic from Coleraine, Mass., when he enlisted on August 27, 1862, as a private, and was mustered into Co. B, 52nd Massachusetts Infantry. He was wounded in action on June 14, 1863, at Port Hudson, La. He mustered out of this regiment at the expiration of their term of service, on August 14, 1863. He mustered into the 2nd Massachusetts Light Artillery, on September 3, 1864, and was mustered out of service on June 11, 1865.  An attractive item for the bottle collector or simply a colorful companion piece set in with period eating and cooking gear or winter camp personals, this colorful condiment bottle remains in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or other flaws.  <B>Don't forget to give our search feature a try</B> for special wants. A simple <B>key word</B> in lower case works best. Thanks for visiting Gunsight Antiques !!  H 42in. x D 6in.  H 36in. x D 18in.

Payment Voucher G. A. R. Post No. 20, Cole $10.00


original teal green PEPPER SAUCE BOTTL $45.00





<b>to the President Who Approves the Order</b>

4 1/8 x 6 3/4, imprint.

War Department

Adjutant General's Office

Washington, July 11, 1863

General Orders

No. 215

Under the 65th Article of War, the proceedings of the General Court Martial, which convened at the Headquarters 1st Division, 5th Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, March 4, 1863, by virtue of Special Orders, No. 60, Headquarters, Army of the Potomac, camp near Falmouth, Va., March 2, 1863, in the case of Brigadier General E.B. Tyler, Volunteer service, have been submitted to the President of the United States, who confirms the same, and approves the order of promulgation by the Major General Commanding the Army of the Potomac.

By Order Of The Secretary Of War:

E.D. Townsend

Assistant Adjutant General

Very fine. 

 Offered here (main picture) is a <U>single</U> original Civil War vintage <U>surgical splint and period bandage roll</U> from the medical grouping described below.  An outstanding Civil War medical display item. We added the (Quarter for size comparison.) Should you want more than the <U>one splint and bandage</U> offered send us an e-mail and we will let  you know what we have. The box is not available.

     Some years ago we were fortunate enough to acquire a Civil War vintage slide top box containing its period content of rolled <I>home spun</I> bandages.  Each bandage is of the period loomed cotton sheeting commonly provided by home front volunteers who came together, particularly in the Eastern textile mill region, to tear and roll strips of available textile for use as bandages by Army medical providers at the front.   Most of these bandage rolls are secured with a paper band* wrapped round with a protective seal. (*see photos: We were curious enough to sacrificed one of the bandage rolls to open the paper band. They are Odd Fellow Lodge dues certificates.  The one we opened was dated 1849 and was from a Newburyport, Mass. I.O.O.F. chapter.  Oddly enough the wood box containing the bandages bore a stenciled Masonic device.  Obviously repurposed to band the bandage rolls, it seems more than likely the then obsolete dues certificates were pressed into service by volunteers gathered in the local lodge hall.)  The splint is fashioned of birch wood backed with cotton flannel, the thin wood being in narrow strips so as to conform to and immobilize the injured limb when wrapped with a textile bandage. Please note that the bandage and splint are offered here as found, the bandage unopened and unused while the splint, as was common in the field, has seen repeated use. <U>This example is blood stained from period use.</U> <B>Buy with confidence! </B><I>  We are pleased to offer a <B><U>no questions asked</U> three day inspection with return as purchased on direct sales!</B> <I>Just send us a courtesy  e-mail to let us know your item will be returned per these provisions and your purchase price will be refunded accordingly.</I>  Thanks for visiting Gunsight Antiques!

 <b>in New Orleans</b>

Headquarters Department of the Gulf

New Orleans, November 3, 1862

General Orders No. 89

If there are any soldiers in this Department who are acquainted in any way with telegraphic operations, they will at once report to Lieut. J. Elliott Smith, at his office, corner of St. Charles and Gravier streets. Commanding officers of regiments, batteries and unattached companies will examine the men of their commands and send those they think will be useful to Lieut. Smith.


R.S. Davis, Capt. and A.A.A.G.

Scarce Department of the Gulf imprint. Excellent.  H 38in. x D 15in.


The Case of General E. B. Tyler Has Been $10.00


an original! Civil War era - BANDAGE ROL $155.00


General Butler Sends Out Call For Telegr $15.00



H 12in. x W 20in. x D 36in.

MORE AVAILABLE  H 23in. x D 12in.  H 26in. x W 7in. x D 18in.  H 14in. x D 7in.

BARN LIGHT $750.00







H 48in. x D 10in.

Sold as apair  H 11in. x D 12in.  H 38in. x D 17in

10 IN STOCK  H 12in. x W 9in. x D 14in.








H 12in. x W 11in. X D 4in.

MORE AVAILABLE  H 12in. x W 6in. x D 12in

price for each

2 in stock  H 36in. x D 6in.  H 12in. x W 5in. x D 10in.

one of 5

industrial wall lights. . . . 1 PAIR $750.00






Wall lights. . . set of 5 $225.00

H 11in. x W 4in. x D 8in.  H 5in. x W 21in. X D 10in.  H 26in. x D 20in.

6 in stock  H 9in. x W 5in. x D 7in

price per sconce

Industrial style wall lights $0.00


Double pivot sconce $0.00


large industrial pendant light $900.00



H 22in. W 38in. D 14in.  H 12in. x W 23in. x D 10in.  H 5in. x W 25in. x D 9in.

50 in stock  H 12in. x W 8in. x D 10in.







Large wall lights with old glass $0.00

H 12in. x W 5in. x D 7in.  H 16in. x W 12in. x D 14in.  H 19in. x W 4in. x D 4in.  H 23in. x W 34in.


Nickel wall sconces $0.00


H 16in. x W 12in. x D 14in. $0.00


Early walll sconces $0.00



H 16in. x D 10in.  H 10in. x W 5in. x D 8in.  H 25in. x D 13in.  H 10in. x W 5in. x D 10in.

Any finish is possible



Classic wall sconces $0.00




Nickle wall lights $0.00

H 15in. x D 16in.  

4 1/4 x 6 3/4, imprint.

War Department

Adjutant General's Office

Washington, July 10, 1863

General Orders

No. 214

By direction of the President of the United States, Major General E.O.C. Ord is appointed to the command of the Thirteenth Army Corps, in place of Major General John A. McClernand, relieved, to date from June 18, 1863.

By Command Of The Secretary Of War:


Assistant Adjutant General

Very fine.  

4 1/8 x 6 1/2, imprint.

War Department

Adjutant General's Office

Washington, July 9, 1863

General Orders

No. 213

Brigadier General Robert Allen is announced as senior Quartermaster of the Department of the Northwest, Missouri, and Tennessee. All officers of the Quartermaster's Department, serving in those Departments, will respect and obey his orders accordingly.

By Order Of The Secretary Of War:


Assistant Adjutant General

Very fine.  

4 pages. Report From the Naval Commissioner's Office; Live Oak Timber, Navy Sloop Clothing For The Year 1838, Beef and Pork For 1838. Report From the Office of Commissary General of Subsistence. Proposal For 4,500 Indian Rifles. Patriotism of the Federal Party. North Carolina Elections. Prospectus of the United States Magazine and Democratic Review. $200 Reward Advertisement For Runaway Slave. Much more interesting news and advertisements from our nation's capital in 1837.



General Ord is Appointed Commander of 13 $15.00


General Robert Allen is Named Senior Qua $10.00


The Globe, City of Washington, August 11 $20.00

(1807-71) known as "Prince John," he was born at Port Royal, Va., and graduated from the West Point class of 1830. He was brevetted three times for gallantry during the Mexican War while an artillery officer. He resigned from the U.S. Army on April 20, 1861, and was appointed brigadier general in the Provisional Confederate Army on June 17, 1861, and major general on Oct. 7, 1861. He distinguished himself in the early part of the Peninsula campaign, completely deceiving General McClellan as to the size of his forces at Yorktown. He was less successful during the Seven Days battles, and was later assigned to command the District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Here he was successful in the recapture of Galveston, Texas and the dispersal of the Federal blockading fleet. After the war he went to Mexico without being formally paroled and joined Emperor Maximilian's Imperial forces with the rank of major general. 

Antique photograph, 4 x 5 1/2. Bust view in uniform. No imprint. Light age toning. Circa 1800's, post Civil War print.  

5 x 8, imprint.

Headquarters Department of the Gulf

New Orleans, October 1, 1862

General Orders No. 77

Every officer, not a disbursing officer of the United States Government, who has collected public funds in this Department, will make an immediate return of all collections and disbursements previous to this date. This return will be made to D.C.G. Field, Financial Clerk, at these Headquarters, and all balances will be turned over to him.



Excellent. Scarce Department of the Gulf imprint.   

(1816-86) Born at Natchitoches, La., he graduated in the West Point class of 1838. His service in the U.S. Army was extensive. He saw action in the Seminole War 1838-39, duty in the Utah expedition against the Mormons, and was brevetted for gallantry in the Mexican War. He also was the inventor of the Sibley tent which saw much use in the early years of the Civil War by the armies of both sides. Commissioned brigadier general in the Confederate army on June 17, 1861, he was the commander of an expedition designed to secure New Mexico for the Confederacy. After the battles of Valverde and Glorietta Canon he was forced to retreat since he could not subsist his command off the country. Under incredible hardships he reached El Paso, Texas in May 1862, and subsequently retired to San Antonio. Thereafter he served in Louisiana and the Trans-Mississippi Department. After the Civil War, Sibley went abroad and was a general of artillery in the Egyptian Army. He spent the last years of his life in ill health and comparative poverty and died at Fredericksburg, Va. where he is buried.

Antique photograph, 2 5/8 x 3 1/2. Bust view in Confederate uniform. No imprint. Circa 1800's, post Civil War print.  

<b>The Emancipation Proclamation</b>

1863 print of Presidents' Lincoln and Davis and a slave in caricature titled "Scene From The American Tempest." Imprint below the title, Caliban (Sambo) "YOU BEAT HIM 'NOUGH MASSA! BERRY LITTLE TIME, I'LL BEAT HIM TOO." Shakspeare. (Nigger Translation). This engraving appeared in the January 24, 1863 issue of Punch Magazine, and depicts President Abraham Lincoln wearing a uniform with kepi with plume on it, striped pants, high boots, and holding a sword. Confederate President Jefferson Davis, also in uniform, with a slouch hat with feather and a sword attached to his belt stands at the left with his arms folded and looking rather perplexed. At the center is a jubilant slave holding a copy of President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation hand in hand with President Lincoln. Imprint at the top, Punch, or The London Charivari-January 24, 1863.  10 3/4 x 8 1/4. Scarce and extremely desirable Civil War date Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis and slave print.

WBTS Trivia: This classic Civil War print appeared in Punch Magazine not long after Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. The jubilant slave holds the proclamation with Lincoln while showing eagerness to fight his former master Jeff Davis representing the Confederacy. And indeed they fought! Some 180,000 freed blacks joined the Federal Army and became a critical element in the Union victory.

Photograph, General John B. Magruder $10.00


1862 Orders From General Butler at New O $15.00


Photograph, General Henry H. Sibley $15.00


Scene From The American Tempest, Lincoln $125.00

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