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List of Items
A good book by a rancher who tells the plain truth from the cattle rancher who won't eat meat.  He challenges mad cows and an insane system.  Book is clean except a cute statement written on the front end page.  Covers are clean and solid.  Good read for a vegan.  221 pages.  A very good vintage edition titled "Riley Songs O'Cheer" by James Whitcomb RILEY and with excellent illustrations by Will VAWTER.  Published in 1905 by The Bobbs-Merril Company, Indianapolis, Indiana and contains 52 songs on 195 pages with many outstanding illustrations of people engaged in lifestyle situations of that era.  The boards and spine are clean and solid and the interior pages are also very clean and solid.  On the front end page is inked " A Merry Christmas to George from Mother 1908".  The songs are outstanding.   A very good book on the Corvette automobile with text and large color illustrations of the various models from the first till 1980s.  A must for any Corvette fan.  A large coffee table type book.  Book is in fine condition and the dust jacket has only light edge wear from the shelf.  Overall it looks close to new.  Great financial guide for families in the form of 2 audio cassettes by the Beardstown Ladies' titled Smart Spending For Big Savings and How to save for a rainy day without sacrificing your lifestyle.  Read by the authors.  Bestselling authors.  Approximately two hours long.  Still in original sealed packaging.

Mad Cowboy $5.95


Riley Songs O'Cheer $49.95


The Classic Corvette $11.95


Beardstown Ladies' Smart Spending For Bi $12.95

Book covers the professional careers of the former anchors and what went into producing the evening news.  Includes details in their infighting to get better ratings.  This book is pristine inside and the dust jacket has only light edge wear.  The true story of a modern-day slave and homeless man, an international art dealer and the unlikely woman who bound them together.  Great emotional read.  This book looks new.  Great book for the new owners of a puppy with plenty of instruction on how to raise and train new puppies with illustrations and a lot of text.  This book is pristine inside but there is a mark on the front cover where a tag was removed but otherwise the covers are clean and solid.  A how-to book on curing personal financial problems involving debt and how to improve your credit rating.  This book is a good reading copy but it has handling wear towards the back and moisture stains on the top edge.  The dust jacket looks almost new on the outside.

Anchors - Brokay, Jennings, Rather and t $11.95


Same Kind of Different As Me $11.95


Puppy Preschool $7.95


Debt Cures - They Don't Want You To Know $5.95

Nice vintage copy of the Cub Scout Wolf level with training and educational information for the cub and loaded with illustrations of the skills required and plenty of text.  This book is in fair to good condition with a former scouts name in several places.  Has some light handling staining.  A good vintage copy for the scout collector or cub scout.  A very good book on ways to solve your debt problems.  How to turn bad debt into good credit and create wealth through financial health.  This book is pristine inside and the dust jacket looks new.  The top 10 book of the national pastime's outrageous offenders, lucky bounces and other oddities.  Lots of zany happenings.  This book looks close to new condition.  Excellent sports writings on most forms of sports by one of the best sports writers in the nation during the period 1970-1990.  This book is pristine inside and the dust jacket has light edge wear.

Wolf Cub Scout Book $4.95


Debt Cures - They Don't Want You To Know $9.95


Baseball's Most Wanted $8.95


Game Day Sports Writings $9.95

The true story of a dog who saved a man and a man who saved a dog with pictures of the dog and people involved.  A great story.  This book looks new and is pristine inside.  Great book for the fisherman since it covers 50 years of fishing the Gulf Coast using only lures and provides lessons on all facets of fishing from the knot to the leader to the place.  This book has a gift notation inked on the front end page but is otherwise pristine inside and the dust jacket looks new.  A tale of the Marines in Beirut by the author who was there.  A true picture of the lives of Marines.  Book looks new and is pristine inside.  Great military book.  A great book for those interested in classic British automobiles like the vintage MGs.  Great color illustrations accompanied by informative text.  Book is in fine condition and looks new.

The Angel By My Side $9.95


Plugger - Wade Fishing the Gulf Coast $11.95


Distant Valor $11.95


MG Saloon Cars From the 1920s to the 197 $19.95

A great book by Dr. Phil on reconnecting with your partner through a seven step strategy.  Book is pristine inside and the dust jacket looks new.  A book about gaining wealth through investments and holding down risk.  Covers most financial activities.  Dust jacket has edge wear ans several small chips but is fully intact and overall good condition and the book is pristine inside and in fine condition.  27th printing.  The Sleepy Soul: 

Alter your energy and change your life now! The unique Empowerment Sessions, crystal healing recipes and prayers will award you a karma cleansing fresh start and the ability to rapidly manifest the life you desire. Empowerment Sessions Techniques, used in specific sequences, will alter and fine-tune your energy, or the energetic frequencies of a situation or place. Inside this book you'll find wisdom from a Master Spirit to help you keep things in perspective spiritually, over 100 high vibration crystal recipes, including essential oils of 15 Archangels & Mother Mary. Also, 11 powerful prayers, 2 master recipes to increase your personal power and dramatically amplify the power of your prayers plus a prayer to Archangel Raphael for healing. Additionally,instructions to make energy infused bath essences, elixir’s, perfume oil, aura and room spray, prayer boxes & intentions lockets. All tools presented may be used individually or in harmony, allowing you to personalize according to your own beliefs.  1065 pages of solid and practical personal management of your finances.  Covers investing, paying for college, buying a home, etc.

Relationship Rescue $10.00


Wealth Without Risk $7.50


Spiritual Empowerment Crystal Energy Hea $39.88


Making the Most of Your Money $12.00

Great book on early military aircraft and their usage.  Many color and B&W illustrations with text.  Covers/boards are solid but have light sun and dust fading.Interior of book is clean and in very good condition.  Great for vintage airplane enthusiast.  First Printing of the life (Nicole) and the intimate story of the tragic marriage of Nicole Brown Simpson to O. J..  Book looks almost new.  First printing.  Book is pristine.  Covers the O. J. Simpson murder trial.  First printing.  Book is pristine.  Covers the O. J. Simpson trial.

Heroes & Aeroplanes of the Great War 191 $17.50


Raging Heart $12.00


Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary $12.00


Shattered In The Eye Of The Storm $11.00

First printing.  Book is pristine.  Covers the O. J. Simpson trial.  First printing.  Book is pristine.  covers the trial of O. J. Simpson.  First printing.  Book is pristine.  Covers the sensational murders of Joe and Kitty Menendez by their sons.   

Kato Kaelin: The Whole Truth $12.00


In Contempt $14.00


The Private Diary of Lyle Menendez In Hi $12.00


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