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 Lamps & Lighting

H 10in. x W 6in. x D 3in.  H 36in. x D 12in.  H 30in. x D 16in.  H 12in. x W 4in. x D 7in.

H 10in. x W 6in. x D 3in. $0.00


H 36in. x D 12in. $0.00


H 30in. x D 16in. $0.00


H 12in. x W 4in. x D 7in. $0.00

H 41in. x D 21in.

Embossed relief bowl is very thick  H 35in. x D 12in.  H 36in. x D 12in.  H 36in. x D 10in.

Monumental hanging bowl fixture holds 3 $6800.00


Pair of milk glass pendants $2000.00


clear ribbed glass pendant $550.00


Clear globe pendant $550.00

H 54in. x W 45in.  H 38in. x W 38in.x7in.  H 14in. x W 20in.x5in.  H 16in. W 8in. X D 3in.

Horizontal candelabra fixture $750.00


Island tee light $1100.00


Island tee light $600.00


H 16in. W 8in. X D 3in. $0.00

H 14in. x W 11in. x D 7in.  H 12in. x D 12in.

more available in this or larger sizes

priced each  H 13in. x D 14in.

priced per pair  H 30in. x W 44in. x 8in.

Wall sconce $750.00


old milk glass shades $350.00


Period milk glass pointed shades . . pair $950.00


ORB island light $950.00

H 12in. x W 4in. x D 12in.  H 16in. x D 6in.  H 12in. x W 4in. x D 9in.  H 4in. x W 11in. x D 5in.

Arts / crafts wall sconces $1200.00


Caged trouble light $165.00


Oil rubbed bronze wall sconces. . a pair $650.00


Ceramic bathroom light. $650.00

H 12in. x W 6in. x D 7in.

Available in custom finishes at a surchare  H 42in x D 18in.  H 7in. x D 12in.

Nice glass  H 30in. x D 12in.




H 42in x D 18in. $0.00


Flush mount light fixture $950.00


Pretty bedroom fixture $550.00

H 18in. x D 9in.  H 5in. x W 14in. x D 6in.  H 5in. x W 16in. x D 7in.  H 13in. x W 6in. x D 8in.

Heavy Duty construction circa 1920

Organic old ceiling fixture of tole meta $500.00


Cool wall sconce in nickel $450.00


Bathroom wall light in nickel $650.00


Cast iron wall light. . . old $500.00

H 5in x W 16in. x D 8in..  H 8in. x W 4in. x D 7in.  H 12in. x D12in.

Original old glass

price per item  H 15in. x D 6in.

polished nickel double scone $450.00


Vintage wall sconce $150.00


Schoolhouse semi flushmount light $450.00


antique pendant light $450.00

H 36in. x D 12in.

price per item  H 36in. x D 9in.

price per pair  H 36in. x D 20in.  H 60in. x D 20in.

Acrylic smoked pendat lights MCM 3881 -3 $450.00


pendant lights $0.00


early electric 3 armlight $950.00


Brass antique Sanctuary light $3500.00

H 32in. x D 10in.  H 19in. x D 13in.  H 32in. x D 12in.  H 36in. x D 18in.

Regency pendant antique light. $1500.00


Single globe light fixture with antique $650.00


Single globe light fixture. $650.00


Pair deco pendant lights $1800.00

H 8in. x D 36in.  H 25in. x D 12in.

4 available

priced per item  H 24in. x D 38in.  H 24in. x D 20in.

Large Ornate Regancy flush mount iron li $0.00


Halophane industrial pendant lights $850.00


double gas light $1500.00


Large Classic cieling light. $1800.00

H 21in. x D 14in.  H 20in. x D 17in.  H 33in. x D 17in.  H 32in. x D 16in.

Old hanging bowl light. $700.00


Classic hanging light. $1200.00


Brass ceiling pendant ca 1920 $0.00


5 arm pan light fixture $750.00

H 30in. x D 18in.  H 28in. x D 16in.  H 52in. x D 10in.  H 30in. x D 17in.

Art Deco pendant light with original gla $2800.00


Pan fixture with old glass $650.00


single hall light $550.00


Arts and Crafts pendant light $1500.00

H 28in. x D 19in.  H 38in. x D 21in.  H 37in. x D 21in.  H 14in. x W 11in. x D 9in.

Cast Brass

pendant light $1200.00


Antique 4 arm pan fixture $650.00


1920's Hanging light $1250.00


Solid Brass Wall Sconces. . Pair $1800.00

H 26in. x D 16in.  H 32in. x D 10in.  H 29in. x D 18in.  H 44in. x D 12in.

High quality fixure.

antique pendant light $850.00


Brass Pendant Light $750.00


3 Arm Pendant Light 1920s $750.00


Bronze pendant fixture $1200.00

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