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A good book for the reader interested in Japanese culture and the use of Sake which is called the Japanese "Good Drink".  Covers the history behind the brewing and development of Sake; the various brewers, the places and methods it is served and many color illustrations on Japanese life.  Book is pristine inside and the dust jacket looks almost new.  128 pages.  A true crime story about the murder of Robert Kissel former Wall Street banker by his wife in Hong Kong and the trial that followed and the later murder of his brother.  Photo illustrated.  Book is pristine inside and the dust jacket looks new.  Why the author left the LAPD to make an honest living as a Beverly Hills prostitute.  True story.  This book is pristine inside and the dust jacket has only light wear.  Another thriller by Clancy.  Deals with international terrorism.  740 pages.  Book looks almost new.

SAKE' - A Drinker's Guide $11.95


Never Enough $9.95


Cop To Call Girl $9.95


Rainbow Six $12.00

Behind the scenes in baseball by the author (and pitcher) Orel Hershiser with Jerry B. Jenkins and titled "Out of the Blue".  First Edition published in 1989 by Wolgemuth & Hyatt, Publishers, Inc., Brentwood, TN.  Book and dust jacket look new.  Photo illustrated.  217 pages and great baseball book.  Management insights and leadership secrets of the legendary CEO of GE by author Robert Slater and titled "Jack Welch and the GE Way".  First Edition and 6th printing by McGraw-Hill, New York in 1999.  Dust jacket is fine and the book looks new inside.  Great source book for the business men and women.  The untold story of the shocking journey from PTL power to prison by Jim Bakker and titled "I Was Wrong".  First Edition and First Printing by Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, TN in 1996.  Bakker's own story of his rise and fall in the field of TV evangelism.  647 pages with photo illustrations.  Very nice First Edition of FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS by Ernest Hemingway.  Published by Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, NY in 1940.  Has no dust jacket.  Boards are solid and interior has a rubber stamp by former owner and sone notes on the inside of the front cover.  Pages are clean and crisp with only very light page toning.  A highly collectible book well under the book price.

Out of the Blue $8.95


Jack Welch and the GE Way $11.95


I Was Wrong $9.95


For Whom The Bell Tolls $149.50

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